Some Sassy Sayings

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Hi there. EVER since I started blogging I have been DYING to share my love of silly sayings. We have our fair share at Lilly…like OH SHIFT, or TOO MUCH IS NEVER ENOUGH…but there are some sayings there now that LITERALLY make me giggle out loud and almost wet my pants. Depends on the time of day (and if it’s after cocktails).

Last week when I was in Charleston I visited a darling store called…you won’t believe it…LILY. Not Lilly, but Lily. I spoke with the owner Kevin for QUITE some time as I loaded-up on his delightfully funny and pant-wetting gift cards and cocktail napkins. He and his wife CLEARLY have a sense of humor because they have the most well edited selection of goodies. I love them so much that I can’t decide if I can give any away. :) It will ONLY be good, good, good friends who get these as hostess gifts…

These are all from ‘Shannon Martin’ and I got them at Lily on King St. in Charleston…

This one reminded me of a BASH to end all BASHES that our freinds the McGinn’s threw last holiday. We almost allllll ended up behind bars. WOOHOO!

I also got a b-day card from Shannon Martin that read…
“As a graduate of the Zsa Zsa Gabor School of Creative mathematics, I honestly do not know how old I am”
-Emily Bombeck

HA! Too funny. Reminds me of the magnet I have on my computer:

And since I am off on a tangent…these are the other priceless morsels I have at home…

I have this pillow in my living room!

I have this plate in my kitchen!

I mean, am I going overboard? MAYBE but I don’t care.

I have this tray for my keys…

SO, as you can see…too much is never enough. DO YOU have a signature saying? I am dying – send your BEST!. Xx

PS: Of course Charleston was fabulous in case you were wondering. :)

Oh Savannah!!

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Janie is back from her trip and has to share…read on!

Hi there. So I mentioned in my last post that I was in Savannah and Charleston…or at least the packing part. I have to recap the trip becasue I had the best time ever!
First, did you know I grew-up in Augusta, GA? So Savannah is very close to home and to say I love it…is the biggest understatement…well, it’s like saying I like Lilly or I have a few cocktail rings. In reality I ADORE Savannah. I obviously love Lilly and…the cocktail ring collection is taking on a life of it’s own…we may have to build an addition onto the house for a vault.
I love to exaggerate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can see you laughing to yourselves…YES, I exaggerate. Or is that just enthusiasm…whatev. LOVE SAVANNAH.
I went with my B-O-S-S who just happens to be one of the most lovely people ON THE PLANET. Her name is Linda Bradbury and she is the VP of Product…meaning she has to TRY desperately to control and guide my creative-ness. It is a full time job for her…bless you Linda.
We stayed at The Mansion on Forsyth Park. WOWEE. It is very chic, the staff is lovely and it is within walking distance to all of historic Savannah. Perfect. Take a peek.

We were there for two reasons…
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Savannah College of Art and Design. IF I do not show-up to work one day you will find me in Savannah as a “fibers” student at SCAD. They have the most amazing programs for all things art and fashion. Every time I visit I am completely blown away by the facilities, the staff and the students. And it is in the heart of Savannah. SCAD has played a MAJ part in bringing Savannah back to life…in such an authentic and historic way…while revitalizing and invigorating. It is an amazing school and I really wish I could be a student there. One day…
On a side note, the last 2 print designers we have hired have come from SCAD. Our very talented Paige and Torie. They were taught such FREEDOM along with the phenominal skills…I really could go on forever. IF your kids want to go to art school PLEASE go visit.
2. To visit our Savannah Store PALM AVE.

