“A Sea Change” With Ocean Conservancy

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Good Morning! We hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday season thus far! We can’t wait to hear about your plans and adventures. Today we thought we’d reflect for a moment about why our Resort line is so special to us this year. Vikki Spruill the CEO of Ocean Conservancy wrote in to tell us just a little bit more about what she does and why she loves Lilly! Enjoy and come in to “sea” the collection soon! (couldn’t resist that one)

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Janie Flys South

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I have been on the best TRIP EVER. There is so much to tell you about that I am going to have to break it up. This is how it will roll…

TODAY I am going to chat about my hotel and how much I worship staying in fancy hotels.
TOMORROW I will gush about the Palm Beach Gardens Bloomies and the PB ZOO.

Then I will go on and on about our visit to Santa in the PB Gardens mall and our vist to the Lilly store.
Right after that a full installment on vintage shopping in PB and a wonderful visit to C. Oricco.
THEN, if I haven’t decided to move to Florida permanently I will write about my vist to our newly decorated Boca Raton store that is TDF.

OK, HOTEL. Not to be spoiled but…maybe I am a teeny tiny bit spoiled when it comes to hotels. Admittedly, when I was in boarding school, the Ritz in Boston was my “Eloise moment.” I would take the train into Boston and check into the Ritz on Newbury Street. My Dad would fly in but I would aaaalways get there first and order:

hot chocolate
humongo bowl of clam chowdah (love ya boston)
a virgin (wink wink) bloody mary
a cheeseburger

Hmmm, had QUITE a stomach ache after that. My Dad would come off the elevator and be able to find my room from the room service tray (and the techno beat as I had a rager with my friends and almost got us kicked out of the hotel. HOLLA!)

ANYWHO, I am Miss Hotel. I love room service more than life. I have lovingly passed this passion/genetic predisposition onto my daughters and we are all more than happy to MOVE in to a hotel for the weekend and only visit the spa, watch millions of movies and order tray after tray of room service…

So THIS WEEKEND, I have been staying at The Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa, just north of Palm Beach. LOVELY. It was newly acquired and revamped by Marriott and is 5-star all the way. My idea of heaven.

It just so happens that we are doing a pretty insane PACK FOR PARADISE promotion that, if you haven’t read about it already, please please please get your head out of the clouds and get on this. Ladies! Lilly Lovers! This is right up our alley. NOT TO BE MISSED. You see, it’s a weekend getaway giveaway (say that 5 times fast) to a new fabulous resort every single month for a whole year! So put it in your calendar now to pop into the Lilly Pulitzer store or your favorite Via Shop and enter for these each month. December’s Paradise: Four Seasons Palm Beach…one my favorite places on earth, amazing for a trip with the kids but even better for a retreat without.

NOW…EEEVERY once in awhile you’ll find an extra chance to getaway with one of our department store friends who will send you to a different exclusive resort paradise…today I’ll tell you about one of those chances. It’s the incredible Marco Island Florida Resort & Spa also by Marriott. Judging by the stay I am having at Singer Island, we have outdone ourselves with this prize! YAY. ENTER. You can find this at many participating Dillard’s doors around the country so check with yours to see if they are one. Must enter before the end of the year. I want a full report on the spa-ing and the room service EXCESS. Please feel free to invite me as your plus one. (I’m not kidding.)


Tis’ The Season…Finally!

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We L-O-V-E the holidays over here at LPHQ and are thrilled they have finally arrived! We have come out of our turkey coma and can’t wait to start decorating! We have all of our lovely Via  Shop friends flying in the next couple of weeks and you can bet that Pat will have the tree up and dazzling us all in no time. For now, here’s Janie, getting in the Christmas spirit and checking in and say hello to everyone!

