Summer Weddings – Styles for Every Setting

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We adore Summer weddings. What’s better than spending a beautiful evening with friends celebrating everlasting love?? (we’re saps, what can we say) And let’s be honest, we also love any excuse to buy and wear a new frock! (cocktails will be served, right?)

Speaking of something new… here are 3 looks for 3 different weddings we’re headed to this Summer…

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Pink Palace Royalty – The Lilly Pulitzer Summer Interns!

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The latest royalty in the Pink Palace are all finally here- our summer interns! We ABSOLUTELY love when they arrive as their energy, smiles and big dreams add even more frills and thrills to each Lilly department. These top-notch Lilly Lovers will get to do some AH-mazing things that we hope to share with you on the blog- ooh la la! We’ll keep you updated as they seize new opportunities and even get into a little “proper” Pink Palace mischief! Until then, give our Summer interns a warm welcome…

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From Day to Night, Beach to Dinner!

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Summer is ALL about easy dressing.  Being as relaxed as possible while still looking fabulous is our goal! (OK this is ALWAYS our goal but it’s an absolute MUST in Summer)  We’re always looking for great dresses that easily take us from day to night with a little help from accessories and a brush (hair & make up!!).

Here’s one of our easiest pieces from our latest delivery (out TODAY!) – the Libby Dress.  Dress it down during the day with McKims and a beach tote and dress it up at night with wedges, a chic clutch and a bauble!

So many of our Summer dresses are all about being great transition pieces that take you from sand & sun to sauvignon & scallops!

PLAY: Explore our new Lilly Pulitzer Phipps Plaza store!

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View and print our game here!

If you haven’t yet visited our colorful and chic new home at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, it’s time you plan a trip! Stop in and play our fancy little game, “Explore our Store.” It’s super simple and fantastically fun game for Lilly Lovers of all ages!

Here’s how to play: Visit our new store at Phipps Plaza & ask for a game card (or print one out from the link above). Look closely at the images below and see if you can find these shapes, textures, patters & prints throughout the store! When you’re finished, find a sales associate and they’ll reward you with a lovely little Lilly surprise!* (prizes for the first 50 players)

Sisterhood Spotlight – Kappa Alpha Theta at Southern Methodist University

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We are sad to be bringing our chapter of “Sorority Spotlights” to a close, but we’re excited to have saved the best for last! (well they were voted “Best Sorority on Campus” for the last 2 years! :) )  Today we’re featuring the Theta girls from SMU, and we’re excited to have one of their members as an intern here at the Pink Palace this summer!  We hope you enjoyed the 15 chapters we featured here on the blog- we LOVED shining the spotlight on these fabulous women and their dynamic organizations.  We’re always looking for fun ways to showcase our Lilly Lovers, so let us know you if you have idea for us here on the Colorful blog!  And now we bring you the lovely ladies of Kappa Alpha Theta!

1. School, Sorority & Chapter Name
Southern Methodist University: Kappa Alpha Theta, Beta Sigma Chapter

2. Size of your Chapter and date/year it was founded
Theta has been on the SMU campus since March 10, 1929 and 175 Thetas currently call SMU home.

3. Quotables

4. The 3 Lilly items from the Summer Collection you’ll surely find in our closets are:
1. Clifton Short: SMU Thetas are bold and bright! We love the new neon colors Lilly is offering, and these shorts are a necessity in the Dallas heat.
2. The Kolby Dress:  A balance of pretty and sass! It comes in white and navy, which are both perfect to wear on The Boulevard before a football game!
3. Keene Bandeau: We love hanging out at the SMU tanning pool after class or on the weekend! With this swim top, we don’t ever have to worry about getting awful tan lines.

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Cocktails in the Garden with Lilly!

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Tonight marks the first of four evenings in June that Lilly Pulitzer will be hosting “Cocktails in the Garden” at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with a dress code of “Lilly or Louder.” (the first 50 guests dressed in Lilly will receive a special gift bag!) June’s theme, “Hydrangeas & Honeybees,” will make for a beautiful cocktail party that includes a DJ, chef demos in their Edible Garden, and cultural performances. The event includes a specialty cocktail and dinner available at the MetroFresh cafe.

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Featured Favorite Print- Sailor’s Valentine

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Shop Sailor’s Valentine (in pink AND blue!)

1. What inspired this print?
My husband Jack & I (yes, THAT Jack) always love visiting the beach every summer. It reminds me of when I was a little girl. We love to collect shells on the beach and go antiquing at the shops in the little beach towns. The ornate shell art that we’ve found in the vintage shops and the shells we have collected from our walks on the beach, were my inspiration for the Sailor’s Valentine print. I thought configuring the shells into a pretty pattern would make for a wonderful and fresh looking print for our Summer Collection that our girl would absolutely love!

2. How did you come up with its name?
Sailor’s Valentines are seashell mosaics that were created by sailor’s in the late 1800′s from the shell treasures he collected during his journey at sea as a gesture of love to their sweetheart.

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A Mix & Match Menu for Summer!

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This past week, we launched a fun new features on our site – Shorts & Tops Mix & Match.  It’s a great tool to see which tops go best with which shorts.  It won’t necessarily narrow down your selection because we think you’ll find LOTS of tops go with LOTS of shorts but it will definitely help you find your faves.

Select from our Summer tops:
Trophy Polo / Sunday Top / Cleo Top / Island Polo / Kit Top / Wiley Tube Top
and our Summer bottoms:
Walsh Short / Buttercup Short / Resort Bermuda / Callahan Short / Grace Short

A smart way to stock up for Summer!

Brighter is Better!

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Lilly’s ALWAYS been aaaaallll about color so when NEONs took center stage, we toasted the trend and dove in with both feet. We couldn’t wait for our Summer brights to hit the floor and neither could our Lilly Lovers.

Here’s a list of our NEON (Pink & Ginger!) brights that you’ll want to add to your wish list:
Makena Tank / Clifton Short / Worth Skinny Mini / Gale Tank / Trophy Polo / Wiley Tube
/ Camie Dress / Cassie Dress / Beach Pant

We’re so excited for neon’s moment in the sun!

Janie & Sarah Take On India

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Janie takes us through her most recent trip to India with Sarah!

HOLY SMOKES — I recently got back from a trip to India. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences of – my – life. I appreciate and love my life so completely but going on such an adventure made me realize, so much more, how lucky I really am. (so lucky in fact that I was able to have this opportunity on a work trip!)

Because living in tunics is a way of life for our customers, we set out to make tunics with the world’s experts. From cotton casual tunics over our swim suits to fancy silk tunics over pants, they are a wardrobe essential. But first things first- we wanted to make sure started with the right fabric and found the most perfect place to print our gorgeous artwork!

Sarah Dupre is my partner in crime. She handles all fabric development and she is quite simply one of the loveliest women I know. I love it when I get the chance to travel with her. So we were OFF! A direct flight – 15 hours later we land in Delhi, India. We stayed at The Imperial which is amazing. An amazing, amazing old word hotel – gorgeous but simple.

DAY 1:
The most hysterical start to the day… Sarah and I come down to breakfast in…the same outfit. TRUST ME – this happens at Lilly a lot. But, the same neon orange pants? In India? I changed -but not before a picture!

Delicious breakfast and then a day spent in a tunic factory. The embroideries, the embellishments… we are in love. The company’s owner hosted us in his office for lunch and we had the most delicious homemade (by his family!) Indian meal. My favorites were DAL (lentils) and GOBI (cauliflower- grown on his farm!).

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