Stories of Inspiration: Claire’s Story

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Today, we introduce to you Claire Zeppieri…an inspirational breast cancer survivor who loves color (and color therapy) as much as we do! Thank you, Claire, for sharing your story with us.



Q) What is your breast cancer story?

A) I was diagnosed with breast cancer about eight years ago, in my early 40s. My breast cancer was detected through my annual mammogram. The diagnosis came as a complete surprise to me, as my family has no history of cancer. My situation underscores the reality that anyone can get cancer. During my treatment, I tried to live my life as normally as possible; I continued to work and received the support of colleagues, friends, and family. One of the most difficult challenges in dealing with cancer was the loss of my hair through chemotherapy – an outward symbol of my condition. I decided to make the best of the situation through cherished memories of my grandmother and the exquisite palette of scarves she passed on to me, which I proudly wore (along with my Lilly!) during treatment. I was not afraid to seize life while undergoing my treatment – and through this endurance I’ve worked to inspire other people.




Q) What advice can you give to women about screening and early detection?

A) Don’t let fear and inconvenience step in between your regular screening exams. You only have one life and we’re all very fortunate to have early detection so easily accessible. Many women don’t think cancer is going to hit them or they let fear get the best of them. They don’t realize that modern science has fast-forwarded cancer survival rates, in large part to early detection, which is crucial. Advanced cancer is much more difficult to treat.


Q) How have you brought awareness to the breast cancer cause?

A) I shared my success story by participating in the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer® and Relay For Life® events in my community. The events were highly emotional for me because I was walking alongside fellow cancer survivors. The strength in numbers made me realize how many other brave people are going through similar survival experiences. The American Cancer Society events motivated me to add momentum to the cause of creating a world with less breast cancer and more birthdays – facilitating much-needed fundraising for research, advocacy, and patient service programs is essential.



Q) What is your favorite memory in Lilly Pulitzer?

A) So many … but for certain, when I was married on the beach in Nantucket wearing a favorite Lilly Pulitzer skirt in my signature color- pink


Q) How has Lilly helped you live a more colorful life?

A) Through color, you are able to channel positive energy and various moods.  Fashion outwardly expresses this joy to others; and quite simply, Lilly’s colors make me feel bright and cheery. The designs energize me with a smile; they’re like sunshine! Bright colors help inspire me to be more creative and light.





October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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And as all Lilly lovers know, we LOVE happy stories here at the Pink Palace. But sometimes life throws us a curve ball and it’s then that we really crave some comfort. So, we teamed up with the American Cancer Society to create a one of a kind design to brighten the most dreary of days since we know (and are very thankful) that Lilly Pulitzer prints have been lifting spirits of those who wear them for over 50 years. ACS knows about lifting spirits, too. This October, the ACS movement Making Strides Against Breast Cancer will bring people together to celebrate those who have battled the disease and empower others to join the fight with walks held nationwide. The best news is, even if you can’t get out for the event, you can still help this amazing cause. The limited edition print, designed exclusively by ACS, is available on our beloved Murfee scarf – featuring a stunning palette of soft pinks, greens and flecks of white. The pattern depicts lotus flowers, a symbol of beauty, strength and success.  The lotus flower, grown in the muddy swamps of India, symbolizes that even from the worst situation one can always pull through and make the best out of it. No matter one’s struggles in life, he or she will always survive.  Intertwined throughout the design are signature “Making Strides” breast cancer awareness ribbons, also in pink. Lilly Pulitzer is contributing approximately $5 from each breast cancer awareness scarf to the American Cancer Society to help save lives. To learn more and to see if there’s a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event in your area, visit Pssstttconsider this a VERY good excuse to go shopping…

And since we love happy stories so very much, we were lucky to receive some from Lilly lovin’ survivors. Each Monday throughout the month, we will feature their stories right here on our blog. We know you will find these women as inspiring as we do. xx

Lilly Loves Lox Papers!

