The Rollins Round-Up

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It took us a few days to find her, but we did! Janie has been on a whirlwind tour of Florida but she’s back for a bit and checking in with Lilly Land…


I JUST got back in town for Easter. I spent the first half of the week on a GLORIOUS spring break with my girls. Hit all the Florida hot-spots. As I mentioned last blog, it all started with a weekend at Rollins. Hmmm, sounds like a much longer explanation is needed and I promise it is PG.

I went to Rollins. Loved it more than life itself, last weekend was reunion weekend, we decided to throw a party in the Lilly Pulitzer Winter Park store to celebrate. That about sums it up!

I flew from freezing-and-not-nearly-springy enough Philly to warm-sunny-lovely-and-perfect Winter Park. If you are out of the loop, Winter Park is outside of Orlando and the cutest town ever. GREAT SHOPPING on the main drag aptly named Park Avenue.

I went down with Torie one of our very fun and talented print designers – who is also smart enough to be FROM Winter Park. Genius.

I walked into the store with paints in hand and Mary Lane, one of our most devoted and spectacular customers, was at the cash-wrap pouring pink champagne. YAY! This is just what I was hoping would happen. We set-up our studio outside the store and painted the day away. Saw tons of old friends and made lots of new ones.

Doesn’t everyone look great! I want to airbrush my chubby arm so please ignore that part J

I met a new friend Chris who CLEARLY has exceptional taste. He was wearing vintage Lilly Men’s Stuff which just slayed me. Pelican print knit polo circa 1960. For Chris and me it was LOVE at first sight! He gave us some GREAT, GREAT, GREAT and slightly insane print ideas – which we completely plan on incorporating IMMEDIATELY. Lilly in SPACE? Chris! Please take your meds J Dorothy, how do you put up with this guy?

Another old friend Caroline came by with her lovely, lovely family. I have to shout out to Vivia her 8 year old daughter who wants to be a DOLPHIN TRAINER. So cool. I painted her a dolphin and she drew me some incredible Lilly artwork. If the dolphin thing does not work out you are welcome in our print studio ANYTIME.

Here they are:

On Sunday I drove to Sarasota through the most insane FLA rainstorm ever! Made it in one piece. More to come on that…have to go now. It’s FRIDAY! Easter weekend! Have a wonderful holiday and PLEASE eat way too many chocolate bunnies. LYTM.



Rollins Alumni Weekend!

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Join Janie at the Winter Park Lilly Pulitzer Store today to celebrate Rollins Alumni Weekend!

Hi friends!!

I left for Florida last night! Yay yay yay. I had some minor issues packing there is sooo much good spring Lilly I had to BREAK my golden rule of only packing carry-on. I needed my own plane. Think I could get a Lilly jet?!?!?

I am going to be visiting lots of my favorite spots…the first being WINTER PARK. Have I blogged this a million times? I went to ROLLINS. It was l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y heaven on earth. The Spanish architecture. The insane shopping on Park Avenue. The adorable boys J. The four years FLEW by.

This is a picture of the campus. I did not doctor it. The pool is the center piece. I promise you take classes there too. I DO have a degree :)

Sometimes when I am in my office – and it’s winter – and I am bogged down with work I dream about Rollins. To be honest, my job is so amazing I rarely have to daydream…but IF I DO…sunny Rollins is always involved.

I try to get back once a year. I have never been big on reunions…but THIS trip just happens to coincide with my hmmm. I’m not going to tell you what number. It just happens to coincide with a REUNION. I have noooo idea who will be there but can’t wait to catch-up with everyone! I am planning to be at our store from 2-6 pm on Saturday (the 27th) to paint prints and help everyone shop. Torie – one of our fabulous print designers AND Winter Park native will also be there. IT WILL BE A BLAST. Please come by if you are in the area!!!


