Sisterhood Spotlight – Delta Gamma at Gettysburg College

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We are 5 weeks into our Sisterhood Spotlight feature and the Pink Palace is still brewing with excitement!  We have lottsa proud sorority girls that love paying homage to their chapters that we’re happy to bring another one to you this Friday! This time we have the DG girls of Gettysburg brought to us by Caitlin Gondek on our Wholesale Account Services team! (they’re a very spirited group up on the 2nd floor!) Here’s a little more from the DG do-gooders…

1. School Name and Location:
Gettysburg College, Gettysburg PA

2. Sorority & Chapter Name:
Delta Gamma, Beta Lambda Chapter

3. Size of your Chapter and date/year your Chapter was founded:
We have 93 members and our chapter was founded October 7th, 1939

4. Words every Delta Gamma lives by:! “Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, to all the people you can, in every place you can, at all times you can, as long as ever you can.”

5. The 3 Lilly items from the Spring Collection you’ll surely find in our closets are:
a. The Original Tote in the Delta Gamma Print: It’s perfect for carrying books while showing off our Anchor Pride!
b. We love the Bloomy Dress in both Pink Salmon Glamorous Life and Shorely Blue Toucan Tango! Such a classic strapless dress with a tropical twist!
c. The state patch on the Roslyn Skirt makes us so excited for Spring! It can’t come soon enough!

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The Making Of: Lilly Pulitzer SouthPark

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The last time we talked with Visual Director, Jose he was busy Lilly-fying The Breakers store. Now we’re catching him in the aftermath of the SouthPark store launch. We sat down with him (because he’s been standing for the last 4 weeks!!) for a quick Q & A session about our fabulous new home in Charlotte, NC. Here’s what he had to say!

1.When starting a new store design, how do you find inspiration? Where do you start? What’s your approach?

Well, it’s a team effort, that’s for sure. First I sit down with Jane Schoenborn (Design Director) and the Print Team to come up with creative and innovative store ideas. Let’s just say we are equipped with tons of coffee, sweets and for us dieters, water….LOL. We then dig into the history and culture of the city we’re moving to and pull themes, inspiration swipes and ideas together and see where we can carry out those themes inside the store. For SouthPark, we wanted to design a store that oozes Fun, Color and Lilly. When I think of Charlotte, I think southern belle, southern hospitality, pretty flowers and PINK. Oh did I mention something sparkly?! Ok glitter everything! (That’s more of the Janie infusion!) Those were the key words that popped into our heads when we started designing the store. Once we have the themes and ideas solidified we move on to what we call the “Glamification” process… it’s definitely the most fun! We take our inspiration and go crazy inside the store with paint, props, furniture.. And of course anything PINK. Our approach has always been to paint the town Pink…Kidding, not really….ok seriously, our approach is to celebrate the city’s fun, beauty and culture in a Lilly way. In Charlotte, we didn’t have to Lillify a lot since you gals are such Lilly Lovers already- we just needed to put a little bit more blush on your cheeks and add a little glitter in your step.

2. What are your 3 favorite features in the SouthPark store?

Really I can only pick three? (we knew he’d struggle with this one!) Hmm… Well let’s start with the windows! The windows are absolutely my number one! We’re constantly swimming in a fishbowl of fun at the SouthPark store. What do I mean by fishbowl? We’re surrounded by floor to ceiling storefront windows (we’re on a corner) and it’s fantastic. (probably because it allows us to enjoy all the excellent people watching!) We’re literally able to share our colorful fun with shoppers before they even enter the store.

My number 2 obsession has to be the Dogwood flowers. I LOVE Dogwood flowers! So this flower is the North Carolina state flower, and it totally inspired the front rooms of the SouthPark store. Paige and Ashley painted the walls with these flowers in pink, green and turquoise. We added a 3-D effect (no 3D glasses required) of GLITTERED dogwoods…let’s just say when you are sitting on the sofa, you will be surrounded by glitter and sparkle and no Lilly girl can resist that!

Okay I’m going to play my interior design card here for number three. My third favorite feature of the SouthPark store are the RUGS! OMG. Seriously? I love them! Not only are they gorgeous and colorful but they totally tie the store together and they remind me of Lilly’s home in Palm Beach. Lilly always knew best how to partner printed couches with printed rugs, colorful chairs and eclectic accessories. She was so daring with her color and pattern choices and yet each room always looked amazing. I like to think the SouthPark store has a lot of truly authentic “Lilly” themes within it.

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Lilly White – Anything But Plain!

