Lilly Lovers at the 2012 Carolina Cup!

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This time last week, 20 of us were rolling into work after a really tough fun weekend in South Carolina for the 80th Anniversary of the Carolina Cup!  The Lilly team flew in to Columbia, SC on Friday, meeting up at Pink Sorbet, one of the event sponsors, for a Carolina Cup shopping event.  There were lots of  last-minute shoppers looking for the perfect cup dress, matching bow ties for their beaus and a big ol’ hat to top off their look. They munched on adorable (and yummy!) cookies, had some lemonade, got some kisses from the store mascot and most were smart enough to pick up a Lilly-printed umbrella for the forecasted showers that awaited us. The Lilly team headed to dinner, gorged on pizza, and took guesses on which dress would “win” the Carolina Cup.  A few of us grabbed some dessert at the YogHut on campus and headed back to our hotels for some last-minute preparations.

The Lilly team met at 6:30am in the lobby of our hotel & sleepily headed to Starbucks to get our day started.  Needless to say, our Lilly-clad, 20 deep group got some looks (because let’s admit it- we looked super cute!!) but we grabbed out lattes, put on our boots and hopped in our cars to start the 45 minute caravan to Camden, SC for the day’s festivities!  We pulled into the gates and descended on our tent to start the set up.  The chilly, wet weather couldn’t dampen the fun as we blew up balloons, set out boxes (and boxes and boxes) of animal crackers and koozies and set up shop for our soon-to-be mobbed tent.  The sprinkles didn’t keep people away for long – very soon after the gates opened, college girls (and their beaus) hailing from USC, Clemson, UNC, Duke, Furman, App State, and Davidson (just to name a few), made a bee-line to our tent, determined not to miss the Lilly freebies, a chance to talk to our designers, getting their pictures taken by our VERY excited team and watching (and entering to win!) a Lilly printed canvas come to life- painted by our Print Designer, Ashley.  What they didn’t know, was we were making a video to capture the fun and Lilly-ness that IS the Carolina Cup.  Check out this quick video that captures the spirit & energy of our girls at this festive event!

We had an absolute BLAST!!  We were blown away by all the Lilly love and will practice our cooler dancing for 2013! Thanks for being great hosts, welcoming us with open arms and we promise to see you next  year!

Sisterhood Spotlight – Kappa Delta at Michigan State University

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These KDs girls were obviously in love with sisterhood and so cute we just had to show them off in our Sisterhood Spotlight! Check out their fun Pinterest board and find out a little more about these BEAUTIFUL girls.

1. School, Sorority & Chapter Name
Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI), Kappa Delta Sorority, Alpha Alpha Chapter

2. Size of your Chapter and date/year your Chapter was founded
113 sisters, founded on November 29, 1924

3. Quotables
“Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest.”

4. The 3 Lilly items from the Spring Collection you’ll surely find in our closets are:
The Kappa Delta Original Tote or Wristlet
The Franco Dress
Murfee Scarves

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In the Guest House with Kathy Magee of Operation Smile

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Our Guest House has been quiet for a while so we’re excited to liven it back up with Kathy Magee, Co-Founder and President of Operation Smile.  Some of you may know that we chose Operation Smile as our partner organization this year as we team up with Barnum’s Animals for our 3rd year of creating their special addition box. Operation Smile, who is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, has an incredibly worthwhile cause of helping people smile.  Lilly knows a thing or two about that, so we thought it was the perfect organization to partner with to brighten people’s days.  We wanted our Lilly Lovers to know more about Operation Smile so we kicked back with Kathy and asked her to fill us in…

1. Tell us a little bit about Operation Smile

Operation Smile is an international charity that works in more than 60 countries to provide free reconstructive surgery for children suffering from facial deformities such as cleft lips and cleft palates. We have mobilized more than 5,000 medical volunteers from over 80 countries to help us transform lives and heal these children’s smiles. We also are committed to training local doctors so that we can create self-sufficiency in developing countries. By building local medical capacity, we are able to dramatically increase access to safe surgery for vulnerable populations worldwide.

2. What prompted you and your husband, Dr. Bill Magee, to found Operation Smile?

Almost 30 years ago, Bill and I volunteered for a surgical mission to the Philippines. There, we encountered hundreds of children suffering from facial deformities. However, our team was only equipped to help a small number of those children. We vowed that we would be back to help those children we had to leave behind. It was this experience that drove us to establish Operation Smile.

