2009 Race For A Cure

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Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

Yesterday the Lilly Team hit the Art Musuem area here in Philly for the ”Race for A Cure” a walk to raise awareness, funds and remember those lost to Breast Cancer. We are always so thrilled to be a part of this amazing day and share in the strength of survivors and families. Attaching a few photos for everyone’s viewing. For more info on the Race For A Cure and the Susan G. Komen Foundation go here.

Hot Off The Presses

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We are in love…with the True Summer 2009 Catalog!!! We are back in the office today after an early morning (3:34 am to be exact) press check. All we can say is you should be stalking your mailmen for these to arrive. They are stunning.

Strawberry Cheesecakes- YUM

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This is such a cute little cheesecake, we just had to share. It’s getting to be strawberry season! What’s your favorite way to eat them?

Click here for the recipe. Something cute for Mother’s Day perhaps?

Inspiration Of The Moment

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Sunny Days and “Grey Gardens”

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Architectual Digest published a story on what Grey Gardens looks like now( actually in 1984 when they ran the article haha). The house is truly amazing. If you don’t know the story; two eclectic, eccentric cousins of Jackie Kennedy once lived here and were nearly evicted as they let the house deteriorate ( That was an extremely abbreviated and downplayed version.) They inspired the recent HBO film with Drew Barrymore. Little Edie’s style was also said to have inspired Vogue fashion spreads. Pretty sweet.


Lexington Ave. Take Over!

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Tomorrow at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street in NYC come celebrate Lilly and meet one of the women behind A Colorful Cause- Elisabeth Hasselbeck!! We’ll be unveiling the summer Jubilee Collection and also the Jubilee Retrospective- for the first time in a department store a select amount of vintage pieces will be FOR SALE!!! Thursday, April 30th 6-8pm. 3rd Floor. Also check out the the windows on Lexington Ave. they are completely Lilly-fied!

If you miss this- you’re just plain crazy.

Retro Summer Shades!

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Woke up to an email from Oprah (not Oprah herself, I’m not that important, yet, haha) to find our cute shades featured in her 7 Fav Retro Sunglasses for summer. Thought we’d share!

Lilly Pulitzer: Trend Setter

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Looks like our 50th celebration car is a hot idea! Not only has our Jeep been flying off the lots, it looks like Barbie has taken a page from our book on this one. Last month in Milan, Mattel unvieled their 50th celebration Pink Barbie Fiat! Not exactly a beach mobile, seeing as there are crystals on the hubcaps and rims, but suitable for cruising around town in style :)

Bring Your Kids To Work Day!

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It’s been a busy morning here in at the LPHQ  and we’ve had so much fnu with all the kids that came to work today! Art projects galore and a pizza party to top it off is my kind of work day! I’m posting a few pictures for your viewing pleasure. The kids working on billboards in the halls and designing and painting their own prints.

Happy Earth Day!

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In light of it being Earth Day we thought we’d share a conservation tid-bit I was recently made aware of. Did you know it takes over 50 GALLONS OF WATER to make 1 LATTE????? Stats show that over 50% of 18+ year olds in America drink coffee. And they average 2.6 cups A DAY! Sadly there is no such thing as locally grown coffee (unless you are from Hawaii) and the energy used to transport it from South America or  out in The Pacific Ocean is immense. Not only that but water is used in almost every element of your morning Starbucks run. From the cups and lids to the sugar, milk and beans themselves- it’s amazing to see how something so small has such a big price tag.