Reef Me Up

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Listen up, students. Who paid attention during art history class? Pop “Who Am I?” quiz, for you… Famous artist from the turn of the 20th century. Loved color. French. Little known fact – also a print maker. Anyone? Anyone?

OK, you all must have been s–l–e–e–p–i–n–g. Well lucky for you, we got the cliff notes. Paige, the print designer behind “Reef Me Up”, was highly influenced by the French modernist master MATISSE(!), for this beautiful, chic Lilly Pulitzer Resort fish–y print. No BA in Art History required!

Shop “Reef Me Up!”

Murfee Scarf Styling

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The Murfee Scarf is one of the most loved Lilly accessories ev-er.  It shows off our prints so well and can be worn a million different ways for either just a pop of color to accessorize a solid outfit or to add even more print & color to a Lilly ensemble for a double shot of pizazz. Needless to say, on any given day you can take a jaunt around the Pink Palace and find a dozen Murfees usually styled in so many ways.  We thought we’d show you 5 of the most common ways we see it styled:

1. Doubled Up – This style is very similar to how people often wear their winter scarves.  Take your Murfee, fold it in half and wrap it around the back of your neck. Reach through the loop and pick up the other side of the Murfee ends and pull both sides through so they hang down in front. Adjust so it fits comfortably around your neck.  This can be worn on your bare neck or even over a turtleneck – so cute!

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Lilly Pulitzer 2011 Retail Store Holiday Hours

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Hey there, Lilly Lovers! Whether you’re running around frantically gathering gifts to cross of your list or you’re spending the holidays how you like- SHOPPING, we thought it might be helpful to post the store hours of our Lilly Pulitzer retail locations. Many of them have extended hours over the next few days and ALL store locations will be CLOSED on Christmas Day.  Happy Shopping!

Lilly Pulitzer Suburban Square – Ardmore, PA - Facebook Page
December 21st – 9am – 9pm
December 22nd – 9am – 9pm
December 23rd – 9am – 9pm
December 24th – 8am – 5pm

Lilly Pulitzer King of Prussia Plaza – King of Prussia, PA – Facebook Page
December 21st – 8am – 11pm
December 22nd – 8am – 11pm
December 23rd – 8am – 11pm
December 24th – 8am – 6pm

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Holiday Cocktails!

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Since Lilly girls fancy themselves as the Hostess with the Mostest, we thought we’d bring you a few holiday cocktails to add to your ever-growing list of libations that always make your fetes fanciful and fabulous!

We’ve partnered with one of our favorite blogs, Fashionably Bombed, for a 12 days of Christmas giveaway – they brought the drinks & we brought the goodies!  Katherine & Flannery are giving away our Shaken ‘n Stirred necklaces (ummm… this necklaces is PERFECT for them!) but there are only 4 days left to win!!  Be sure to visit their blog here so you can enter to win! (and visit every day through Friday for another chance!)

The ladies of Fashionably Bombed are always doing fun giveaways — by way of COCKTAIL RECIPES!  We’ve chosen 3 of our fav holiday cocktails from the lovely f-bombed girls so you can bring the sauciness to your next soiree!

 1.  White Chocolate Candy Cane Martini 2. Gingerbread Martini  3. Holiday Sangria (obv we included a cocktail with oranges!)

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t pass along the recipe to this season’s favorite drink – The Scorpion Bowl!  The holidays are all about sharing – may we suggest you & your GFs share a Scorpion Bowl?!?  Print & pour!

* Must be 21 to drink. Please enjoy these beverages responsibly & stay safe this holiday!

Decorating With Color – Tips from Janie

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I moved over the Summer. WOW- I am literally still recovering. If you have ever moved you know what I am talking about: boxes…everywhere…for way too long. Despite being just about the happiest and most laid back person on the planet, I am a complete neat freak. So….moving threw me into a tailspin. INSTEAD of burying my head in bottle of veuve cliquot and ignoring the boxes, I decorated. AHHHHH, my sweet release-  it is so so so fun to decorate that it made up for all of the packing tape wrestling I’d been doing.