Every three minutes, a child somewhere in the world is born with a cleft. One in 10 of those children will die before their first birthday. They often can’t eat, drink or speak properly. Our volunteers, donors and supporters are determined to help us make a difference for these children and heal their smiles.

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Sisterhood Spotlight – Alpha Phi at University of Oklahoma

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From a quick look at their Pinterest board, we noticed the Alpha Phi girls at University of Oklahoma seemed to be well-rounded in the good-times department – hitting the beach, hitting the slopes and of course, hitting the parties!  Since these were girls after our own hearts, we wanted to know a little bit more about them. We asked their Director of Chapter Facilities, Jennifer, to fill us in and here’s what she had to say about her ivy wearing sisters…

 1. School, Sorority & Chapter Name
University of Oklahoma, Alpha Phi, Phi Chapter

2. Size of your Chapter and date/year your Chapter was founded
228 members, founded in 1917

3. Quotables
“Union Hand in Hand”   “All the Best Girls Wear the Ivy”

4. The 3 Lilly items from the Spring Collection you’ll surely find in our closets are:
a.The Alpha Phi Original Tote
b.The Maybell Dress
c.The Somerset Dress

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Live it up with Lilly at the Carolina Cup!

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It’s almost HERE! One of our favorite days of the year. We have been c-o-u-n-t-i-n-g down the days, hours, and MINUTES until Carolina Cup! It’s THIS Saturday, March 31st in Camden, South Carolina. It’s like a Lilly Lover’s Christmas and we will be celebrating accordingly! (and yes, we mean presents will be delivered!!) And of course, we will be dressed accordingly. Our 9 Signature Store event sponsors all picked their fave dress (pictured above) for Carolina Cup & we CAN’T WAIT to see all the beautiful girls in these dresses!  (and we adore the fact that our Lilly Lover, when seen in the same dress as another girl, instead of sulking away in embarrassment, they’ve been known to give a wink, a high five and sometimes even a great big Lilly hug!)  We wonder which one of these dresses we’ll see the most!

We had SO much fun at Cup last year that we thought we couldn’t possibly top it, but we do love a challenge. So what did we do? We got a SECOND tent so that we could have TWICE as much fun as last year. MAKE IT A DOUBLE, people.  That’s what we do.

This will be a Carolina Cup you won’t want to miss! Be sure to come visit us as soon as you get to Cup so that you don’t miss out on any of the fun –we will have fabulous giveaways, yummy refreshments, adorable Spring merchandise to shop, a Print Designer painting a canvas LIVE on site, and a team of Fashion Designers who want to meet and hear from YOU!
We can’t wait to see you! You’ll find our Lillyfied tent behind the grandstand – trust us, you won’t be able to miss it!!!

Belk Fashion Forward Runway Show

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Ready, set, RUNWAY! This weekend, Belk Crabtree hosted a fabulous spring fashion show alongside the Junior League of Raleigh featuring a variety of looks including an ENTIRE section of Lilly Pulitzer! We were honored to be the final act of the show (you know that saying save the best for last…)?

Some of the top trends highlighted were bright colors, 70s/retro inspired dressing and American originals…looks like Lilly is spot on this season! From the classic shift to pretty peplums, we just loved seeing some of our favorite pieces coming down the catwalk.

Here are just some of the looks we featured:
Alessa Dress paired with Hilary Cardigan
Dusti Shirt paired with Worth Jean
Lottie Dress paired with Hilary Cardigan
Callahan Short
paired with Kade Top and Millie Jacket
Nicolette Dress
Parker Dress

Thank you to everyone at Belk and the Junior League for a wonderful show. We were thrilled to be part of an event that helps to support this important organization. After all, Lilly herself once said, “If you haven’t any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.


Sisterhood Spotlight – Kappa Delta at Miami University

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This week’s Sisterhood Spotlight comes from Miami University in Ohio. These Lilly-loving (and printed letter-loving, I might add) KDs sent us the cutest Pinterest board and we ate it right up – hence why we’re happy to feature these fun-loving ladies on our blog!  Here’s a little from the girls who are probably still recovering from their St. Patty’s Day Shenanigans…

1. School Name and Location
Miami University; Oxford, Ohio

2. Sorority & Chapter Name
Kappa Delta; Gamma Nu Chapter

3. Size of your Chapter and date/year your Chapter was founded
163 members; was established at Miami on March 1, 1958

4. Quotables
Cheer: “Kappa Delta is our pride; we’ll be KDs till we die! Green & white, rose & pearl. I’m a Kappa Delta girl! Hooray for KD, Kappa Dee…. WOOH! Hooray for KD, Kappa Dee!

“Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest since 1958.”

“Kappa Delta is a common bond among a diverse group of people where great friendships grow.” -  This describes our chapter very much since we are all extremely diverse & unique in our own ways, but share our close friendship.

5. The 3 Lilly items from the Spring Collection you’ll surely find in our closets are:
a. The Whitaker Dress
b. The Somerset Dress
c. Callahan Shorts

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Fresh Petals and Prints – Hydrangea

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1/ Powderpuff Embroidery 2/Mini Mariposa  3/ Mariposa Placed  4/ Mariposa print

We think every girls goes ga-ga for hydrangeas, so the fact that we adore them shouldn’t come as a surprise. They bloom in beautiful colors, they make the most amazing hedgerow (it just screams “Welcome to my Cottage by the Sea“) and the fact that they are such a popular wedding flower means seeing them = love — so what’s NOT to love??  If you’re thirsty for some Hydrangea facts, read on!

  • There are over 20 species of hydrangeas, but only 5 grow in the United States. (booo… we want all 20!!)
  • The most popular are the mophead hydrangeas and used mostly in home gardens. They produce pink, blue and white blossoms.
  • Annabelle hydrangeas resemble the mopheads, but only produce white flowers. They are a popular plant to use as a hedge because of how easy they are to trim. (but really, we think we like the pink, purple & blue!)
  • Oakleafs are native to the U.S. and grow white cone shape blossoms.
  • Paniculata hydrangeas are the largest, growing between 8 and 10 feet tall as well as wide-a pretty way to create backyard privacy!
  • Lastly, Lacecap hydrangeas grow more in woodland areas and have a center blossom resembling the baby’s breath flower, with a typical hydrangea blossom outlining the edges. Read More

Barnum’s Animals Cracker Tracker is BACK!

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We are so excited to bring back the “Cracker Tracker” this year as we launch into year 3 of our partnership with Barnum’s Animals!  In our first year, Lilly Lovers searched high & low for these adorable little boxes and they used our Facebook page to track where they were found.  Last year we introduced the Cracker Tracker and you all loved it!  We had over 1,500 people mark, via a map pin, where they found their snack boxes of sunshine so other Lilly Lovers could track them down a bit easier.  It must have worked, because we heard Easter baskets were stuffed with them, baby shower attendees were treated to them and so many of you were delighted to find them all over the US!

We were sure to bring back the Cracker Tracker this year so you could help each other find the boxes of Barnum’s Animals!  Be sure to visit our Cracker Tracker online and bookmark the page so you can go treasure hunting yourself!  And don’t be shy- show off your bounty! We love seeing your pins and your pics! Include your picture on our map so we can see you find them. We’re already seeing tweets & Facebook posts from lucky Lilly Lovers who have found them in their local grocery stores!

We can’t wait to see your pins, pics and happy smiling faces!


(and tune in next week to learn more about our great partnership this year with Operation Smile – after all, don’t these little boxes just make you SMILE?!?)

Sisterhood Spotlight – Delta Delta Delta at Stetson University

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Last week, when we opened up our Sisterhood Spotlight to all of you, Elizabeth, the Delta Delta Delta, Alpha Delta Chapter Vice President of Public Relations from Stetson University, was the FIRST person to e-mail us with a link to her Sisterhood Spotlight Pinterest board! (seriously, like within minutes of us posting!)  How could we NOT feature these lovely Floridians?!  Here’s a little more from the sunny Tri-delts of Stetson University!

1. School Name and Location
Stetson University; DeLand, Florida

2. Sorority & Chapter Name
Delta Delta Delta, Alpha Delta Chapter

3. Size of your Chapter and date/year your Chapter was founded
53 girls and March 30, 1918

4. Quotables:
“Individually Unique, Together Complete!” This describes our chapter perfectly!

5. The 3 Lilly items from the Spring Collection you’ll surely find in our closets are:
a. The Maybell Dress – this dress is so flattering and comes in 2 gorgeous colors!
b. The Buttercup Shorts – they are so lightweight and can be paired effortlessly with your favorite summer tank and a pair of wedges.
c. The Nicolette Dress – this beautiful white dress with a touch of the 1920s would be perfect for chapter, Initiation, or Bid Day!

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