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I love words. I love tongue twisters and a play on words. I love funny and nice and happy. I love shopping. LIFE IS SO GOOD WHEN EVERYTHING YOU LOVE comes together.
I got a call from my friend Jane…and before I tell you what she said I have to give you the 411 on Jane. WOW IS JANE CHIC. I aspire to look like Jane, dress like Jane, have witty cocktail conversation like Jane, be creative like Jane. OK, I know it sounds a little stalker-ish, but I promise if you met her you would want to be like her too. Jane is a graphic designer with ON RECORD, the best taste e-v-e-r. Her apartment was COMPLETETY decorated by Jonathan Adler whom I also worship in a weird stalker way. LOOK AT HER FOYER…

(pic courtesy of
Doesn’t that make you want to move-in immediately!

Jane is not alone in this world. Not only does she have a lovely husband (funny and easy to be around) and kids…she has a sister. And they are BFFS. JUST SO YOU KNOW, Jane’s sister is the very famous maternity designer Liz Lange. I am not making this up. As you know, Liz was an editor at Vogue, launched a maternity line that EVERYONE wore and is now the premier maternity designer for Target. Good taste clearly runs in this family.
SOOOOOOO, back to what Jane said.
SHE SAID…Janie we have a new project!!!!!!!!!!! It is a web site called Shopafrolic and it handpicks the coolest and the most fashionable (no matter the price high or LOW) things IN THE WORLD. Edits the vast universe of style FOR YOU. These two sisters are in the stores, on-line, at events…they can buy off the rack or design themselves…and BOY do they know how to pick winners.

On their blog you will get the latest in ‘fashion finds’. You will get the best feedback from them (yes, you can write in!) on your fashion conundrums. And my faaaavorite part are their fashion tips! Some of the most notable…

Shopafrolic: treat every color as a neutral and never worry about what goes with what
Janie at Lilly: as the design director at Lilly Pulitzer I want eeeveryone to shout this to themselves when they look at their closet…color rules!
Shopafrolic: wear white all year long
Janie at Lilly: this is almost a duh but needs to be said again and again, forget any old rules that are holding you back!
Shopafrolic: wear open toed strappy shoes all year long
Janie at Lilly: especially if they are completely over the top
Shopafrolic: when in doubt go for the bold and the gold
Janie at Lilly: YES, Jane and Liz. I knew I adored you. EXCESS is awesome. We are kindred spirits.

And the best…
Shopafrolic: never forget that you are beautiful and you are worth it, because you are!
Janie at Lilly: I second that!!!!!

So, please all you Lilly lovers, please meet my friends Jane and Liz and become bff’s with Shopafrolic!

Pack Your Bags For Paradise…It’s On Us!

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Alright, with a name like “Pack for Paradise” who would NOT want to get in on this. Pack for P-A-R-A-D-I-S-E. YOUR SUNPASS to SUN_DELICIOUS and SUN_CHIC resorts world wide. Heaven. Heaven. Heaven.

Starting NOW, Lilly Pulitzer is offering YOU and one guest a chance to escape to paradise ALL YEAR LONG!! Lilly Pulitzer will shine its’ pink spotlight on one resort property each month, November 2009 through November of 2010, offering customers the chance to enter to win a trip for TWO to a luxe (that means posh, tdf and everything fabulous in the world) resort destination. Stop what you are doing, DROP EVERYTHING and run to the nearest Lilly Pulitzer store or Via Shop to enter… no purchase necessary!

Prize packages include:
2 day, 3 night stay for one winner and one guest.
Junior suite on resort property
Breakfast included (yum)
Roundtrip airfare

…and much much more!

OHHH, that means surprises form us like…
A 10,000 Islands guided Wave Runner tour for two off Marco Island or a swim with the dolphins courtesy of the Kahala Hotel & Resort. Sounds pretty INSANE RIGHT. We said DROP EVERYTHING didn’t we?

