Store of the Week – Bloomingdale’s 59th Street

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Come Find Us!
59th Street & Lexington Avenue – Between 59th & 60th
New York, NY 10022
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Lilly Pulitzer LOVES Bloomingdale’s and we couldn’t think of a better marriage of brands since we’ve joined forces many years ago. Our flagship Lilly store is located at Bloomingdale’s 59th street on Lexington Avenue between 59th and 60th. We love bringing color to New York and our new space on the 3rd floor always stands out – just as you would expect from Lilly!

One of the things that is so special about Lilly at Bloomingdale’s is the excellent customer service we offer. We have trained at Bloomingdale’s specialists and personal shoppers who together, can help you find the perfect ensemble for every occasion! We recently moved our floor space on the third floor and are now located on the left side from the escalator neighboring our friends Kate Spade and Rachel Roy.

We have a lot of exciting events taking place for the holiday season – just last week we partnered with the New York Junior League to celebrate Lilly Pulitzer’s birthday. We always have beautiful gifts with purchase that our customers love (like the ones from Lilly’s birthday last week!).  Lilly loves to make her customers smile and will continue to delight her with new events all the time! (check back in the beginning of December for another one!)

Please stop by our shop at 59th Street for a personal consultation with our fabulous specialist Jessica, who’s sure to make you look and feel beautiful!  Our store hours are Monday- Saturday from 10am – 8:30pm, Sunday 11am-7pm. And as the holidays approach, please stop by to see our festive window displays – they’re sure to put you in the holiday spirit!

Packing – Vacation Anticipation!

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Oh how we love packing for our Resort destinations.  Sure- we take ten times longer than the Mr. but finding brunch and lunch, shop & bop, wine and dine outfits for days on end, is a duty we don’t endure- we ADORE!  We imagine how each outfit will look as we partake in the leisure activities we have planned. Each ensemble requires a test, a try, a head tilt, a twirl before it goes into the totally-taking-this pile (which is toweringly tall because over-packing is just how we do it!)  Imagine you’re vacation bound – which Lilly filled suitcase screams “so long!” to you??

1. Mounds of Minnies: Minnie McKim / Little Lilly Shift / Sand Bar Bikini / Little Cassie Knit Dress

2. Colorful Cassie: McKim Sandal / Trophy Polo / Lana Top / Cassie Top / Coral Siesta Cuff / Coral Siesta Necklace

3. Perfect Paley: Resort Chic Wedge / Opening Night Clutch / Paley Cardigan / Carded ID Wristlet

4. Glam Galore: Resort Chic Wedge / McKim Sandal / Upscale Bangle / Fit to be Tied Belt

5. Magical Murfee: Murfee Scarves

A Day of Celebration!

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Store of the Week – Pink Narcissus

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Pink Narcissus, run by two Tallahassee natives, Laura Steen and Juli Downs,  just opened this past May as an “official” Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store.  Of course, as one of Tallahassee’s premier boutiques, Narcissus had carried Lilly for 15 years before finally deciding to open as a Signature Store. And the timing couldn’t have been better.  They were just in time for graduations of all ages!  Here’s a little more from Laura…

Come Find Us:
1350 Market St.
Tallahassee, FL. 32312
Store Hours:
Monday-Saturday 10-7, Sunday 12-5
Visit us online and Like us on Facebook!

My Lilly Story: Our original store, Narcissus, carried Lilly Pulitzer for 15 years which is where I fell in LOVE with everything Lilly! Now I get to share my love and knowledge of the resort chic lifestyle with my own customers at Pink Narcissus.

We love being located in Tallahassee. It’s absolutely the perfect blend of families and college kids making for fun days & party nights! And another reason to love Tallahassee?? They voted Pink Narcissus as the “Best of Tallahassee” for  “Best New Business,” “Best Women’s Clothing Store” and “Best Kids Clothing Store”!  We were very excited about that & know Tallahassee is excited about getting Lillyfied!

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Sweater Weather!

