September 11th

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We’re remembering heroes and loved ones today. Many of whom people within our pink walls and offices knew dearly. We are focused on the good times and fun each of these people brought to our lives, spending time celebrating them and everyone we cherish. Today is a particularly good day to dole out a few extra hugs. We tend to do it every day but there are many more today. We’ve made a pact to do something spontaneous today to give ourselves (and each other) a little lift…hope you’ll try it too.


All of us at Lilly Pulitzer

Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out

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TOMORROW~ Thursday, September 10th: you won’t want to miss out on this one. Especially after you READ all about what’s in store from Janie below. Come join the party!!!

Hi all…

Leave it to VOGUE. I mean, seriously. S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y. If you do not know every detail on FASHION’S NIGHT OUT please read on. This is a once-in-a-lifetime night for fashion and I don’t want you to miss it!!!!!

As you know I like to give a sneak peak into our world…how we do what we do. HOW ON EARTH are we lucky enough to be involved with Vogue on this amazing night? FASHION! Sooo, it was months and months ago. Can’t remember exactly, I am always hazy on details. I was in NYC doing something I am sure very important…and that evening I was meeting my very dear friend Sarah for dinner. Sarah is the queen bee of beauty at Vogue, meaning BEAUTY DIRECTOR. Insert into your thoughts here…she is MAJOR. She is funny, gorgeous, an amazingly talented writer, and a very old friend of mine. We met downtown at a yummy Mexican joint. Sideline…margaritas are one of life’s greatest joys. :)

So Sarah says to me, oh oh oh JANIE, you are going to have to get involved in this shopping night we have planned in September. I know she said SO MANY more fabulous things about it but this is what my brain took away…(remember before mentioned margaritas)


‘TIL REAL LATE!!!!!!!!!

So the gist is, Anna Wintour is a genius and recognized that fashion needed a shot in the pants. A little excitement! Something to rally around!!!! So for one night only, you get the designers. I mean, you really get the designers. If you are at Macy’s, there is Michael Kors. Bergdorf Goodman…Isaac Mizarahi. EVERYONE who is in NYC and has their own collection, big or small, will be celebrating fashion and shopping with you. When was the last time you had Carolina Herrera help you pick the perfect sheath? AHHHHHH.

It is ABOUT TIME we began to celebrate the following…

Silk cocktail tops that show all your important bits and GUARANTEE a second date…A dress that has a huge peacock printed on it – I mean WHO would do that?!?!?!
Irrationally embellished 5″ heels…earrings so big you could serve dessert on them.

From basic to extravagant, fashion is a passion. And we are going to celebrate it all night. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, the most important question…WHAT ARE WE DOING AT LILLY PULITZER? Hold onto your hats. WHATEVER you have written in your datebook for tomorrow night…grab the white out.

In SHARPIE please write…

go to Lilly Pulitzer store and visit Janie!

This is what we have planned…PAINTING. With abandon. We are going to paint a wall or two (I am feeling like our Madison Avenue store needs a mural?)

We are going to paint the windows. Put our print right on the glass. And we are going to paint IN the windows. Set-up tables and paint right there so eeeveryone on Madison Avenue knows to stop in. And we are going to paint pictures for YOU. Spend $500 and you can sit down, design, and customize AAAAAAAAAAAAAAANYTHING.A Lilly Pulitzer print just for Y-O-U. Should we paint faces? I mean, cocktails WILL BE INVOLVED so who knows. Please envision this…

The print studio is MOVING to Mad Ave for the day. Music is good and loud. Cocktails in all shapes and sizes. Print designers helping you shop, painting the walls, painting anything we can get our hands on. THAT SOUNDS LIKE FUN!!!!!

Lilly Pulitzer is known for her parties and we are planning to really let it rip Thursday…we will start at 4pm-ish and pack-up at 11ish. You never know, you may find us there on Friday morning. Wink wink.

If you can’t be on Madison Avenue (boo hoo), look for other events on or tune back in Friday for the gossipy recap!



Take A Look Inside The Shadow Box

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Janie’s popped in to give us a glimpse inside Shadow Box, our new fall patch print.  This story will make you go back and take another look at that Keating Dress or Rorey Top you bought and love so much.  Take a look…

 Hi guys!

