Spring Has Sprung….FINALLY!!!

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I woke up at 5:30 this morning to count down the minutes until Spring (can you tell I was a bit anxious?). We are SOOOOOO happy that it’s finally Spring and apparently so are all of you!  It looks like shopping was a favorite Spring Break pastime this year, the LP retail stores have been insanely busy. We’ve seen quite a few mother/daughter shopping sprees the past couple of days. ( Hey mom why don’t you come down and meet me half way at The Madison Ave Store?? )  ;)

Happy Spring Everyone! Go treat yourself to a Lilly Dress!

A Free “Squeeze”

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FYI Lilly Lovers…

We’re proud to announce our Fragrance Collection has been named as a finalist for this years FIFI Awards (think Academy Awards of Fragrance world). We’re up in the category of Women’s Luxe Fragrance of the Year!!! We’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Colorful Crayon Stones

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We are just loving these crayon stones. They are so fun, colorful and eco-friendly. We’ll have to pick some up for the print design team!

“Think Pink” Lemonade Stand

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Lilly Pulitzer and two amazing young ladies Victoria and Jesse are teaming up to fight Breast Cancer and increase Cancer Awareness! The two 3rd grade girls started this amazing fundraising idea after Victoria’s mother Angela was diagnosed with breast cancer and sadly lost her battle last September. They joined their classmates in deciding to make a cup at a time! Of course they decided Pink Lemonade would be most appropriate. Please join us for Lemonade and Sweet Treats in helping Jesse and Victoria raise money at our Winter Park Store. During these special shopping times we will be donating 10% of all sales to this great cause.

Getting Around Green

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It’s getting sooo nice out! We are pulling out our McKims and sundresses, getting ready for Spring. I have been wanting one of these for a long time now so I thought I’d share. A classic cruiser is a great way to decrease your carbon footprint and look stylish while doing so! Splurge on one for yourself: here are 2 great sites Schwinn, a classic american brand and The Dutch Bicyle Company if you’re partial to imports. Enjoy!!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

NY Times Loves Lilly Pulitzer!

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The NYTimes featured the Brycer Dress in the Sunday Style section yesterday. The article raved about the power of pink, saying  “In times of trouble, pink is the shopper’s comfort color, and now is no exception.” We knew that! It’s always our comfort color :)

Celebrate Lilly At the King Of Prussia Mall

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Join us in celebrating our 50th Jubilee tomorrow at the Lilly Pulitzer store in the King of Prussia Mall! From 5pm-8pm we’ll be enjoying the Traveling Lilly Retrospective  and a book signing by local author Beth Dunn.  Hope to see you all there!!


Martha Mayhem!

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What an amazing day!!! Lilly Lovers flooded NYC today at the Martha Stewart Studios in Chelsea. People showed up hours before just to get in line to check-in. The show was filmed LIVE! We were told by Joey, Martha’s audience manager, we were the best audience she has ever had and of course the most colorful! The audience walked away with some sweet goody bags too!! You can enter to win the audience gift bag on our homepage now. I was thrilled to meet some loyal Lilly bloggers and all of our Lilly fans. What an amazing and colorful group of people!! Thank you to all! And for everyone who was joining us in spirit be sure to check Facebook for fan photos, here for more pics and the Lilly website for further coverage details.

T-16 Hours ‘Till Martha…

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Lilly Pulitzer Lovers are 16 hours away from taking over the Martha Stewart Studios in NYC. Incase you couldn’t tell we are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!! We will be blogging, tweeting, snapping photos, filming and dancing in the streets of New York tomorrow. Check your local t.v. listings to find out what time the Martha Show airs near you.  And of course join us at 1020 Madison Ave for the after party!


Have You Reserved Your Seat On The Bus?

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Just checking in to make sure everyone has RSVP’ed for the bus from the Martha Show uptown to the Madison Ave store for our all-day party! Like we said last week we would hate for you to have to take the subway in your favorite Lilly or have to hail a cab when you can ride on the bus with all your fellow Lilly Lovers. We don’t want anyone to be disappointed so I have to tell you now, we tried our best to locate a pink bus but believe it or not there was not one to be found in all of NYC!

We are soooo excited here at the Pink Palace and cannot wait to meet everyone! RSVP and Spread The Word. Even if you can’t make the show, you’d be c-r-a-z-y to miss the party!!!!

Cheers :)