QR You Ready?

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It was just as we thought today on Facebook; a lot of you already know what a QR code is.  Quite simply, a QR code or quick response code, is a readable or scannable bar code that you can use, usually with an app, with your smartphone that will take you to an online destination.  For those of you who may not have noticed these before, you will now see them EVERYWHERE.  They really are popping up in all sorts of places; in magazines, on the back of cereal boxes, on home for sale signs, on restaurant menus, even on tombstones (ok, well that’s in Japan but you see where I’m going with this)

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Don’t Feed The Seagulls!

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Wear them instead!  Seagulls get such a bad rap. Perhaps they deserve it, they can be quite a nuisance at the beach, but right about now, I’d take that summer sound over the white noise here at the office!  So let’s celebrate the seagull this season with two splashy, summer prints – Flock of Seagulls (above) and Ride the Wave (below)!

Check out Flock of Seagulls in our hottest summer dress- the Marisa, as well as Delia dress with the Hotty Pink embroidery.

Ride the Wave comes in one of our Summer favorites, the Sullivan dress as well as the oh-so-cute Avery skirt with a Hotty Pink contrasting belt.

(seagulls making their mark on your dress in print is waaaaay cuter then the alternative!!)

Store of the Week – Ocean Palm

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Virginia is for Lilly Lovers.  (we thought Virginia’s state slogan was missing a little something) And that’s why Ocean Palm’s owner, Janet Lane-Robert’s, opened her first Lilly Pulitzer signature store- so Virginia Lilly Lovers had a place to buy their Lilly! We’re happy to feature her original location as this week’s Store of the Week…

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Celebrating a True Supermom!

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As we mentioned before, choosing the “best,” Mother’s Day was pretty much an impossible task.  The stories were circulated throughout the Pink Palace & we all talked about this one and that one but we kept coming back to Devon’s amazing story and her wonderful photo of 3 generations.  You could feel the love in the photo and in the story and we just had to make it our choice.  I called Devon to let her know she won and she was delighted! I asked her if she’d like me to send her the story back to her through e-mail so she could look it over once more before I posted it here and she told me to just go ahead and post it- she said it was written straight from the heart & she wanted it to be read that way.  She had made a copy of her submission and intended to give it to her mom on Mother’s Day – won’t her mom be surprised to hear there’s a 4 foot x 6 foot piece of original artwork to go with it?!  Giving that prize to Devon and her family made our day and we hope today, all of you got to spend the day with your beloved mothers, daughters, grandmothers and best friends.  Now here is Devon’s story…

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Required Reading- Our 2011 Summer Catalog!

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Always with the beautiful girls and always with the must-have looks- the Lilly Pulitzer Summer 2011 catalog, that is- hitting mailboxes any day!  We always get very excited when our catalogs ship because these books are a true labor of love.  And when we say labor, we’re not necessarily referring to the 3 day shoot at the Round Hill Resort in Jamaica (because um… it’s hard work but we are in paradise, after all!), it’s all the TLC we give it once we pack up and leave town with our reddened cheeks and shots in hand.  Layouts galore, tough choices to make, rounds and rounds of adjustments, sleepy late night press calls at the printers – all so we can reveal to you, our summer masterpiece.  (labor of love, pictured above!)

Yeah… we’re absolutely biased and sure, we’d like to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done, but you all were part of the process.  You’ve given us some great feedback in the past and we want to hear from you again!  So first, tell us when you peek inside your mailbox and Olga, our Summer cover model, looks right back at you with her beautiful blues.  Then, go through it page by page, and tell us what you think!

And if you do, you could win one of two, one-of-a-kind, summer beach hats made exclusively for our 2011 Spring catalog (pictured above).  Oh what? You don’t want to wait?? You want to see it RIGHT NOW?! You’re in luck.  Browse the Summer 2011 online right now, today, no waiting, boy this is great, HERE!

Are you ready for this [Shelly] Jelly?!

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You asked. And asked. And asked. And Asked. And… Let’s just say you were quite persistent.  And looky here- it paid off!  We are very excited to bring you the SHELLY JELLY SANDAL!

When you asked for flip-flops, did you think it would be plain?? Oh no, not from us! We wanted to take the ole’ flip flop one step further (pun intended) – by adding, what else, PRINT!  So we did… in Clear Summer Nights, Aquamarine Docksider and Hotty Pink Blue Eyed Girl.  And then, we priced it just right, just for you.

So… did we knock your socks off??