SUUUUCH a cute store. They have redecorated with chic seagrass wallpaper and zebra rugs. J’Adore the D’core. We chatted about the Fall line, what everyone loved and styles they wished they had more of. It was a treat to see them and learn more about SOUTHERN FALL.
While we were there we also took a walking tour around historic Savannah which was absolute heaven for me. It is just so close to my heart, the trees, the architectire…and this will sound silly – the dirt. It reminds me so much of growing up and my happy childhood. The Magnolia’s!
My favorite part about Savannah is it’s DARK SIDE. There are rumors of ghosts everywhere…and pirates. It is gorgeous…and spooky…and old-school chic. Mix that with the NEW-ART-COOLNESS of the SCAD influence and you have, in my opinion, the perfect city.
Oh wait…and dinner! Linda and I went to The Pink House. SOOOOO YUMMY. I love grits. Who cares if they make your butt bigger, they are delicious and so worth it. I had a very decadent cocktail and Linda had a ‘pink lady’. Made dinner full of giggles and pink cheeks. No wonder we have so much fun at ‘work’!

OK, I want to tell you more…get onto the Charleston part, but I am going to take a bubble bath and hop into my Lilly pj’s. WHY haven’t we made Lilly bubble bath yet?!??!?!?! I want the Beachy scent for the tubby. I will work on that…tomorrow. Yawn. xx

Jet-Setter Janie

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Last week was a BUSY week for Janie, we filmed her and followed her every move one day and the next she was jetting off down south to one of her favorite schools! We’ve all had a packing dilemma at some point but maybe Janie can help with some pointers to prevent another… Read More

Greetings From The Lilly Distribution Center!

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Our friends in the DC wanted to share how your Lilly gets to you! Read on to get the inside scoop! …

We are new to this whole blogging thing so please bear with us. We thought we would give the fans of Lilly (you) a little look closer of how we bring a colorful life to you. Read More

Picture Day

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It’s picture day in Janie’s house…enjoy!

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World Record Cupcake!

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October 3, 2009 The Guiness Book of World Records awarded the title of World’s Largest Cupcake to Big Top Cupcakes for baking up a 1,316-pound monster!

4 1/2 ft tall and 6ft wide! This chocolate creation was part of the 2009 Think Pink Rocks celebration in Boca Raton, Florida with proceeds directly benefiting Breast Cancer.  Pieces of this sweet treat went to benefit local breast cancer charities.

Ps. The top is pink and white icing and each sprinkle is about 5 inches long!

50 Best Foods In The World?

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Found this interesting article from a few weeks back published in The Guardian U.K.  ”From cake, steak and tapas, to oysters, chicken and burgers, Killian Fox roamed the world to find the 50 best things to eat and the best places to eat them in, with a little help” from some professionals…  How can we get this job?

How many of these places have you been to?

50 Best Things To Eat In The World

All About Gossip

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DO YOU LOVE GOSSIP GIRL? AHHHHHH I love it soooooo much I could die. I lived in NYCfor 11 years and know all their ‘spots’. Serena is my fav – she is so PRETTY. I am a bit jealous. When she rode that horse at the polo match in Greenwich, I almost fell out of bed.

I know it is not the ‘deepest’ content in the world, but it is like candy to watch. Things that make me crazy:

-I have been SO into headbands lately to hold back my long blonde locks. I hear they are making an effort to get them off Blair. Am I late to the party?
-Speaking of hair. KELLY RUTHERFORD. Her hair is so perfect and when I am her age I want my hair to look just like hers. She has been shopping at our Madison Ave boutique and spotted wearing McKims. OBVIOUSLY she has great taste.

-Has Penn Badgley taken a HOTTNESS PILL??!?!?!?!? He is sooooo adorable this season. WOWEE.

NY MAG has the mooost amazing comments on GG

OK back to work. No more getting giddy over the faux lives of teenagers.

A Bunch of “Pollux”

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For those of us out there obsessed with having a neat and tidy iTunes Library, I have just found a saving grace. The best part, it’s free! Pollux will find title, artist, artwork, lyrics, etc for each of those incomplete songs you have on iTunes. It’s in beta testing right now and only works with Mac OS X but if you’ve got the requirements give it a shot! Go here to download. Now if only we could find something like this to clean up around the house and office :)

A Foot Frenzy!

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