Ruby Red Sippers

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Click your heels cause there’s no place like Lilly!


We scoured the web for some recipes to use our Lilly-fied Ruby Red Grapefruit juice. Please test them out and report back! Sadly, we were not allowed to make them all and sample at the office today. It’s 5 o’clock, what are YOU waiting for!?



Grapefruit Mocktail!

Beach Blanket Bingo Mocktail


3 oz Florida’s Natural Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice, 3 oz cranberry juice, soda water, lime wedge for garnish


Pour the juices into a collins glass filled with ice. Top with soda. Garnish with a lime wedge.


Grapefruit Cocktails!

Simple Summer Cocktail!



5.5 oz Florida’s Natural Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice, 1.0 Tonic, 2.0 oz  Vodka


Mix together with crushed ice in a glass and garnish with mint leaves

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Intern Update!

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What are the interns up to you ask? Check out this week’s question Rhianna asked the girls.

What is one funny or interesting occurrence that has happened as a Lilly intern so far?


Samantha Wolf: While working the register at the warehouse sale I saw a really great looking pregnant woman (I’m talking- looked like she had a beach ball under her dress, no weight any where else) and asked when she was due and she said “Oh they’re inducing me tomorrow!” Nothing like doing anything for Lilly.


Danielle Fichter: One interesting thing that happened to me as a Lilly intern occurred when I got a chance to spend a day with one of the designers.  I was helping her look through old Vogue magazines and we found some vintage Lilly ads from the 1970s!  They’re awesome and I actually have some decorating my desk right now!!!

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Sorority Soiree!

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Last week we hosted an on-campus event at a local DZ sorority house and brought the Lilly store to them! 30 girls sipped cocktails and shopped racks hand picked for them! Girls who spent over a certain amount were able to place an order for a polo with their letters on it! We had so much fun that we’d love to party with more of you! We can come to you or you can take over your local Lilly store for private shopping. Let us know if you’re interested. Send your sorority, school and contact info to Hurry get on our Fall calendar to make sure your sisters are stylish for the school year!


ITP Paints Chatham Pink

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This past weekend In the Pink on Main Street in Chatham, MA celebrated Lilly’s 50th Jubilee! We took over the front lawn with vintage garments enticing vacationers to stop inside and try on something new…no one was leaving empty handed! As the day progressed we served cupcakes and cocktails and danced to the bandstand music across the street. It was a good old fashioned New England weekend complimented perfectly by pink! Stop by Mashpee Commons as the Retrospective and the Lilly Jeep travel up-cape for another party this Saturday!

Here Fishy Fishy

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Found this..totally adoreable whether it’s for the kids’ bathtime or for mom’s relaxing escape. It’s always important to add those little unexpected elements to life. Plus- having this guy in the drain is MUCH better than the real deal haha… Cheers and Happy Bubbles!

We are back in the juice business, at least for a little while!

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Who will find it first?  You could win the dress of your choice!  Go to for contest details!

Day 1: Salt Water Loveliness

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Went for a swim with our friends’ dogs today and then off to meet up for a boat ride out to a small “island” beach. Took the boat out of a Lilly summertime-mecca of sorts. (If you know this town you will understand. ) Nearly scorched my feet off trekking over the sand but dominated in a game of Frisbee to make up for it. The seals seemed very interested in the bright colors of my Lilly swim suit. A late afternoon cocktail on a rooftop deck at The Pearl overlooking the harbor and the best food on earth..oysters….

Where are we?

Intern Update

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This week Rhianna asked our lovely interns: If you could give every Lilly Lover in the world one item in our stores now, what would it be and why?

See what they answered!

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Day 3: On The Move

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After taking in some gorgeous work at the The Picasso Museum, (when you visit here this place is not to be missed) I could not help but notice I was sporting my Sherman Tunic in blue and white embroidery ( see I told you I’ve been wearing it non-stop)… While Picasso’s blue period was desperate and sad, Lilly’s blue periods are always a refreshing break from the pinks and greens… 


Speaking of Lilly’s blue periods, I’m currently sitting poolside in my minnies “elefrance” shift, an oldie but goodie.  We’ve hopped from on to another locale since I last checked in, and i’m sipping Rose as I type.  I actually think it makes me more productive and should consider incorporating into my daily routine.


Beyond my shift, hands down, my favorite travel companion is Stefan, my sister’s boyfriend. Stef is hosting us at his family’s house. He and his family may actually rival Lilly herself for the title ‘hostess with the mostess’.  Stef’s been leading us by bike throughout the lazy streets of this little village, every now and then pointing out the best pastry shop or the divey-est local bar.  Last night, we had the most incredible Confit de Canard, whipped up by Stef’s grandmother Nicole.  Adorable is an understatement, Nicole is everything one would expect out of a fabulous grand-mere, impecably stylish, an incredible cook and so gracious and welcoming.  I’ve already offered to move in and be her servant.


The atmosphere reminds me a bit of Lilly’s house in Palm Beach… The door is always open, the dress code always entails bare feet and every hour is happy hour!


Where are we?

Day 2: Sites and Eats

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Our time here has been flying, with most activities centered around great meals… Dinner reservations start at 11pm over here, making our ressies in NYC seem like the geriatric special…  To prepare for the cuisine, I’ve been watching Mario Batali and our girl Gwyneth Paltrow’s program on the Food Network. An impeccable chef AND guest designer for Lilly Pulitzer…is there anything Gwynie can’t do?


My travels have provided the perfect opportunity to test drive some new styles from Lilly.  I’ve literally been living in my Sherman tunic dress, and now (proudly or embarassingly, however you want to describe it) own it in 3 different prints.  It was perfect for a jam packed day of sightseeing and earned extra credit as the sun set for cocktails. 


We spent the afternoon today touring a certain someone’s world famous Gardens… as it happens, a part of this town is owned by friends of LP, The Count and Countess de Lesseps.  Small world!  Is anyone else thinking that the Real Housewives Global would be mildly entertaining?


Where are we?