LUCKY FOR ME, my best friend is a decorator. This worked to my advantage for a couple of reasons…A) I have no self control and want e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g plus more, more and more  B) SOURCES. Interior decorators know every trick in the book and everyone in the book. So Wendy, please don’t be mad, I am sharing some of your insanely awesome words of wisdom. ;)

 First thing you have to think about is who you’re decorating for. So who’s my audience? Living in my little stone cottage are Sabrina (age 9), Tiki (age 7), Honey Bunny,  (age unknown but she’s one adorable bunny) and me (age being withheld for obvious reasons). I can speak for all of us when I say, our favorite color is o-b-v-i-o-u-s-l-y pink. And orange. And bright. And anything happy really. I promise I will give some normal ‘tips’ on how to decorate with color if you have a man in your life but let’s just pause for a moment to smile FOR ME that I can finally have a completely pink house. YAY! I am so lucky :) I work in a pink office building and live in a pink house. I recognize this is not normal but who else would you want choosing the colors and prints for Lilly Pulitzer?!?!?! Here are some fun ways YOU can use color as you decorate…

1. OK, believe it or not…choosing the right pink can be SO HARD! Let’s tackle light pink first. You don’t want it to be too baby pink and it gets purple really quickly. I have found that soft, soft pinks make you look like you are glowing- make you look prettier (than you already are). So light pink is a winner. I did my dining room in a super soft conch pink. During the day you can barely tell it’s pink – it’s that light, but during a candle-lit dinner party, it is a soft glow…

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Resort Goes Retro

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We had some fun this Resort season introducing some Retro looks paired with the colorblocking trend we’ve been looooving since Fall.  Here’s a little bit more about 3 retro-tastic dresses we’re loving right now!

The Kris dress is our new iteration of Fannie from Fall. We took this great style and made it Resort chic ready. Instead of the whip stitch detail on Fannie, we’ve updated the colorblocking with a “Truly” Lilly scalloped lace running down the front. She’s sophisticated and fun and right on trend.

Marci is a dress that will make you stand out from the crowd. She is a “that girl” dress. Guaranteed to turn heads and be the talk of the party!
We were inspired by scuba trends (oh yes, there is such a thing!) and of course colorblocking! We added the exposed zip down the back to give Marci a little edge.

We did our homework and studied some great vintage Shirtdresses from Lilly’s past. From there, we updated her with colorblocking, cut her in our most favorite knit fabrication, ponte, and added some great details in the buttons, belt and cuffs and voila- we have Loreen!  Looks chic and easy and is super comfortable to wear – and we love that!

Lilly Pulitzer iPad app!

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IT’S HERE – an app that has EVERYTHING a Lilly Lover needs…and by everything we mean COLOR, VIDEO, FUN and EASY BREEZY SHOPPING right at your fingertips! Don’t delay – download the [free] Lilly Pulitzer catalog app from iTunes so you can experience and shop our Resort 2011 collection!

We’re pretty proud so we’re going to show off some of our fave cool features…

Search for the app in the App Store for “Lilly Pulitzer” – you’ll find it in the “Lifestyle” section. Bingo! Now that you’ve found our pretty little icon, simply click to install and you’re ready for the fun to begin!

Shop the app by simply clicking on the “tap to shop” button located in the upper right hand corner of your screen. All items featured on that page will appear and from there, you can simply add them to your cart. (uh-oh – are we making it too easy?!?) If you’d like more info on a particular item, you can click through to see more details on

Explore the app by clicking on the “tap for color” button located next to select items. This is pure shopping MAGIC and has to be our fave feature. Say you’ve been eyeing the Vicki dress for your holiday get togethers but can’t decide on a color. (we get it- they’re all gorge) This feature will show it to you in coral and black! (oh and note how her accessories change color too!) Hope you were twice as nice this year because we’re sure this feature will make your wish list even longer.

Have fun with the app by clicking “play video” on the opening screen. Enjoy watching our print designer Paige bring “Scorpion Bowl,” one of our most fun Resort prints, to life before your eyes! (and keep your eyes peeled for the end when they bring out the straws and enjoy a Scorpion Bowl in the Print Studio!)

Let the app take you there! (There being a Lilly store, of course!) Tapping isn’t enough?! If you want to touch & try on all these goodies, simply tap on the screen outside of the catalog and boxes will appear at the top including “favorites,” “shopping tote” and “find a store.” Tap on “find a store” and you’ll receive GPS coordinates to get you to the closest Lilly Haven – talk about instant gratification!