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1. Shere Wrap 2. Tootsie Sweater Wrap 3. Connell Sweater 4. Shere Sweater Coat

We admit it – we like cashmere. Can you blame us??  It’s warm, it’s cozy and in these styles- it’s adorable!   The Shere is a staple, wrapped or worn, and we’re absolutely loooving the new, oh-so-clever, Tootsie wrap! It’s a wrap without the fuss! (seriously- the Tootsie is genius in Cashmere)  And be sure to introduce your skinny jeans to the Connell – they’ll be cold weather BFFs!

Whichever sweater you choose, you’ll wow in warmth!

In the Guest House with Kathryn Deane, Author of “Bermuda”

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When Kathryn M. Deane, long-time Lilly Lover and co-author of “Bermuda“, approached us about doing some events at our Lilly stores to promote her new book, it was a quick “Yes, of course!!” How could we resist helping spread the word about a book that talks about one of our favorite Resort destinations all while giving 100% of the proceeds back to the island through 4 wonderful organizations?!? (well exactly, we couldn’t!!)  Of course we wanted to know a little bit more about Kathryn & what inspired her to write the book (and just how she got Michael Douglas to write the foreward!) so we invited her into our Guest House to fill us in!  Here’s a bit more from Kathryn…

1. What do you love most about Bermuda and why did you choose to do a book about the island?

To me, Bermuda is such a timeless place. I see photos of my parents sailing on their honeymoon in Bermuda in the 1950s. I remember exploring the island with my brothers and sisters in the 1960s and 1970s and bringing my children there in the 1990s. And now they are in college and love to come to the island to be with their family and friends. Bermuda has an enduring beauty both in the beaches and the water and in the life and vibrant culture. That’s what we tried to capture in the book—how Bermuda is such a great community made up of extraordinary people. It’s a place that truly has it all and the photographs we put in the book show how much there is to do and see there. There are incredible artists, business people, politicians, visitors & locals, museum curators, children & families, and scientists, all going about their lives in this place of breathtaking natural beauty.

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Store of the Week – C. Orrico Naples

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To say that C. Orrico Naples is a bit of a fairy tale place to shop for Lilly is not a stretch & stepping foot inside this store will surely make you feel a little like a princess- a Lilly princess, that is. The Orrico Sisters know their treasure of a store will delight Lilly Lovers & anyone who lives a Lilly lifestyle!

Come find us!
255 13th Avenue S.
Naples, FL 34103
Check us out online & on Facebook!

The Start
Our Naples gem of a store came to life in November 2001 – we had finally become bi-coastal. We are tucked in a beautiful spot- a street off of the famous Third avenue in historic Naples. The old world charm of this quaint section of town has now been lit with the pink and green flame. The C. Orrico Naples Signature Store was the first to carry the entire lifestyle line in all of Naples and the west coast of Florida. Being the pioneer store in that area we have grown to be quite an established destination.

The Look

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Resort 2011 – A Glam Start to a New Year in Lilly!

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The start of the Resort season is a big deal around here.  See… it’s in our DNA as a brand- we were born into the Resort lifestyle so we absolutely cherish this time of year.  It signals the best times in life with family & friends – it’s ageless, effortless and colorful (of course, Lilly kind of invented that part of it)  And while everyone else starts their year in Spring, of course we start ours with Resort.  Would it make sense any other way?!?

The best part of  starting a new year is kicking off a new, fun theme.  Our theme this year is “Lilly in Bloom.“  Each season, which also has it’s own guiding theme, we’ll be tipping our hat to the colorful florals that make us all so happy (and look so darn pret-ty!)  Resort 2011 starts us off with “Jungle Glam.” 

Our theme (read: obsession) is resort chic gone Jungle Glam.  It’s all about colors that make you smile, dresses that FORCE you to stay out all night, and sweaters that demand to be stacked, then gifted, restacked… but never regifted.  Tunics are a girl’s best friend because they are worn over teeny bikinis, over jeans, over resort white pants, over EVERYTHING!  Prints are clutch-your-stomach, make-your-eyes-pop, have-to-have frenzied! And tinsel (aka: big baubles!!) should be hung from everything!

Our cheeks are pink with the glow of an all-out, jungle-glam, lilly-filled EXCESSIVE holiday!!  Resort product hits store shelves and online FRIDAY!