Store Of The Week: Pink Paddock

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We are wild for our new store in Saratoga Springs NY, and wanted to share the good news with you! We are so proud to have owners Kim Burton & Steve Snyder on board!  After 5 successful years of selling Lilly in a smaller location, they have decided to relocate to a beautiful, bright, and spacious new location at 358 Broadway!  The BEST part is that the bigger store of course means MORE LILLY for Saratoga Springs!

We’re located at:

Pink Paddock

358 Broadway Ave

Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

(518) 587-4344

Curious about the name Pink Paddock???  Well, we’ll have you know that Saratoga Springs is home to the country’s oldest continually operating Thoroughbred horse racing track & site of the annual Whitney Cup event! The Whitney Cup event got Lilly-fied last year, and be on the lookout for news about “Lilly meets Whitney,” for this year’s big event!  In case you were wondering Saratoga Springs is also abound with ORIGINAL Lilly-Lovers, including many inner-circle friends & several members of Lilly’s own family!  AND, to top it all off, Saratoga was often referred to as the “Queen of Spas” among the Victorian elite – what more do we need to say?!  We can’t think of a more perfect place to have a new store!We welcome them to the family with open arms!

We wanted to share some details from  the Grand Opening of the Pink Paddock this past Saturday & it was a blast!  In case you missed it, the Pink Paddock has fun things going on all the time, so check it out!  Skidmore girls, this means you!  We want to keep our party going & know that you can help ;)

You can Fan Pink Paddock on facebook too!

Spring Safari!!!

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Janie has been dying to dish the details on the Spring Safari and now she finally can! We can’t believe we’ve managed to keep it on the DL for this long…


I NEED A DRESS. EEEEE. A black tie (aka in Lilly Land = LILLY OR LOUDER), red carpet, New York City, dinner and dancing DRESS. I am going to have you help me with the details. Please, please,  please read on and vote. As Fashion Director I should just make what I want but I want to know what you think is the cutest!!!!! It’s more fun to do it together anyways.

So big, big, big news is that Lilly is the official fashion sponsor for the American Museum of Natural History’s Spring Event. OF COURSE with all of our PROTECTIVE PRINTS for Spring we have renamed the event….drum roll please…Spring Safari!

Here’s the invite, isn’t it TDF. Soooo many celebs are going – and the who’s who of NYC. I am very excited because I have friends coming in from Chicago, and many friends from NYC alllll buying tickets. It will be a HOOT.

(All the info will be on the Lilly website VERY soon!!)

To give you an idea of the space we’re working with, the sit down dinner will be held in the Hall of African Mammals, followed by dancing and drinks in the Hall of Ocean Life. It is incredible.

So, back to me. A dress! I knew right away that I wanted to use the Pandamonium print. Also knew I wanted some kind of PINK SASH. So we have choice A: front sash or B: center pink trim. What will make me look THE MOST CHIC AND GORG. I feel like the long is so old school Lilly…designed JUST FOR ME by one of our print designers (JEFF! The grumpy one J).




I will tweet all night from the party. It’s not till April 15th but I am already in a tiz. Vote fast for the dress, we need to MAKE IT! Custom Lilly just for me. Aren’t you jealous! Next-up…hair and make-up, have to get that sorted. AND SHOES. A bag? OK, time to stop typing and get to the very important business of planning my outfit. More later.



Store Of The Week: Under The Palm Tree

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Spring Showers Came Early for our friends at Under the Palm Tree in Kansas!  Come see what’s bloomed for your spring wardrobe!  After the sprinkler system diaster in early February,  they are shiny and new and VERY Lilly!!!  Join them for their grand re-opening, stop by and say hello- they can’t wait to see everyone!!

4823 W 119th Street

Overland Park, KS 66209


Owner Sara Kombrink and her team sent this little note along:

Hello Everyone!

Being back in our beautiful Via Shop is heaven!  Our staff, with the help of some very wonderful construction guys (some of whom we’ve converted to big Lilly fans!), has worked like crazy to get our doors reopened in time to present the Spring ’10 line to all of you, our loyal customers.  We have always loved our Lilly Lovers, and the support they’ve shown us during this difficult moment has been FABULOUS!!!  We can’t wait to hear from each of you!!!


