May Pack for Paradise

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Now this Pack for Paradise destination has 3 words that exude relaxation and vacation – Beachside, Bed and Breakfast. Say no more. We’re there! (at least in our minds)  For this month’s Pack for Paradise, one winner and a guest will enjoy 3 days and 2 nights at the Henderson Park Inn as well as round trip airfare.

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Lilly Flowers For Mom

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1. Cherry Begonias 2. Blue Eyed Girl 3. Twirlers 4. Lilly Fields Forever

Flowers are a girl’s best friend, right? Oh no, wrong; diamonds are a girl’s best friend but we girls DO love flowers.  We love giving them, we certainly love getting them, some of us even like growing them but Lilly girls- well we love wearing them, of course!  And we happen to think that Lilly flowers, the kind you *ahem* wear, make a fabulous gift for Mother’s Day.  And when I say think, I mean we actually sat down & made a list as to why we think the floral prints from our first Summer delivery make an unforgettable gift and will leave a lasting impression on Mom…

Top 5 Reasons Lilly flowers beat real flowers for Mother’s Day…

1. We’re preeety sure your mom won’t be allergic to these flowers
2. No annoying stamen stains (don’t you hate when that happens?!?)
3. Our flowers won’t wilt, drop petals all over the place & then die on you
4. No stinky flower water to toss or vase to clean afterwards
5. Your mom can enjoy our flowers for years and years to come (and think about you each and every time she wears them!)

We’re pretty convincing, right?  And forget about getting her that puppy that you she’s always wanted- go with Lilly flowers and you both win.

She’s One-of-a-kind. Win her an Original.

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Your mom, your nana, your granndmother, your daughter- they are all one-of-a-kinds.  No one can hold a candle to the person who has done so much for you in your life, inspired you every single day and made you feel like you will always have someone in your corner.  Last year, we asked you to tell us about that woman and the stories we received absolutely melted our hearts.  We’re looking for your stories (and pictures!) again this year but this time, we want to celebrate your mom’s (or grandmom’s, daughter’s, great-grandmother’s) uniqueness.  You know, she’s just got that thing- that something special that just makes her an ORIGINAL- a one-of-a-kind; just like a Lilly print.

And that is why we want to honor her with a one-of-a-kind, original piece of Lilly artwork!  Our print designers created this amazing, original oil painting (4 feet by 6 feet!) for our 2011 Spring catalog and so many of you asked about it that we couldn’t wait to give it to one of you.  But we couldn’t just give it to anyone – it has to be the one person, the one story, that absolutely melts our heart- just like you did last year.

So tell us, who will you be celebrating this Mother’s Day?  And tell us why she’s an original.  Does Lilly bring you together- help you cross the generational divide? Well we can’t wait to send you (or her) this piece of original artwork from Lilly. And a prize from Lilly wouldn’t be complete without something Lilly to wear so we’re throwing in a gift card as well!

Here are the prizes:
Grand Prize: Original, 4′ x 6′ “Lilet” print oil painting canvas and a $250 gift card to
2nd Prize: Lilly Pulitzer clutch and a $100 gift card to

Submit your oh-my-melt-your-heart-what-else-can-I-say story and pictures here.

And since there are only 2 winners, you might want a back up plan. Full giveaway rules available here.

Store of the Week – Cloister Collection

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In 1987, Ira and Marion Moore bought a little specialty shop on Sea Island, Georgia. Being located next to the Cloister, a world renowned five star resort, the shop was fittingly named the Cloister Collection. In May of 1994, a second Cloister Collection was opened in the Shops of Sea Island located on Saint Simons Island. This shop has become one of the twenty Lilly Pulitzer Premier Signature Shops in the country. The last thing you’d expect to find at a strip mall in a small coastal town, as stated in the March 2011 edition of Coastal Living Magazine.

The Cloister Collection is located in the Shops of Sea Island at 600 Sea Island Road Suite 13 on Saint Simons Island, Georgia. The store is open Monday thru Saturday 10:00-5: 30 pm or you can book an exclusive after-hours shopping event for you and your guests. You can visit our website, (which is currently under construction but bookmark it and come back!) or find us on Facebook.

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In the Guest House with Gordon Russell

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Today we are featuring Gordon Russell, Owner of “In the Pink,” a collection of Lilly Pulitzer Signatures Stores across New England, here in our Guest House.  We’re so excited to feature Gordon, pictured above with one of his sons, because he’s doing some amazing work to support MitoAction and we’re proudly partnering with him and MitoAction for their upcoming, 2nd annual Sandra K. Russell Derby Day benefit.  Sadly, Gordon lost his wife, Sandra who was also his business partner, after she battled with mitochondrial disease.  At Lilly Pulitzer, we lead a colorful life, and COLORFUL takes on a lot of meaning in our world.  Sandra, a long-time Lilly lover, set a wonderful example for so many in leading a colorful life, reminding us how color can be therapeutic in all of our lives. Gordon has since joined MitoAction as a board member and gratefully gives his time and energy to support this wonderful organization who helps families like his.  And of course, we’re happy to spread the word about the great things Gordon and MitoAction are doing and get the word out about their upcoming Derby Day (buy tickets here!) to honor Sandra and raise awareness and funds for MitoAction. Here is Gordon to tell us a little bit about how this all got started…

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A Royal [Wedding] Gift For You!