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We would like to introduce you to Jane Lilly Warren of Lox Papers. How perfect is her name? Jane is a wildly talented graphic artist  and fellow blogger living and working in New York City. We just love her take on inspiration boards and her ability to make a simple idea into a work of art. You can imagine our excitement when she agreed to do one of her pieces for us and it came as no surprise that she had an innate understanding of our brand and the Lilly lifestyle. We approached her just before her wedding and while honeymooning in Peru she was kind enough to keep us in mind. Like Lilly, she too is inspired by adventure and travel, it is evident in her work seen above. Visit her site and be prepared to stay a while! Thank you Jane for sharing your love and appreciation for Lilly!!

xx The Marketing Team

Polish Predicament

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I have been asking myself one question ALL morning – what’s my shade? So now, I’m asking you because who knows color better than fellow Lilly lovers? As the weekend approaches (can’t believe it’s already Wednesday), I am starting to pack my suitcase for a chock (and I mean CHOCK) full weekend of weddings…one on Friday evening and one on Sunday afternoon! Have I mentioned…I CAN’T WAIT because I get to wear two of my brand new dresses from our fall line (Shauna Tunic Dress & Giselle Dress)? Anyway, back to business. I LOVE the dresses but since I am wearing two dresses in one weekend…I need the perfect nail color! Nail polish is SO much fun. I truly feel it can be inspiring, like all color…picking out the right shade reminds me of buying a Lilly dress in my favorite print.


And just as it’s important to try on our dresses, it’s important to try on nail colors. The OPI website has the coolest tool to help you find your match! And we all know there’s nothing better than a match made in heaven. I promise, it solves the salon conundrum of not knowing what color to choose and standing at the “polish” wall for hours. Seriously, how many times has that happened to you? I can’t count.


Just a few hues we can’t get enough of to get your wheels spinning, your color wheels that is….

Try “Shorts Story” with the Wayles Dress.

Why? This pink reminds us of our roots.


Try “What’s With the Cattitude” with the Blayney Dress Ruffle.

Why? You’ll feel anything but blue.


Try “California Raspberry” with the Colby Dress.

Why? We’re crazzzzy in and for coral.


Try “Mimosas for Mr.& Mrs.” with EVERYTHING.

Why? Okay, the name got us…


So, check out the cast of colors at OPI and let me know what you think! With SO many to choose from, I can’t do it on my own. What shade will look equally chic with both the Shauna & Giselle? I trust you!! Immensely.


Xx, Brynn from Marketing

Rainy Day Rentals

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It has been raining cats and dogs all day outside of the Pink Palace. It’s the kind of afternoon that makes you want to curl up on a cozy sofa, wrap yourself up in cashmere and watch a great movie. While hard at work, we might not be able to watch movies but we can certainly talk about them, not to mention get inspired by them!  Here is a list of our all time favorites and how you can look like your own leading lady!


Funny Face. Our print team loves to sing and dance to the Think Pink song…you must watch the trailer immediately!


Our hard working marketing intern Steph loves Rear Window saying “it’s the perfect mix of suspense and style.”



Our Graphic Artist Kathleen chose the Royal Tenenbaums because “it manages to capture short-comings and imperfections of character with such elegance that I find myself envious of failure.”


I chose Summer of 42 for its effortless, timeless style. When I wear a classic cable crew I imagine that I am Dorothy walking home from the market, bag in hand with a fresh baguette and pink tulips peeking out from the top.


Janie watched the classic Treasure Island for inspiration when designing the Resort 10 line (shipping in November) Did we mention she loves pirates?


A few more we love…

Madagascar for funny animals

Auntie Mame, a good girly fashion flick

Emma with Gwyneth Paltrow. She is just TDF.

Best in Show for all our dog lovers

You’ve Got Mail and Father of the Bride 1and2.

The Notebook and Grease –two great decades of style

What are you watching??

Fall Favorites

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Fall has officially arrived! Don’t you just loveee the smell of the crisp air? Here at the Pink Palace in Pennsylvania, the cooler weather and our 9.25 delivery seemed to coincide perfectly. But the best news is – no matter where you are – these pieces can work for you, too. We promise – updating your fall wardrobe has never been this easy…or this fun.


So, what are our must-haves? Other than EVERYTHING, right NOW we love….


 Shere Sweater Coat

 Hello must-have! The colors will match back to so many outfits and remind us it’s not quite summer – in a good way. Throw this on with our Aida cords and you’re instant day-time chic (that was easy). Heading out at night? Grab your Shere for a dress topper and ta-da! That’s our kind of magic.


Babs Cable Wrap

Talk about wrapped up! Bring one with you ALL season – anywhere, anytime. Wear it with shorts, cords, jeans…boots or flats. No occasion required but we can totally envision you (and us) in the Babs watching football. Let’s all put our team affiliations aside and cheer for this one.


