Nice Rocks Harry Winston

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H-dubs has unleashed some fierce photographs featuring, canaries, mallards, snow leapords, owls and the such. Each animal has some blinding bling worthy of a queen. 

Finishing up your Christmas List ? Hit up Harry Wintson.

Gather Round This!!!

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Incase you haven’t heard and I don’t know how you wouldn’t know by now, but we teamed up with Steinway to offer an exclusive 50th anniversay edition of the Lilly-fied Baby Grand Piano. I am musically challenged but I wouldn’t mind having one in the living room just to show off, haha.

Driving In Style…

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Some more Lilly Jeep sightings: Our Sarasota Retail Store Girls, Santa in Philadelphia outside of The Children’s Boutique, a cute pooch at Cabana in California, Stephanie L. a loyal customer at Pink Sorbet in South Carolina, and outside of the Splash of Pink in Westport, CT.  If you spot the Jeep send us a pic so we can post them!

Jetting Off For The Holidays???

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We’d love to hear where you are traveling for the holidays! Tell us about your favorite resorts, get-a-ways, and vacas for the fam. What’s in your must have vacation wardrobe? What is your comfy plane outfit?  I’ll be Feliz Navidad-ing it in Barcelona this year and cozying up in the Clara Belle on the plane there. Where will you be?

It’s A Jungle In Here..Literally!

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Since so few of you get to visit the LPHQ I thought I would grant a little inside peak into the wild world of Lilly Pulitzer. You know how we hide animals in our prints? Well they hide around the office too!! Enjoy… 

Ps: Don’t forget to send us pics of your Lilly Holiday Decor! The best ones will win a spot on the blog!


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Lilly Pulitzer Hits Up The Capitol!

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This weekend Lilly Lovers united at the Santa Soiree in Washington, DC!!  Home-officers Brent and Ashley went down to celebrate in style and bumped into some color-loving cohorts. The ladies were rocking out in glam-worthy new Jubilee styles available in stores now. You can see more about this event and others to come hosted by The Capital Club.

It looks like there was even a Jeep sighting in Georgetown!!

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O Christmas Tree!…

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The amazing Pat B. has outdone herself once again. The Pink Palace is bursting with Holiday Cheer (not the liquid kind sadly) and now all we need is some snow!!! I’m sure Pat has that planned too ; )

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We’ve Still Got It At 50!!

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“Think Pink”

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From the movie, Funny Face (1957) with Audrey Hepburn.

Now That’s A Horse Of A Different Color

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The classic Wizard of Oz, filmed in 1939 featured black and white and new technicolor technology that changed the face of movies and t.v. forever. Just think, 20 years later LP would be making up some rainbow horses of her own and wearing them around on dresses.