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Ah yes, the event of the decade (as some are saying) has arrived and if you work in a Pink Palace, you can’t help but get excited!!  And sure, a Royal Wedding is something to get excited about but let’s be honest, we’re suckers for love and marriage- royal or not!  Tomorrow’s noble nuptials are a very good excuse opportunity for us to talk about all things wedding- how about YOUR wedding??   You’re always sharing your own fun, beautiful and inspiring wedding photos so why not let your photos WIN you something?!?

We think this restored antique Parigine chair is befitting a Princess and since a one Ms. Kate Middleton will likely have a wedding present or two to spare, we want to share this gift with YOU instead!  Here’s how you can win:

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Lilly Pulitzer Welcomes Kylee, Fashion Designer for the Day!

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Lilly Pulitzer has been helping Lilly Lovers lead a more colorful life for over 50 years. Last week was no exception. In partnership with our friends at the Make a Wish Foundation, Lilly Pulitzer welcomed 6 year old aspiring Fashion Designer, Kylee, for a magical visit to the Pink Palace. Kylee and her family joined us for a day of print, painting, designing…and of course SHOPPING!

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Lilly Celebrates Music… with Summer Style!

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As we hit our third season of Lilly Loves the Arts, we get to a crowd favorite. Get ready to SHAKE IT, sing along, and camp out for tickets…Summer 2011 is all about MUSIC AND DANCE. For Lilly Lovers, Summer is certainly the time to get a little loose. (wait…that may be all the time, oh well!)  From outdoor music festivals to fireworks exploding over crashing waves, Summer music makes us smile- just like wearing our Lilly does. We have all been thinking about the sound track for summer 11…might there be a little summer lovin’?…some beatles playing in the background?…how about a reggae festival? The theme is TURN IT UP!  Hot Fun in the Summertime and that means we are going to let the Lilly flag fly in classic styles dripping or swimming or dancing in color print and pattern.

We kick off summer with a delivery dubbed “Walking on Sunshine,” that is devoted to all of the contemporary music of…well…recently! Summer music is laid back and relaxed but filled with surprises. Color is happy (isn’t it always?!) with bright Summer pinks, greens and blues popping off of clean whites.  Summer is the time for white to take center stage- it allows all of our Lilly’s to look fresh and Summer snappy!

Hello Ocean! Hello Beach! and Hello Blues! This is a sneak peak of our late May delivery we’re calling “Under the Boardwalk” for reasons that are obvious and reasons we might not want our mother’s to know about. Just sayin’!  Hang in there another month when we unveil our shimmyy, shelliest prints that help celebrate the amazing months spent on the coast!

Summer debuts on this Thursday and hit stores the end of this week.  Make a point to stop in and see our greatest hits from our first delivery!

Store of the Week – The Pink Door

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This week we’re headed to the deep south where The Pink Door staff’s warm and welcoming southern drawl is backed up by their customer service and family-friendly store…

Once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted to have a pretty dress, just like the one her mommy wore. So, her mom brought her to The Pink Door in the heart of Memphis, where they met the store’s owner, Mimi Taylor, and Mimi’s daughter, Semmes Humphreys, the Store Manager. After trying on several Lilly dresses, the little girl emerged from the dressing room and proclaimed, “I like this one, Mommy, because it reminds me of you.”

“Press #1 to hear about our newest fashions” is something you will never hear when contacting The Pink Door. Our focus is on that little girl, her mom, and on customer service, whether on the telephone,online or in person. We know our customers quite well and our employees are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about all things Lilly! We often host special events at our store to introduce our customers to the latest Lilly fashions and accessories. Many ladies love to come in with their girls (of all ages) to dress them in the latest Lilly. And for the “littlest ones” who need to be entertained while Mom shops, we even have a toy box stuffed with toys just for them.

The Pink Door is located at 4615 Poplar Avenue in the popular and upscale Laurelwood Collection Shopping Center. Come visit us anytime in person, on our website or on our facebook page and we’ll help you find something that reminds you of how much fun Lilly can be!

Printed Eggs

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1.Colorwheel 2.& 3.Butterflies 4.Blue eggs

We love anything printed and are particularly fond of this collection pulled by our talented graphic artist. Have you dyed or decorated any yet? Make sure you send us your favorites! Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with lots of Lilly. Spring is finally here!