Yay It’s Friday!

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I don’t know what I love more- this monkey, the miniature armchair, or that fact that it’s Friday afternoon.



Enjoy the weekend! Cheers :)

Dinner Parties Going Extinct?

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I read an article recently saying The Dinner Party is going extinct. I say we bring it back…


Dinner out is fun but there is just something special about entertaining in your home. Given that it’s getting to be fall and you can make things a little more classy without having to resort to the backyard BBQ, why not do up some invites and wine and dine some near and dear friends. My coworker S tipped me off to a FABULOUS website for these wicked MONOGRAMMED trays: preppy and polished. You’ll need to throw a party to show this thing off!
So now, I challenge you all to a dinner soiree- send me pics of your table to win a special Lilly something!

Confessions Of A Shopaholic

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They already wrote the book about me and now a movie: too sweet! ; )

I don’t think I can wait until Febuary for this to come out- grab your girlfriends and some Junior Mints this promises to be a-d-o-r-e-able!

Juice Stand Madness

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I thought it would be funny to Google Image “Juice Stand”, since you all know “We started with a Juice Stand”. So here you go, my cool finds. :) They are pretty much from all over, india, cuba, US, Brazil, China,etc.

ELLE DECOR Loves Lilly!!!

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If you haven’t caught on already I love decorating and apparently, according to the Oct ’08 edition of Elle Decor- they are loving the new Lilly Madison Ave Store! If you haven’t been you should probably head over. We had a super stylish launch party when we opened the doors in May and since then, have been getting rave reviews. You know it is pretty awesome when they are comparing us to the Coach store in Hong Kong!
Little tid bit of awesome info: During construction on the Lilly Store they busted through a wall to find a hidden room with a wall of custom shelving and some of the fixtures used by the shoe department at the Givenchy Boutique when it was there over 10 years ago. 1020 Madison Ave- Get there.

It’s Raining You Lucky Duck!

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I L-O-V-E rainy days because it gives me an excuse to break out my bright pink ducky umbrella. I’ve had it for about 15 years now, these babies are a preppy staple. Scoop one up here.

Let Us Eat Cake

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It’s not just me, this cake does look that good. Head to Epicurious for the recipe and other great cooking ideas. It’s a personal fav. You can also tag your fav recipes and make them into a hardcover personalized cookbook! ( A Tasty tidbit: our catalog photographer Roland Bello from Resort 2008 and Spring 2009 also shoots for Gourmet Magazine)