Store of the Week – Persnickety Palm

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Of course Spring & Summer are high-times for all Lilly Lovers, but the team at Persnickety Palm loves a celebration any time of the year!  A perfect example of their we-know-how-to-have-fun attitude is the annual Halloween parade that happens every year (on Halloween day so mark your calendars!) – marching right past their shop!  What a perfect excuse to sneak shopping into your holiday celebrations!

Come Find Us!

Persnickety Palm
1 Loudoun St. SW
Leesburg, VA 20175
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Persnickety Palm is located in a unique 19th century building in the heart of historic downtown Leesburg, Virginia. We (Linda and Peter) believe that resort chic is more than summers at the beach. It’s a style and state of mind for everyday life. It’s not only our ideal, it’s our trademark: Bringing Resort Chic to Everyday Life…All Year Long.™

Halloween is a special time of year for us because Leesburg’s Annual Halloween Parade is the longest running Halloween parade east of the Mississippi River – 54 years and counting. Who knew????? Costumed revelers, floats, horseback riders and marching bands strut their way right past our shop, passing out candy to the trick-or-treating crowds that line the street. It kicks off a great season of festivities for Persnickety Palm, with our own “Annual Turkey, Tinsel and Birthday Cake” celebration in honor of Lilly Pulitzer’s birthday, Thanksgiving, and an amazing Christmas season. And the Lilly jeep, with some of our favorite Minnies waving from the backseat, is always a huge hit in Leesburg’s annual Christmas parade. Don’t get us wrong, we L-O-V-E Spring and Summer, but the late-year holidays are a great opportunity for us to show why Resort Chic really is a year ’round way of life.

What else makes us unique? Maybe it’s our pink and green leopard print tissue paper. Or maybe the custom pink and green leopard print curtains. Why? Like Lilly we love animals, especially cats. (Psst – your four-legged friends are always welcome in our shop!) And is there anything more classically chic than leopard print (with a Lilly Pulitzer inspired twist, of course!)? Yes, we’re a little different than your typical Signature Store, from the historic building to the Harold Kraus paintings on the wall to the bamboo ladders showing off our Murfee scarves and vintage Lilly Pulitzer fabrics. But at Persnickety Palm we believe that being a little different is “Essentially Lilly.”

Please swing by when you are in our neck of the woods (about 40 miles west of Washington, DC, not too far from Dulles Airport), and show us how you wear your Lilly and strut your “Resort Chic” self all year long! ;-)

Store of the Week – Palm Village

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Our Palm Village store in the Historic Biltmore Village, is certainly one-of-a-kind and it all starts with their amazing location.  The setting is gorgeous and the store itself keeps up with those expectations as it includes beautiful pieces from the Lilly Pulitzer line of furniture and has lots of Lilly touches.  So how do we celebrate the uniqueness that is Palm Village? With a custom print, of course! (which you’ll find on Lexi Crews available for purchase!)  This store, village, and estate are certainly a must-visit Lilly store!

Come Find Us!
Historic Biltmore Village
One All Souls Crescent, Suite 100
Asheville NC, 28803
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Palm Village opened its doors in July of 2010 to bring a dose of color to Historic Biltmore Village: a historic district directly outside the entrance of the Biltmore Estate and about 2 miles south of downtown Asheville, NC. Palm Village is a labor of love for manager, Eleanor Quinn and the other Lilly lovers that manage and work in the store as well as the partners that make up LMP Asheville. (the official “owner”) Asheville, a town nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina, is a town that is known for its diverse culture and arts, for being the home of the United States largest home, the Biltmore Estate, and for being a Mecca for local micro breweries having been named Beer City USA for the third year in a row. (we share that little nugget of info any chance we get!) Needless to say, Palm Village and the artistic Lilly Pulitzer works of art that we sell, took the town by surprise and the love is catching on like wildfire! We always get so excited seeing people all over town wearing Lilly Pulitzer – especially since it used to be hard to find!

At Palm Village, giving back is a core value and has been instrumental in getting the word out that we are here! This Thursday from 5-7pm, we are having a shop and share event and will be donating 10% of the event proceeds to the Mission Hospital Cancer Campaign as they are raising money for a cancer wing at the hospital. We are also excited to raise money for them by raffling off one of our Lilly Pulitzer printed cruiser bikes: all raffle tickets are $5!  Come join us!

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