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Being bold & bright is always a Lilly girl’s motto and sometimes WHITE makes that statement just as dramatically.  Pattern, pattern & more pattern is how we make our white dresses so special.  And though we know you love us for our hand-designed prints our patterns truly are just as special – each one is hand designed by our (amazing, fabulous!!) in-house print (and pattern, we suppose) designers.  That means, what you see at Lilly cannot, we repeat, cannot be found anywhere else!!

Here’s another fun fact we know about our Lilly Lovers- she doesn’t just shop with her eyes, she shops with her hands. Lilly girls love to touch the fabrics and are absolutely drawn to textures and details that even self-proclaimed fashionistas don’t notice or appreciate. (MWAH- we love you for that!!)  So in our Spring white dress collection- we bring you a WHOLE-LOTTA that to love!

So if you’re a walk-by-the-rack-with-an-outstretched-hand kinda girl or a oh-my-gaaawsh-lemme-see-that-closer girl then you really need to check out Nicolette (sassa-frass fringe!), Whitaker (mini daisy lace=sweet, one shoulder=sassy), Joan (classic eyelet with a halter twist),  Shauna (light on the lace & easy on the eyes),  Bree (For the Love of Lace, give this one a try)  Adriana (a 14 carat look),  Parker (flirty and fun with a bloom of one!),  Sally (prim and proper show stopper), Reeve (jaws to the floor fancy) Adeline (fit for a queen), and Blossom (fluttery details on a fave shape).

Let Lilly be your destination for your LWD!

Lilly Pulitzer Picture This! Photo Contest

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Have you ever wondered who those drop-dead gorgeous ladies are in the photos that appear in our Lilly printed picture frames?? Well all those lovely ladies grace the boardrooms of our Pink Palace looking as lovely as they did on the day those pictures were taken. Oh yes, our team meetings are dressy affairs and we all get downright chummy. What?  You don’t believe us?  OK, well I maaaay be exaggerating a wee bit on how we all look in the office day-to-day, but those Lilly-loving beauties are all employees and now, they’re out of the picture – literally.  We’re prepared to say goodbye to those smiling faces and replace them with YOURS!!

We’re excited to announce that today, February 20th, kicks off our “Picture This! Lilly Lovers Photo Contest!”  Our Lilly loving friends can upload their photos to our online Photo Gallery and be entered in the chance to have their photo appear in our Lilly printed picture frames coming out in Fall!  Be sure to read through all the details so you understand how your smiling face can be seen by thousands of other Lilly Lovers!

- Round 1, the “Entry Period,” runs from Monday, February 20th – Friday, February 24th at 12:00pm ET
- You will have 5 days (until Friday at 12:00pm ET) to upload your photos to the Photo Gallery on (HERE).
- When uploading your photos, please do the following:
- Upload the highest resolution and highest quality photos you have.
- Under “Tell us your Lilly Story” please include “Photo Contest” and how your photo entry best reflects the Lilly Pulitzer spirit of leading a colorful life!
- You may upload as many photos as you like for consideration but do not upload any single photo more than one time as this will not increase your chances of winning.
- At the end of Round 1, Lilly Pulitzer will choose [up to] 20 finalist photos to go into Round 2.  Decisions will be based on the following three (3) criteria: quality of the photo (clarity of photo and high enough resolution for printing & placement in packaging), the photo composition (use your creativity, have fun, and show your Lilly Love) and your Lilly story! (describe how your photo best reflects the Lilly spirit of leading a colorful life!)

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Sisterhood Spotlight – Delta Zeta at Drexel University

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This week we’re excited to introduce the girls of Delta Zeta at Drexel University! One of our very own, Chelsey Breidenbach, from the Technical Design team was a member of this Lilly loving sorority and couldn’t wait for her chapter to share more about why they’re so fond of Lilly. (who wouldn’t be?!) So here’s a little more about them and their passion for PINK!…

1. School Name and Location
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

2. Sorority & Chapter Name
Delta Zeta Sorority, Epsilon Zeta Chapter

3. Size of your Chapter and date/year your Chapter was founded
101 Sisters – Founded October 12, 1956

4. Our favorite quote is… Well it’s from Lilly but c’mon- who doesn’t love it?!
“Life is a party… Dress like it!!” – Lilly Pulitzer

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Introducing the Lilly Pulitzer SouthPark team!

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We are SO SO SO excited (almost as excited as you!) to be opening our Lilly Pulitzer store at the SouthPark Mall in Charlotte this FRIDAY! We wanted to introduce our amazing team, led by Store Manager, Kristen Assell, so you could feel right at home when you come for a visit! Meet Kristen and her team and say hello next time you’re in Charlotte!