Under The Palm Tree

LeSportsac Launch Party!

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The LeSportsac launch was a big hit! Did you make it? Post some pics! Janie chimes in with a little party recap for everyone… Cheers!


Late, late, late. I am late again. I was supposed to blog LAST WEEK about the LesSportsac event…but I got the stomach bug. UGH. It is everywhere. I am sorry. LUCKILY I did make it to the event and had soooo, soooo,  soooo much fun. Seriously, DJ’s make the world a better place. I want a dj to follow me around and play cool/fun/get-down music ALL THE TIME. I think Ellen DeGeneres probably feels the same way. Maybe we can become best friends and she can foot the bill.

Alright, I am off in my own world again. Bringing it back…

Thursday night, the LeSportsac store DOWNTOWN in SOHO NYC. The cutest store e-v-e-r. Just the right size for a DJ, all of NYC’s cutest and coolest plus the new LeSportsac/Lilly Pulitzer collection!

And there were yummy drinks! Spiked. Hee hee. There were snacks – so yummy. There were SO many friends and Lilly Lovers. I spent much of the evening upfront of the store with the LeSportsac creative director D’Arcy. She is a hoot…smart and funny. It was so fun to have LeSportsac and Lilly host the event together, design the collection together…sip a few spiked punchy drinks together!

D’Arcy and ME!!!!

(I stole this pic from the LeSportsac Facebook fan page, become a fan! Did they touch-up my teeth or WHAT – looking so white. My dentist will be so happy.

SOOOO, the new collection. The first delivery is out and I have already nabbed 4 pieces. LOVE the totes. LOVE the umbrellas. I have PRE-ORDERED the tennis racket cover in the She’s a Piston print. Coming soon!!!! I mean, hot pink tennis racket cover for moi. I cannot think of anything more appropriate.

Tennis Sleeve - Pre-order

I am SO excited to see what you all think. I have to get some of the weekenders. I WANT to see those in the airport to spice up the drab-ness of awful no-water-allowed-you-have-to-pay-for-peanuts FLYING!

Hmmm. Back to DJ’s? I think it goes with wearing LILLY. It just makes you happy. You are wearing a cute dress, amazing SHOES are key…and you have the best music following you around everywhere. It is like living in a romantic comedy. Hmmm, what is my theme song? For me it is DEF something by the Black Eyed Peas. DO YOU HAVE A THEME SONG?

Print Party At Melly!

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Did you hear about the big party at Melly this weekend? If you missed out here’s Janie to dish on all the details!

Hi Friends-



Hi. I have been allllllllll over the place and have not been blogging enough, shame on me! I did tweet about my latest adventure in MINNEAPOLIS, are you all following?!??!

follow me on twitter!  xxLilly_Janie


When I get a call (on the hot pink lilly phone) that I am NEEDED at an all day party to celebrate Protective Prints, the first word out of my mouth is YES then, WHERE. Minneapolis. Hmm. Slight pause.


I gotta tell you…we have had e-n-u-o-g-h snow this winter. Case in point? I asked the entire company what they wanted to see in SPRING 2011 prints and the answers were VERY CLEAR: penguins + polar bears ORand this is funny, to recreate the STREAKER PRINT. So we have snow and…naked people on our minds. The snowy winter has clearly gone to our pink heads.


Back to Minneapolis…..


-THE most delightful store called Melly with the most engaging, gracious and chic owners

-Travel with my friend Jen at Lilly who is AWESOME and pulled together

-Spread the word on Protective Prints.

-Spend the day painting.

-Get lots of press.



Ok so the scales are tipped… I am packing my bags.