So this season we started the design process with mini design boards of our favorite things. Each mini board was about 24” across. We had 16 of them! A lot. We filled an entire wall of the print studio. I find that when we make these little boards you kind of space out a bit…WHICH IS GOOD! I promise we do not live in la la land, but when you are designing print, spacing out is IMPORTANT. Maybe a better word for it is DREAMING. Yes, that’s it. Let me start over…

 When we are designing prints we are either all laughing and talking and sharing ideas…or we are all kind of quiet and painting and DREAMING. HMMM. Maybe I will stop trying to explain our creative process, makes us sound like fruitcakes. MOVING ON!

 Each print designer did a few mini-boards…some were just about feathers, others tassels, turtles, books…here are just a couple of examples…


BUT WHEN we put them all together it looked like a SHADOW BOX of special collected treasures. GOT US TO THINKING…or DREAMING…about how we could do a uniquely Lilly patch for Fall. Every every every time we do a patch print everyone loves it and wants to buy it. But a Fall patch could be…EEK. So we went about it like a shadow box. Each area had something special in it. We hid peacock feathers, our la la lilly script, mini flowers…and even the texture of a pineapple (go figure!).

 THEN you add the rich beautiful colors for fall, the oranges and the blues and pinks – it has all that dimension of a true shadow box. I promise, even if we are in la la land, it all comes together in the end! XX




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What ever will we wear this weekend? Janie’s been planning her weekend wardrobe all day and comments on her favorite early fall item and other things filling her head this Friday afternoon.

Hi all!  HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN EVERY YEAR, I swear September 1st hits and there is that glint. A shimmer of fall INSTANTLY descends on my lovely summer world. STOP! Lately I have been wanting to stop time. I don’t mean to brag, but I have the best life. J’adore my job and my family..the whole package. I am extremely lucky. CLEARLY I am the eternal optimist…but time is always flying by and it’s bugging me juuuust a tiny bit. I have told my daughters Sabrina and Tiki that they are not allowed to turn 6 and 8. They believe I have some kind of MOM power to actually not let them have a birthday, so I have kind of given in and told them that they can in-fact…grow up. BOO!

Let’s talk about Labor Day. I am in the best best best mood today because this week my friend Julie Naughton came to visit our offices. WHAT A TREAT. She is a doll and we had lots of laughs. She posted some semi-cute pictures of yours truly and you all made the nicest comment about my dress. I LOVE YOU. I wore a dress just to make Julie jealous. Hee hee. I knew she would love it and it is in our resort 09 line and not out till 10/25. I CRAMMED myself into a sample size. EEK.

OK, so bottom line is…I am working. It is the Friday of Labor Day and I am in the office…working. A little ticked fall has reared its chilly head into my super sunny world. And my kids are growing up. THANK GOODNESS Julie’s friends made nice comments about me on facebook or else I would be hiding in my office eating bon bons to ease the pain.

I promise I am working hard but I am ALSO planning a little cookout tonight poolside for THIS VERY EVENING. Walter my adorable husband is the chef. We are having some other families over – the kids will swim and play while the grown-ups chat, have some cocktails, eat a yummy dinner and catch-up on what everyone has done this summer. We have a great fire pit that we will huddle around as it gets dark. We have about a bazillion boxes of sparklers for the kids.

Let’s get down to brass tacks. This is the kind of weather where we will literally be swimming during cocktails and chilly after dinner. Not easy on the wardrobe. I am planning to have many outfits for the evening…but my favorite part will be my SHERE COAT for the firepit. White jeans, probably the Bidi Tank from summer…and the DEEP CYAN SHERE COAT (which is the perfect hybrid of sweater and coat…tonight it will be playing the part of sweater). Enormous gold earrings. OK, I am blogging and dreaming of 9pm. We will make s’mores too! AHHHHH. FUN.

You have nooo idea how much work I have to do before I get to enjoy the above noted fabulous moment. So I have to go. Love you too much. I will write more Monday to let you know how the party goes…

WAIT I have a PS. Yesterday we met with the smartest, most well-spoken and GORGEOUS ladies from The Ocean Conservancy. You are going to FREAK when you see what we have cooked up with them. More to come…but for now. Please please please clean-up after yourselves when you are on the beach this weekend. Every tid-bit we can do to keep our beaches sparkling is essential. xx

AND PLAY THIS SONG IMMEDIATELY! Labor Day by the Black Eyed Peas. L-O-V-E

You Guys Crack Me Up!

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Janie stopped in to give us an insider look on how our print team comes up with this stuff! Here she is weighing in on some of our beautiful new Fall prints hitting the floor right now. Enjoy :)

P.S. Do you have a question for Janie you’d like to see her answer on the blog? Email!!!