1. Tell us a little about yourself: I am a native Charlottean, and have lived here most of my life- I love this city! I went to Appalachian State and graduated with a Management and Marketing degree, and after a short stint in a “serious” job at a bank, I decided I just had to go back to retail- (my first love) I couldn’t sit behind a desk another minute! I have been married 6 years to my wonderful husband Billy, and we live in Weddington with our 2 doggies Roscoe and Ginger. I am just tickled PINK that Lilly is opening in Charlotte!!

2. What’s your Lilly story? I have always known about Lilly and their fun and colorful prints, but I didn’t really understand how amazing and talented they were until I saw the HUGE graphics go up on the wall when they began building the store in Charlotte. After that, I was obsessed! The gorgeous walls of color and prints captivated me and I sought out this opportunity- best decision ever!

3. Introduce us to your team: I am so lucky to have a wonderful and talented management team. My Assistant Manager, Debbie Meyers, who recently moved back to Charlotte from NYC, is a retail pro and an energetic and fun addition to our team! We are also thrilled to have Katie Driscoll as our Associate Manager. She has a long history with Lilly having worked at the Lilly signature store, Miss Priss when they were in Charlotte, and her talented mother Kristin, owns a monogramming company that will be doing our monogram work at Lilly SouthPark. Victoria Cable, also joining us as an Associate Manager, has worked for Lilly for 3 years. She started with Lilly in our Sarasota, FL store part-time while in college, and now that she has graduated, she’s been promoted and moved to Charlotte to join our team here and open this new store! How lucky are we?!? We have 6 part-timers who LOVE Lilly and can’t wait to meet all our Lilly fans in Charlotte!

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Lilly White Dress

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1. Nicolette Dress   2. Kiera Dress   3. Adeline Dress   4. Whitaker Dress   5. Bree Dress

Everyone knows we are totally in love with colorful prints, but sometimes the occasion just calls for WHITE. And in our latest Spring delivery, we’re doing white just right – with fun texture and details!  Lilly’s LWDs make quite the statement and are the preeettiest option for graduation, initiation or a warm weather date!  The best part? Accessorize with any and EVERY color!!

Fresh Petals & Prints – Lily of the Valley

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Lily of the Valley is such a delicate, pretty flower. Such lush green leaves with the cutest snow-white flowers dangling so gracefully from their stems. It’s one of our favorites to see bloom in Spring because it signals the beginning of all the pretty flowers and colors to come!

1. Resort White Valley Girl 2. Hotty Pink Just Love 3. Hoppin’ Down the Bunny Trail (available for Minnies next month!) 4. Emerald Green A Thing Called Love

• The Lily of the Valley is a woodland plant that has white downward dropping bell shape flowers and tiny red berries. The entire plant (flower and berries), if eaten, is very poisonous so don’t be fooled by its sweet smell!

• In France, May 1st is called “Lily of the Valley Day” where you are supposed to give this flower to loved ones. The week leading up to this day, you can buy fresh cut or potted lily of the valley flowers (called muguets in French) in every florist, supermarkets, and even on the streets! This tradition began on May 1, 1561 when King Charles IX was presented with a bunch of these flowers as a token of luck and prosperity.

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Sisterhood Spotlight – Chi Omega at University of Virginia

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Up this week is another spotlight shining from inside the Pink Palace.  Lauren Johnson, Business Development Associate and a forever Chi O and Wahoo from UVA, threw her chapter out as a must-feature (of course!), so here’s a little more from the ‘hoos in Charlottesville who live by the standard (at least on game day!) “Girls in Pearls and Guys in Ties”…

1. School Name and Location
University of Virginia; Charlottesville, VA

2. Sorority & Chapter Name
Chi Omega, Lambda Gamma Chapter

3. Size of your Chapter and date/year your Chapter was founded
149 members, founded on June 4, 1927 as the first nationally affiliated sorority at UVA

4. The 3 Lilly items from the Spring Collection you’ll surely find in our closets are:
a. The Whitaker Dress – this beautiful white dress would be perfect for springtime and initiation.
b. The Cassie Dress Slub in Bright Navy Bella – it would look great paired with an orange scarf for gameday. wahoowa!
c. The Allison Top – ideal for going to class or lounging on the lawn with sisters!

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For the Love of Lilly!

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1. Estelle Sweater / 2. Little Lilly Shift / 3. Whinnie Dress / 4. Lottie Dress / 5. ANYTHING in Hotty Pink A Thing Called Love / 6. Cherry Blossom Earrings

There’s a lot to love about Lilly in Spring from our oh-so-flirty dresses to our cuddle-with-me sweaters; our smile-inducing prints to our playful and pretty accessories.  Drop some hints this holiday so he can show you the love and then we can make you shine!