So let’s touch on the bag situation. I TOLD Jen that I only pack carry on. We were gone for 1 night. I brought a sandpiper, a shere, alternative outfit of tiger poncho and pants. Shere wrap. Prada heels. ONE PAIR OF EARRINGS (for me packing extremely light). Exercise clothes (including running shoes!). A million magazines. This was carry on people. JEN HAD TO CHECK HER BAG! I am clearly going to have to help her on the packing skills. She is forgiven because she is so fun to be with.


Arrive. Picked-up by Mary, one of two owners of Melly. SO HOSPITABLE to welcome us at the airport. The biggest surprise. A HEAT WAVE has hit Minneapolis! HOORAY! It was 50ish. It has been sooo cold in FLA/everywhere this winter, I think I may have been better off in MN!


Check into a lovely Westin, visit the store. Play with the clothes, make everything gorgeous, go back to hotel, order room service (grilled chicken salad) and order NINE on pay per view. I was dying to see this movie but it was a bit slow. I was o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with the 1965 Italian starlet…HAIR. Did you see Penelope Cruz’s hair?!??! Or KATE HIDSON. TDF. The hair was the highlight of the movie.


Up early, went running at the gym and then…EVENT TIME! The day was planned for 10am-4pm and I have to be honest, I was worried about painting that long. I got my watercolors all set-up (if you spent $500 you got an original painting by yours truly OR could choose from some of the print teams’ work I brought with me). Painted. People started arriving early! It was a BLAST. Lost of people. Lots of shopping. Lots of painting. Lots of treats.

What struck me most…how INCREDIBLY nice everyone was. I mean, of course right? I know, I know, it’s Lilly and a party I HOPE everyone would be nice…but it was more than that. The Minneapolis folks are just basically NICE, and KIND, and welcoming. Their warmth COMPLETELY makes-up for the 800 feet of snow outside.



The shopping was ruled by spring break. EEEEEveryone was getting away. Lots of people going to Naples, FL and a bunch going to Hawaii! What fun! The Spring Lilly Pulitzer collection filled every need. It was SO FUN to shop with them to fill their suitcases. AND, these smart “cold-blooded” people…almost every single purchase included a murfee scarf. These people are kind AND… incredibly smart ;)


SO, a huge, huge, huge, thanks to everyone who came, to my lovely hosts Karin and Mary (their husbands, kids and the cutest sales girls going!). I cannot wait to visit MN again. I hear it’s GORGEOUS in the summer, wink wink.


MORE ADVENTURES to come this week. Headed to NYC for the LeSportsac launch on Thursday! Will tweet and blog. Promise.


Tons of love! xx,  Janie


OH WAIT, more on me and Melly! Here’s some of the great press from the event:

Store of the Week: Lady Bird

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It’s just what the doctor ordered…some Lilly-lovin’ for the West Coast!! Lady Bird, a brand-new, official Lilly Pulitzer® Via Shop, opened their doors on March 1, 2010 in San Marino, California and we are thrilled to welcome them in the family! This store brings a much needed dose of color and print to all our loyal Lilly Lovers in the Pasadena area.  They carry the full Lilly Pulitzer brand, including women’s, children’s and men’s clothing and they are eager to help you find the perfect piece for a special occasion or just to treat yourself.

Lady Bird’s owners, Pamela Halferty and Emily Smith, both grew up in San Marino and have been friends for over 30 years! These ladies know fashion and love fun. They both spent a significant amount of time in their teens and 20′s on the East Coast. When they moved back they couldn’t help but notice the lack of Lilly in their area. And so here we are today!

Lady Bird is located at 2556 Mission Street in the heart of San Marino’s Mission District, just off of Los Robles.  Come stop by and meet the girls!


Slope Style

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Our fabulous intern Rhianna checks in ski-side with a little note about all the color on the slopes…

Hi Guys!

