Honoring our Veterans

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Our Vice President of Creative Communications, Janie Schoenborn, was inspired to write this blog by the #LillySaid Instagram challenge entries (as was the entire Pink Palace):

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Lilly’s Birthday Promotion

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Celebrate a life in print with us this weekend in honor of Lilly’s birthday. Lilly’s carefree irreverence, effortless style and incredible joie de vivre inspires all of us! We are thrilled to take a moment to toast our founder and have a big party in all of our store locations to cheer the original Palm Beach hostess. SHOP LILLY’S BIRTHDAY PROMOTION

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Palm Beach Travel Guide

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Do- Lilly Pulitzer Palm Beach Travel Guide

Worth Ave: Four blocks of upscale shopping?!? You could spend days in the island’s luxurious shopping district that stretches from Lake Worth to the Atlantic Ocean. We insist that you get lost in the vias, the small alleyways peeking off of the main avenue that make Worth Ave unique. Each more special than the next… you’ll keep finding a new favorite courtyard or boutique. We’re biased to Via Mizner where Lilly’s first shop was in 1962. Other quick hits: The Starbucks behind Saks Fifth Avenue, Sequin Vivi’s Stationery off Via Parigi.

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Lilly’s Birthday Instagram Challenge

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Celebrate a life in print this week as we countdown to Lilly’s birthday celebration in-stores & online this weekend. Lilly’s happy life of carefree irreverence inspires so many of us. Starting today, Instagram a photo with the #lillysaid quote we are celebrating with @lillypulitzer #lillysaid. Each day we’ll regram a winner of a $250 Lilly Pulitzer Shopping Spree and feature our favorites on our Lilly’s Birthday Pinterest Board. We’re celebrating a new quote each day so keep Instagramming!

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Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

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On a crisp fall evening, there’s nothing better than cozying up with a warm bowl of butternut squash soup. As busy girls on the go, we’re always looking for quick easy dinners, and this healthy butternut squash soup is the weeknight meal trifecta: fast, healthy and delicious! Our modified recipe packs a serious punch of healthful vitamins (including potassium and vitamins A, C, E and K) is both low sodium and low fat, and freezes beautifully in individual-sized portions. Your fall dinners just got a lot more tasty.

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Print Worth Celebrating: Mai Tai

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All we want is rum, lime juice and an umbrella. OH, and throw in a pineapple. Don’t you know the rule? Calories don’t count on vacation! This breezy vintage–inspired tropical floral print is complete with hibiscus, hidden pineapples, mangoes, and of course—hidden Lillys! SHOP THIS PRINT

Lilly Pulitzer Mai Tai Print Inspiration

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Resort 2013

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This year’s theme is incredibly special. “A Story Written in the Sun” celebrates our authentic brand heritage and looks forward to our ongoing journey. Back in 1959ish, Lilly opened stores wherever she had friends to run them. In 2014, we look forward to celebrating where our friends are today – everywhere the sun shines! Starting with Resort we are way way way down in Florida – our first delivery celebrates the sunshine state. Once we land, we head to Key West…throw parties in Palm Beach and make a stop off in Boca Grande. Who knows what Spring and Summer will bring as we head up the coast! SHOP RESORT COLLECTION

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Scorpio Horoscope

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It’s time to celebrate the zodiac sign- Scorpio! Check out your horoscope below and click HERE to order our Scorpio Murfee.

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Lilly Florida Jeep Tour

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BEEP! BEEP! Who got the keys to the Lilly Jeep? Answer: The Lilly Social Media Team… we’ll be popping up throughout FLORIDA this week. Lilly herself traveled wherever she had friends and that’s exactly what we want to do! Tweet @lillypulitzer where we should pop up in the Jeep with #buymelilly. We JUST might surprise you.

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Lilly Prom ’13

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We’re STILL dancing from this year’s company party (affectionately referred to as “Lilly Prom” here in the Pink Palace). Even though every day at Lilly feels like a party, we look forward to gathering as a company to celebrate the year in Lilly or Louder attire. From our current brightest dresses to our favorite vintage Lillys to the men daunting printed bowties, pants & jackets…we dance and dance AND dance the night away!

We know that sometimes the best part of going to a party is catching up with your girlfriends after to gossip and talk about everything fun from the night…most specifically like WHO wore WHAT! Here’s some snapshots of our favorites from the night. Shop some of these Lilly Party Dresses HERE. After all, LIFE’S A PARTY, DRESS LIKE IT!

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