Here’s a sneak peek at some of our Resort partners for the next year:

LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort to provide: Naples, Florida
Four Seasons Resort: Palm Beach, Florida
Tucker’s Point Resort & Spa: Hamilton Parish, Bermuda
Sanctuary Cap Cana Golf & Spa: Cap Cana, Dominican Republic

Stayed tuned and visit your nearest Lilly Pulitzer retailer ASAP! The next winner could be lucky lucky lucky YOU.

A Crowning Glory

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This week we have lots to celebrate but we are especially proud to be celebrating The Princess Project. A non-profit organization dedicated to giving young girls the opportunity to have an amazing prom night and feel like a true princess. We asked them to share some details about their mission so here you go!

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Re-Lilly Video Contest!

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Happy America Recycles Week!! TO celebrate this fabulous week we’ve launched our first ever video contest and we can’t wait to hear all of your stories! I’m sure you can’t wait to get your hands on the prizes! Here’s Janie chiming in with some of her Lilly memories and sharing what it is about Lilly that makes us an inherently recycled label.

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Beep, Beep… Meet The New E-Lilly!

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What’s pretty, pink and printed…and “green” all over?

Lilly Pulitzer’s New Electric Low Speed Vehicle!

Yes, we know many many of you are out there zipping around in your traffic-stopping Lilly Jeep Wranglers, but we couldn’t very well spend a year loving green and all these great causes that support our environment, without offering a new form of transportation that fit the bill. It’s affectionately referred to as an E-LILLY.

This baby is roadworthy!

Okay here’s what you need to know:

Available in pink (duh) or white.
Can be customized with just about anything you want…2-seat, 4-seat, golf bag, trunk (This is standard, lets remove) and more.
Headlights, wipers, it’s got it all (okay a vanity mirror might cost extra)
Charges with any standard 110v household outlet! And travels for over 30 miles on a single charge.
Takes about 6 weeks to deliver…so start sweet talking a loved one now. (A limited number available for Christmas!)
Like all LSVs, it’s legal on all roads with posted speed of 35mph and less. PLUS it works on a golf course too!

As if you weren’t already sold…here are the beautiful price details:

Prices start at $12,995 for the standard E-LILLY (including prep and delivery!)

Any fancy customization will obviously add a little.


A federal tax credit of over $4,200.00

is available if you act now.

Contact Nat Newsome at Tomberlin for more details.

1 (888) 400-0790 and ask for Nat Newsome (ext.222)

…he’s ready to send you your E-LILLY.

Phillies Fever!

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Sports. Hmmmm. I have to admit not my forte. Tennis is more my game that counts as a sport right? I just love a tennis skirt!). THAT SAID there is a buzz around our office…and you know I love a buzz. Some fun things to share…

The Pink Palace is located outside Philadelphia. As in PHILLIES…as in World Series. We have the entire Pink Palace brimming with Phillies fans so I have to say…


We have a new (and it seems very handsome) Lilly fan in MIAMI who we have been emailing with. Please check out this pic! Fritz (looove the name) is the Director of Communications for the Miami Dolphins and he wears Lilly Pulitzer ties as a SIGNATURE to every game. The Dolphins won last week and we are taking FULL CREDIT that it was the good luck tie.

Please note, the Dolphins have a tres cute logo and we loooove the combo of turquoise and ginger (some may say orange but we are going with ginger ).

On that note, it is hard for me to hide the fact that my family is a HUGE football household. My husband convinced me to name our daughter after TIKI BARBER of the NY GIANTS. It’s true. And the name fits her perfectly.

Tiki Barber…

My Tiki in her resort 2010 hoodie!

As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Tiki…if you read this please start wearing Lilly ties J They will look fabulous on-air for your broadcasts.

LYTM Janie

Originally Original!

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Janie is not alone, we are all WILD over the new Originals Collection. Read on for an inside look into how it all came about…

HAVE TO SHARE, The Pink Palace is L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y vibrating with excitement over ORIGINALS. I can feel it. It is so exciting and we hope you are loving it as much as we are!

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