Connect with Lilly through the app by perusing our Colorful Blog, Facebook page and Twitter. All three icons are located in the top right hand corner of the screen…how’s that for convenience?! And if you are not our friend on Facebook, (shame, shame!) be sure to like our page because we only let friends in on all these cool insider tips ;)

Scoot- get to downloading! And tune in on December 26th where we’ll be asking for your feedback and entering you to win a Lilly iPad cover!  Stay tuned on Facebook for more info!  Tap…tap..tap…

Store of the Week – Palm Garden

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Beverly & Mark Cook, owner’s of Palm Garden in Wilmington, North Carolina, tell us all about their store in “Hollywood East” & what part they played in the Lilly spotting on the new show Revenge ;)

Come find us!
Mayfaire Town Center
6804 Main Street, Wilmington, NC 28405
Store hours: Mon-Sat-10 a.m.-9 p.m. Sun-Noon-6
Find us online and on Facebook

Brief Store History: Palm Garden opened in 2002 and we just love being a part of the Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach area. We have so many Lilly Lovers in the area plus many, many more that come visit us while they’re vacationing here. In fact, we love being able to serve all of Southeastern North Carolina. Two years ago, we moved to a new shopping center and it has been the best decision we’ve ever made!

Our Lilly Story: The first time I wore Lilly was on my honeymoon. After that, I was hooked. I thought Southeastern North Carolina was the perfect place for a Lilly store, so I took the plunge! I just love wearing bright colors and no matter what, wearing Lilly and being around the clothes brightens my day!

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Party Dressing

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Cocktail Party
Whether you’re the host or simply partaking in all the fabulous fun, a bright flirty number is a MUST. Add the baubles, pour the bubbles and do what you do best – be the life of the party!

Agatha Dress • ClutchResort Chic Wedge

Girl’s Night Out
A girly girl get together requires cuteness.  It’s just us girls, why so cute? BECAUSE. What if you see [insert name of super cute boy you've been giving googly eyes to] shows up while you’re all giggling yourself silly over cocktails & Gossip Girl updates? Well then you mustn’t be dowdy – you must be darling! Dressed in Lilly, you’re always prepared to take the night up a notch!

Elsa Top MurfeeBelt • JeansClutch • Resort Chic Wedge

Work Party
Surely the Mr. won’t fret when you insist on a new frock for his company party.  He can nod at all the important stuff and laugh on cue when the head honcho tells a joke – you just look cute, smile big and enjoy all the libations.  After all, don’t we already know who will make the biggest impression? Lilly can help with that.

Helena SweaterDress • Shere Wrap • Clutch • Resort Chic Wedge

Profile of a Girly Girl

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To try & describe the complexities and nuances of a Girly Girl would be an impossible task. See, the ultimate Girly Girl always keeps us guessing but we have a few things figured out about her…

(including what she would ask for from her Daddy, her Mom, her Nan, her big, her bestie and her boyfriend – Shop HERE for the Girly Girl on your list!)

Appreciates the full rainbow of colors but counts pink, pink and pink as her first three favoritesCannot turn down a second glass of champagneNails are likely the most delightful shade of pinkHas been known to spend afternoons getting lost in art museumsAdores big, beautiful bowsKnows the rules but is very comfortable breaking themLoves to pamper her loved ones with delightfully wrapped presentsCan watch “Father of the Bride” (1 and 2) over and over and over and over and….Delights in Baubles and all things sparkly – glitter is an obsession Is known in certain circles as the best gift giver e-v-e-r. (when in doubt, give something you want for yourself!) Makes her own holiday gift tagsThinks Cary Grant is dashingIs always prepared! Kitchen has hors d’oeuvres on hand for a spontaneous cocktail party of 8 to 80Swoons over colorful macaroons and the lovely boxes they come inKnows how to garnish a cocktail but beats all the boys at flip cup The L.B.D. in her wardrobe stands for Little Bright Dress • Has a mountain bike, a cruiser and an old 10 speed from the flea market…all can be ridden in a sundress, you know)Writes quite the thank you note and knows the US Mail is the ultimate vehicle to deliver her sweet messages on the chicest of stationery Always greets you with a smile with hugs AND kisses on top!