I’m up in Vermont and I couldn’t help but notice all the colorful outfits everyone was wearing this season! Bright pinks, greens, teals, and yellows, all around.  Standing at the bottom of the slope, it is hard to ignore this trend of bright colors popping out on the white snow. Especially on the terrain park, the half pipe was flooded with rainbows of color! You can pick out the snowboarders and skiers with the best tricks just by how bright their outfits are. I’m not joking….it really works!

When I first think of colorful ski clothes, my mind jumps to the 80’s. Who could have resisted a neon one-piece ski suit with the matching headband?

As Lilly Lovers, we know how our colorful clothes have the power to give us confidence and make us happy, and I like to think that this is the reason for the re-surge of color on the mountain. Hey it works for me!

Now, with the Olympics giving us a surge of inspiration, everyone is headed to the slopes. If you want to look like a pro, even if your skills don’t quite match up, my advice would be to wear your bright colors (mostly pinks and greens, of course)!


Janie Hits The City Of Lights!

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We pinned Janie down for a few  minutes and made her spill all the juice on her latest trip to Paris with her two daughters! Apparently jet-setting runs in the family! You won’t want to miss this one…

Hi Friends!

I just got back from Paris. EEeee, I know, it is completely fine to be jealous. It was an absolutely amazing trip and I am not going to even TRY and down-play it. WHY did I go? Well, it was an extravagance. My daughter Sabrina turned 8 on February 20th and her favorite food is croissants. I decided that there is NO BETTER WAY for a croissant-loving-gal to spend her birthday than in PARIS. So Sabrina, Tiki and I packed our bags and headed on their first trip (my millionth, but I AM in fashion!) trip to Paris.

From start to finish the girls were angels. They wore their Lilly fleece on the flights and cuddled up – sleeping the ENTIRE WAY OVER! We met my Dad there who was visiting Paris for the week. How fab, an impromptu multi-generational trip!

Once we arrived our itinerary was packed. From Thursday to Sunday we:

Visited the Eiffel Tower - twice! And got a bit dizzy looking down.

Rode the carousels outside the Eiffel Tower a billion times.

Ate crepes and cotton candy (or BARBE A PAPA in french it translates to ‘my father’s beard’).

Had steak frittes for lunch and dinner… every day.

Ate OOODLES of chocolate croissants, patisserie and chocolate mousse. Sabrina declared chocolate mousse “the best thing that she had ever eaten in her entire life.”  I KNEW she was a genius.

Buzzed through the Louvre.

Hit the Musee D’Orsay for a dose of Impressionism.

Lit a candle in Notre Dame (did not see any hunchbacks).

Went on an open bus tour – Sabrina’s birthday wish.

More steak frittes. More chocolate mousse. More crepes. And of course, some champagne for ME!

Shopping! We hit the Porthault store for linens and I went une petite CRAZY!

I got this print and I love it so much I could cry. DIVINE.

Here are some pics…notice Sabrina in her Wetherly jacket and new pink beret!!!!!!!

Tiki in her Brigit Velour!

Hmmm. Is that it? Could that be all? The girls were given gold Eiffel Towers for their charm bracelets from their grandfather to remember the trip.

OH OH OH, so something else that was COOL. The Parisian streets were littered with Yves Saint Laurent’s new spring/summer MANIFESTO.

Much buzzed about and I got one. LUCKY ME!

So, just to bring it around to Lilly. Guess what. YSL loves strawberries for spring/summer…and SO DO WE. Just wait till your May delivery of prints and you will see…

WOW are we chic and on-trend. No surprise there… Who doesn’t love strawberries!

Oh, one more thing that I have to share. The Shere Wrap saved my life from the flight over, to the open bus tours, to chic dinners. It is a take anywhere and look fabulous…plus be cozy piece. I recommend ALL the colors but I particularly adore the pink, it is just so, so, so pretty.

Main image - Hibiscus Pink

I am SAFELY back at work…a few pounds heavier but beyond happy. I am so excited to get back to work on Spring 2011, refreshed from a very inspirational trip filled with laughs, shopping and of course PINK CHAMPAGNE.