T-Minus 1 Day Until Turkey Day!!

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It’s been a long journey but I’ve finally arrived home to the Cape! Not after stopping to pick some wild cranberries in the dunes along the ocean though.. which of course reminded me of this great recipe-

This was something I grew up having at Thanksgiving. A fun festive drink everyone can enjoy for the holiday. And bonus.. it’s PINK!

Cranberry Shrub

A lot of – Cranberry Juice

A little but of- Lemon rind

Some- Club Soda

A Scoop of- Tart Rainbow Sherbet

* For those of you not sitting at the kids’ table you may also add:

A bit of- Your Favorite Spirit- ( “a bit of” is of course up for personal interpretation


LP Fragrance: Beachy Keen!!

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We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO thrilled to be offering our new fragrance collection in three fresh scents just in time for gift-giving season. We know you’ve all been dying to get your hands on this since it was announced some months ago. Head into your nearest Lilly store to get your hands on these great new scents, Beachy, Squeeze and Wink.  ( I apologize for the shameless product plug blogger nation but truly we are so excited about this I just couldn’t resist!)

This is the email blast we just sent out to our nearest and dearest- make sure to sign up for emails to stay in touch with all the lastest juice!

Welcome Kappaprep

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Last Thursday we welcomed Kappaprep to our Lilly Pulitzer HQ- so glad she could make it to get a tour of our humble (PINK) abode. We were truly thrilled to have her here- sadly I was out of the office Thursday afternoon so we did not get to meet, but this must mean that she is destined to return! ;) Here she is in the lobby with her friend :)

Thanks again Kappaprep- hope you had some great finds at the WH sale too!!

The Ritz Carlton & Lilly Pulitzer

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Have you heard? Lilly Pulitzer has teamed up with the Ritz Carlton Club to give you the ultimate pink carpet treatment throughout our Jubilee year!! Stay tuned for more details to follow!! Oh-la-la-luxury!

Monkeying Around

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We’re starting to DRUM up some great ideas for Resort 2009!! ( yes, i love obvious and tacky puns)

A Colorful Home Craves Stray Dog Designs

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OBSESSED with this website. Where else can I find a pink paper mache snail to gaurd my front entrance and a scalloped edged, striped chandelier shade? Clearly awesome. Add some pizazz to your pad; Stray Dog Designs.

Aquatic Pod Suite- Yes Please!

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Photo Credit (Hammacher

Having just received my new shipment of Resort ’08 goodies, I caught myself daydreaming over something I saw on the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog a few years back. Due to overwhelming popularity this thingy actually sold out. For a mere $91,000 what water baby could resist the coolest clubhouse on the high seas? This 150 sq ft. self sustaining ( IT HAS AC!) room can house 2 people in a king size bed, a bathroom, and mini bar for added luxe. The top is surrounded by a wrap around deck perfect to master that healthy glow.
When someone actually manages to get one of these please invite me over so I can take some legit pics. Grazi!

Ps: This can be towed by a boat so you can island hop!! :)

Oysters & Months That End In “R”

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(Photo credit:

It’s getting to be entertaining season and oysters better be on your guest list. It is said oysters are best eaten in months that end in “r”- making them perfect for the holidays. If you can’t handle the heat of tabasco and want to class-it-up past cocktail sauce try champagne-vinegar mignonette.  Found this recipe on epicurious. (*If youre not ready for raw oysters you can prepare per recipe.)

Good Luck & Happy Shucking!

For mignonnette

  • 2 teaspoons Champagne vinegar
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons finely chopped shallot
  • Pinch of coarsely ground black pepper
  • Pinch of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon finely chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley

Make mignonnette:
Stir together vinegar, shallot, pepper, and sugar and let stand 30 minutes.

Resort 2008 Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes

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Good Morning! Since the Resort ’08 Catalog is landing in homes ( I know this because my mom called from Cape Cod to rave about it) I thought I’d post some pics from behind the scenes on the shoot. Enjoy!


Coral Castle

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Now, here at Lilly Pulitzer, we know a thing or two about eccentric people in Florida (we were kind of started by one)… When I found this online today I knew I had to share.

This man built a castle of coral in his yard, AT NIGHT so no one could see. The hunks of coral are too heavy for the normal man to lift so it seems this is sort of a mystery. No joke, the article actually says his neighbors claim he “levitated the blocks, some weighing 30 tons”. Read more here.