Shauna Tunic Dress

We know you are looking for dresses at this time of year and we wanted to give you plenty of variety – from strapless to full length sleeve, casual to dressy. This is hands down one of our current favorites. The cotton sateen is the right weight for fall and we adore the eye catching color selection: black and brewster blue. Plus, our printed option is black with a twist…a Lilly twist. The three quarter sleeve enables the Shauna to be worn as the weather turns slightly more chilly (think October and beyond). Still not warm enough? Add tights and one of our Weslee wraps to turn up the heat.



By now you’ve got the idea – Lilly has you covered no matter where you find yourself this fall. And, remember, as we like to say – too much is never enough…especially during layering season.



The New Age of Print Designers!

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Future Print Designers? Perhaps! We were thrilled, not to mention touched, when we received an email from a passionate art teacher from Potomac, Maryland. Cyndi McClave, who used Lilly prints as inspirations for her sixth grade art class, got the idea after watching Janie on The Martha Stewart Show last year. Using nature and animals, this young crew of Lilly Lovers produced amazing results and we just had to share their work with all of you. Our message for 2011 is Lilly Loves the Arts and we couldn’t think of a better way to prepare for our upcoming season than to feature designs from our talented future generation. Thank you Cyndi!





True Prep Takeover!

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What did I do over the holiday weekend? A million cocktail parties for one! Oh wait, I know I did more this weekend just don’t remember… WAIT! I, along with most of the pink palace, have been nose deep in True Prep OF COURSE, it launched over Labor Day weekend. Seriously, the preppy handbook has always been on our shelves, my copy is so old and tattered all of the pages are coming out.

Seriously, the author that coined the phrase St. Grottlesex must be TOASTED. It’s pure genius.
So honestly I’m thinking…why rewrite? It is so chic ESPECIALLY now that it is a bit dated. Preps know…older is usually better, or at least more acceptable. This is a rare case when we want to show-off something shiny and new! True Prep by Lisa Birnbach & Chip Kidd is iiiiiincredible. One of my favorite bits is when she talks about Casual Friday…and I quote! ”It just seems wrong to go to work on Friday.”Is she in my brain?!??!
Every sentence is hysterical. Cheeky. Self aware. EMBRACE IT!

Our favorite part….prep is no longer an exclusive word. Everyone is getting in on the mix including one of our all time style icons Kanye West. No matter where you live, where you go to school, what car you drive, what color your hair is…you are invited into the preppy world.

Let’s all promise eachother one thing…keep it light! Have fun with it. STAY CHIC! Lilly Pulitzer is the original rule breaker and we expect you to break every single one (just not at the same time)!

I am dying to chat with Lisa and lucky me I will get the chance! We’ve got a slew of in-store events and in-store book signings lined up over the next few months, starting with Bloomingdale’s 59th street! As if True Prep wasn’t big enough, Bloomingdale’s will be hosting a dedicated in-store event to launch the book in tandem with Fashion’s Night Out on September 10th. Bloomingdale’s and Lilly Pulitzer have created a dedicated “True Prep” t-shirt, visible when you pop your collar. Customers will receive free monogramming with their purchase of 3 or more Lilly polos and a printed Yoga mat with any purchase of $350 or more in Lilly active.

Lisa in our Madison Avenue store

Lisa Birnbach will also be in-store at our King of Prussia store on Thursday, October 14th and Boca Raton location Saturday, December 12th signing copies of her book as a GWP with a purchase of $250 or more!

To top it all off Lisa was on The Today Show yesterday morning chatting with Meredith about her fabulous new book and showing off the latest in prep fashion.  30 years may have passed between her fun reads but one thing remains the same…Lilly will always be a staple. Follow the link below to see the Colby dress and the Little Lilly Originals Shift.
Click link to watch Today Show

Happy reading! xx Janie

Good Bye Summer, Love Janie

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LABOR DAY!!!!! While I am a bit sad because Labor Day can mean the last days of summer…I am also LEVITATING from my pink desk chair because I am so excited for a long weekend. It’s amazing how a short term thrill can overshadow the bigger issue of…summer…being…over. UGH. Well, let’s just focus on the positive and happily dwell on the impending 3 day weekend!