Behind The [summer] Music [prints]

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Hi everyone! Summer has just shipped and I wanted to give you a little behind the scenes on how it all came to be. It’s a long one but preeety revealing (and funny!) Every season I start dreaming…what should the inspiration be? What colors do we want to be wearing? What do we want in the prints?!?!? What can we do that’s pretty…cheeky!?!?!?!

It was last year at this time that we started dreaming about Summer 2011. As we are celebrating Lilly Loves the Arts, Summer was planned to celebrate music and dance. Ummm, I am a huge dancer. Side note: Karen in our sweaters department just had to teach me how to Dougie. It’s a problem. Aaaaanyway… I have always loved music (right now I am listening to Pandora and have made my own Talking Heads station…awesome). I have a million and one stories about going to concerts, being obsessed with bands – I had a HUGE thing for John Taylor from Duran Duran in 6th grade. Doesn’t everyone have that ‘first concert’ story? Or the first slow dance with a boy? (Furman tennis camp. Madonna’s Crazy For You. Carter from Atlanta. Esprit dress.) So the print department wanted to get aaaalll the fun music stories from everyone in the Pink Palace so I sent the email below, COMPANY WIDE (it’s amazing sometimes that I don’t get fired) to get the real juice. And of course, it wouldn’t have been fair for me to ask for everyone’s music memories without giving my own…

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May Pack for Paradise

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Now this Pack for Paradise destination has 3 words that exude relaxation and vacation – Beachside, Bed and Breakfast. Say no more. We’re there! (at least in our minds)  For this month’s Pack for Paradise, one winner and a guest will enjoy 3 days and 2 nights at the Henderson Park Inn as well as round trip airfare.

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Lilly Flowers For Mom

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1. Cherry Begonias 2. Blue Eyed Girl 3. Twirlers 4. Lilly Fields Forever

Flowers are a girl’s best friend, right? Oh no, wrong; diamonds are a girl’s best friend but we girls DO love flowers.  We love giving them, we certainly love getting them, some of us even like growing them but Lilly girls- well we love wearing them, of course!  And we happen to think that Lilly flowers, the kind you *ahem* wear, make a fabulous gift for Mother’s Day.  And when I say think, I mean we actually sat down & made a list as to why we think the floral prints from our first Summer delivery make an unforgettable gift and will leave a lasting impression on Mom…

Top 5 Reasons Lilly flowers beat real flowers for Mother’s Day…

1. We’re preeety sure your mom won’t be allergic to these flowers
2. No annoying stamen stains (don’t you hate when that happens?!?)
3. Our flowers won’t wilt, drop petals all over the place & then die on you
4. No stinky flower water to toss or vase to clean afterwards
5. Your mom can enjoy our flowers for years and years to come (and think about you each and every time she wears them!)

We’re pretty convincing, right?  And forget about getting her that puppy that you she’s always wanted- go with Lilly flowers and you both win.

She’s One-of-a-kind. Win her an Original.

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Your mom, your nana, your granndmother, your daughter- they are all one-of-a-kinds.  No one can hold a candle to the person who has done so much for you in your life, inspired you every single day and made you feel like you will always have someone in your corner.  Last year, we asked you to tell us about that woman and the stories we received absolutely melted our hearts.  We’re looking for your stories (and pictures!) again this year but this time, we want to celebrate your mom’s (or grandmom’s, daughter’s, great-grandmother’s) uniqueness.  You know, she’s just got that thing- that something special that just makes her an ORIGINAL- a one-of-a-kind; just like a Lilly print.

And that is why we want to honor her with a one-of-a-kind, original piece of Lilly artwork!  Our print designers created this amazing, original oil painting (4 feet by 6 feet!) for our 2011 Spring catalog and so many of you asked about it that we couldn’t wait to give it to one of you.  But we couldn’t just give it to anyone – it has to be the one person, the one story, that absolutely melts our heart- just like you did last year.

So tell us, who will you be celebrating this Mother’s Day?  And tell us why she’s an original.  Does Lilly bring you together- help you cross the generational divide? Well we can’t wait to send you (or her) this piece of original artwork from Lilly. And a prize from Lilly wouldn’t be complete without something Lilly to wear so we’re throwing in a gift card as well!

Here are the prizes:
Grand Prize: Original, 4′ x 6′ “Lilet” print oil painting canvas and a $250 gift card to
2nd Prize: Lilly Pulitzer clutch and a $100 gift card to

Submit your oh-my-melt-your-heart-what-else-can-I-say story and pictures here.

And since there are only 2 winners, you might want a back up plan. Full giveaway rules available here.