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Notes From the Print Studio

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Hello again everyone!! Wanted to catch up and let you know some fun things I’ve been gaga over this week…

A couple nights ago I went to see Julie & Julia with my good friend and neighbor Patrice. HI PATRICE, are you reading? Patrice wears Lilly everyday and is one of the most awesome gals I know, but more on that in another posting….

JULIE & JULIA! I had read the book and liked it, good light summer read. To be honest the blogging girl got on my nerves a tid-bit but I looooved that she worshipped Julia Child because SO DO I (so does Jeremy in our design dept and we just got giggling thinking about what a nut-ball she was). When I was watching the movie there were some things that I knew needed to be said outloud, please repeat after me:

1. Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci are GENIUS. Love love love them so much I could barely stop smiling while watching them together.

2. Julia Child was a LILLY GIRL. She was fun-loving, very very funny, extremely down-to-earth and a HOOT to be around.

When I was little, my brother Ben and I would watch reruns of her cooking show and get in hysterics watching her throw things all over her kitchen. (Let us not forget the blowtorch!) It reminded us of the chef from the muppets (Miss Piggy is also a Lilly girl, just a different kind. J’Adore her too!!!! We are MFEO).

Sooooo, I strongly encourage you to see Julie& Julia. If nothing else, movie popcorn is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Get the x-lg, lots of napkins and think of me.

On another note……

I’m sure by now you’ve heard we’ve gone a bit “SCREWY” this Fall in the men’s dept???  Extending Summer….
We are all buzzing about fall and the leaves changing, but I am secretly crying in my office because I am not ready for Summer to be over!! The tag line on our website was ‘extending summer since 1959’ which I ADORE. I have never been good with Fall, I remember packing to go back to Groton when I was away for high school (my parents sent me veeeery far away J) and I DREADED IT. Nothing against school, I just wanted to LIVE on the beach or the lake in the sun…indefinitely. This feeling has not gotten much better, in fact every year my husband and I through a HUGE party the weekend after Labor Day to celebrate our distate for summer have the nerve to leave us!

My longing has been quelled this year however. With a great new print for men.  I had had had to buy all of our uber-cool screw-pull men’s pants! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I love them so much I could die. My husband is adorable and sweet and will look SO CUTE in the red ones – or the yellow – can’t decide!



Lilly-fied Browsers!

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In a long list of people begging us to design fabulous prints for their browsers the first one’s are up and running! If you currently use Mozilla Firefox to surf the net- update to some color!! The gray just doesn’t cut it ladies (as if I had to tell you that). Be one of the first and throw some Beach Bums on there!! (haha)

Cheers and Happy (Colorful) Surfing!

Maps Gone Lilly Silly!

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Janie is back to chime on some exciting new artwork and updates to the East Hampton Lilly Store! Check it out!!

Hi there. Me again. Just wanted to BRAG about these fabu paintings Torie in our print department did for our East Hampton store. We revamped the store early this summer and Torie painted the original art…of course someone came in and wanted to buy it. These are truly fine (and fun) art. Just reminded me you all know that…EVERY print we deliver from Lilly Pulitzer is hand-drawn or painted by our amazing, talented, cool, funny, totally awesome team, right?? Their creativity just blows me away.

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Notes From The Print Studio

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Lilly Land Meet Janie….Janie, Lilly Land…. now that you’ve all been introduced here’s a peak into her very crazy, always exciting and never dull (in regards to color) world at Lilly.

What are we up to? Well the center of my universe is the Lilly Pulitzer print studio. We are usually painting. Right now we have been extremely focused on things that are waaaaay too top secret to tell you. But things LEAK. I was pleasantly surprised to see the WWD article ran announcing our super cool program for Spring 2010 with LeSportSac. Since that has ended up on OTHER blogs let me give you a behind the scenes….

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Too Cool For School

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Good morning long lost friends! It’s that time of year again…Back to Campus! We received this photo a couple years back as a submission to the Lilly Lover Days Contest and it got me thinking. We have some fabulous sunglasses that we’re just dying to give away and why not have some fun doing it! We want to see your college dorm room Lilly-fied! While it won’t land you spot on a TLC Design show it could win you some really sweet Lilly swag. So help inspire us and your Lilly loving friends with your decorating sense! We’ll run this until mid-September to give as many people a chance as possible. Good luck!