Believe it or not, while the pink palace is the most fun place to work on the entire planet…we work really really hard. We have been in meetings all week from 8:30am to 8pm perfecting the summer 2011 line. Making sure that every print, every fabric, every ruffle, every price is perfect. It is heaven…and sometimes a bit of the other. Bottom line – we need a break! A chance to put on all of our Lilly’s and play for a few days.


With this crazy weather the girls and I are staying home. We will enjoy our pool and hopefully some sun before they head back to school on the 9th. On the weather…everyone please be careful! I am not up to date on exactly what is happening because I have been locked in a pink meeting room but I know there is a storm brewing! Safety first!


We have tons of activities planned and I have tons of outfits in mind. Want to hear all about it!!! SAY YES.


Tonight is family night at your club and we are going with some of our favorite friends. It is super casual…but you know I never go toooo casual so the plan is a SKIRT. I know, this is coming from Miss DRESS…but I think skirts are trending. Time to get one on with a cute knit top. The girls and I may match tonight…could be so cute:,4,shop,womens,womensskirtsandshorts,4,shop,kids,girlsdresses


Without fail I will wear wedges (will be in the grass for cocktails) and wear enormous earrings and probably some big gold bracelets too. I have a jewelry issue.



Saturday sleeping late is IMPERATIVE. I have trained my little girls to make me breakfast in bed. I know, I am a genius. A little strawberry jelly on the sheets it 1-billion times worth being able to stay in my nightie a bit longer and read the paper.


I have also trained the girls to…be my trainer! We go to a local trail, they ride their bikes and I run. They shout at me ‘go mommy’ and ‘faster mom’ and make me race the entire 4 miles. Never before have I been able to wear LILLY for this do-it-yourself- training session but now…we have ACTIVE! I have fallen for the half moon crop pant. Especially in PINK!,4,shop,womens,active


Sunday night I have a FUN cocktail party for an old friend that just moved to the area. We went to college together and were in the same sorority (kappa kappa gamma…Have you seen our new sorority prints?!?!?!,4,shop,accessoriesandgift,sorority).


I have been obsessed with the one shoulder look and need one more chance to wear my Kendal dress before I have to break out the cashmere.


And Monday…looking forward to fall. I think I will visit the Ardmore, PA store for a shopping spree. I am – obviously – obsessed with our fall collection. I am watching the selling and it is leaving the store the second it comes in…I have to get there before it’s gone!!!! My MUST HAVE? The Ava dress. It is so chic…but notice how we hid some turtles in that glamorous print. ALWAYS LILLY!


SOOOOOOO, have fun everyone! Thank you for reading the blog, sending me so many fun messages on facebook and post PICTURES. I love to see everyone having the time of their lives in their Lilly’s…make us proud this weekend! Sending tons of love from the print studio. xx,  Janie


This little lilly is my favorite with that coral trim…I know the girls will come home with sand from the bunker in that pocket!

Get Wrapped Up In A Good Cause!

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Our dear friends at In the Pink have a very special murfee scarf you won’t hesitate to add to your collection…

“Beautiful on the inside” means using your energy in ways that bring meaning to your life – something that us Lilly Lovers know all about as our colorful clothing creates beauty & meaning  both on the outside AND the inside! This is exactly why the Lilly Pulitzer Print Designers collaborated with In the Pink owner, Gordon Russell, to create a FABULOUS print to benefit New England-based nonprofit MitoAction. MitoAction works to improve the quality of life for patients and families living with “Mito.”

In 2008, Gordon’s late wife, Sandra K. Russell, lost her battle to Mitochondrial disease – a life-threatening condition in which a patient’s energy is depleted due to dysfunctional cells. Honoring Sandra’s memory and all the patients living with Mito, the Lilly Print Designers created a print inspired by the image of a human genome, special in design and personal meaning…  AND they put this print on a MURFEE SCARF! With the purchase of a Mito Murfee you will also receive a MitoAction pin, info, and bag– in addition to supporting a wonderful cause.  100% of proceeds from this limited edition scarf will benefit MitoAction!

In even further exciting news, In the Pink’s Nantucket store will be hosting an in-store celebration to launch this very special Murfee on Thursday, July 29th from 3-7 PM. MitoAction’s Executive Director, Cristy Balcells, will be on site to celebrate the launch of the MitoAction Murfee and provide information about Mitochondrial disease to all event attendees!

Head to any In the Pink location or visit to shop for your Mito Murfee today!