Pink Palace Royalty – The Lilly Pulitzer Summer Interns!

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The latest royalty in the Pink Palace are all finally here- our summer interns! We ABSOLUTELY love when they arrive as their energy, smiles and big dreams add even more frills and thrills to each Lilly department. These top-notch Lilly Lovers will get to do some AH-mazing things that we hope to share with you on the blog- ooh la la! We’ll keep you updated as they seize new opportunities and even get into a little “proper” Pink Palace mischief! Until then, give our Summer interns a warm welcome…

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PLAY: Explore our new Lilly Pulitzer Phipps Plaza store!

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View and print our game here!

If you haven’t yet visited our colorful and chic new home at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, it’s time you plan a trip! Stop in and play our fancy little game, “Explore our Store.” It’s super simple and fantastically fun game for Lilly Lovers of all ages!

Here’s how to play: Visit our new store at Phipps Plaza & ask for a game card (or print one out from the link above). Look closely at the images below and see if you can find these shapes, textures, patters & prints throughout the store! When you’re finished, find a sales associate and they’ll reward you with a lovely little Lilly surprise!* (prizes for the first 50 players)

A Mix & Match Menu for Summer!

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This past week, we launched a fun new features on our site – Shorts & Tops Mix & Match.  It’s a great tool to see which tops go best with which shorts.  It won’t necessarily narrow down your selection because we think you’ll find LOTS of tops go with LOTS of shorts but it will definitely help you find your faves.

Select from our Summer tops:
Trophy Polo / Sunday Top / Cleo Top / Island Polo / Kit Top / Wiley Tube Top
and our Summer bottoms:
Walsh Short / Buttercup Short / Resort Bermuda / Callahan Short / Grace Short

A smart way to stock up for Summer!

Introducing our team at Lilly Pulitzer Phipps Plaza!

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TOMORROW (May 24, 2012) marks the opening of our latest and possibly MOST glamorous Lilly Pulitzer store – the retail store at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, GA.  Lilly is not new to the Atlanta area (Mint Julep is an Atlanta-based Signature Store and Belk and Bloomingdale’s also carry Lilly) but we are very excited to give our Lilly Lovers a shopping experience in this fabulous location that will leave them talking and of course, coming back!  Heather Skop is Phipp’s fearless leader and she brings with her a passion for fashion, a love of Lilly and great retail experience we know our Hotlanta customers will appreciate.  Here’s more from Heather…

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a native Atlantian, but headed off to the sunshine state for college at Florida State University (go Noles!). In 2005 I moved to Franklin, TN where I opened my own clothing boutique (I’ve always had a love of fashion!). I have a Yorkie named Twiggy whom I adore and I’m so excited to be back in my home state of Atlanta and working at Lilly Pulitzer!

2. What’s your Lilly story?
My very first Lilly dress was purchased for a beachside wedding reception in the Palm Beach area. I naturally thought Lilly would be the perfect style for the occasion but when I starting trying on the dresses I fell in LOVE. I ended up buying 3 dresses that day instead of just the one that I went in for! :) (I bet this sounds familiar to some of you!)

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Lilly Pulitzer Sponsors LPGA Golfer Morgan Pressel

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Calling all GOLF FANS! Lilly is very excited to announce that we are the official apparel sponsor of Morgan Pressel, LPGA golfer, for her 2012 season!  Morgan, who turned pro at age 17 and became the youngest player to win an LPGA championship, continues to play well on the tour this year. AND, she looks amazing in our Summer ’12 collection! Morgan is a long-time Lilly Lover who hails from Florida, and we couldn’t be happier to partner with her as she lights up (and brightens up!) the tour!

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A Look Inside Retail Management at Lilly Pulitzer

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Our 2012 theme of “Lilly in Bloom” couldn’t be more fitting as we open retail stores across the country this year. In February, we were thrilled to open the doors to a retail store fit-for-a-queen, in Charlotte, NC. In a few short weeks, we will be opening another retail store in Atlanta, Georgia (we’re sure you’ll go nuts over this location!) and later this Summer, we’ll be opening the doors to our 19th retail store in Towson, MD!! (no more reason to feel crabby about not having a Lilly retail store near you in MD!)

As our retail stores bloom, our need for enthusiastic, experienced Lilly Lovers to staff our stores also grows. (Check our job openings here!) We decided to have a quick chat with recently promoted (because she’s AH-MAZING) District Manager, Courtney Bird, so she could give an insider’s view on what it’s like working in retail management at Lilly Pulitzer…

1. What is your favorite part about managing a Lilly Pulitzer retail store?
My favorite part of managing a Lilly Pulitzer retail store is that every day is different. Each day is like a fresh start and I always look forward to introducing a new customer to Lilly Pulitzer! And no matter what region you work in, the store staff is always in the resort mindset which is obviously a great way to start any day! When I was working in Chicago, I remember thinking how funny it was that outside was a snow storm and inside I’m selling beautiful Lilly printed shift dresses! You couldn’t ask for anything better – it’s like a mini–vacation every day!

2. In your experience, what makes the Lilly customer so unique?
Our girl is connected to the brand in so many ways- she remembers her first time wearing Lilly or giving Lilly as a gift and can’t wait to get a friend or family member hooked on the brand. Helping a customer enjoy her first experience with Lilly is always amazing. We love telling the Lilly story and seeing girls faces light up – it would make anyone’s day!!

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The Social Butterfly’s Constant Companion!

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Pre-Order Today!

It’s never too soon to plan for planning! No seriously, Lilly girls loooove to plan- after all, how do you pull off fabulous brunches by day and legendary parties by night — all without breaking a sweat?! (yes, we realize there’s about a jillion other things you do tucked in the middle but be honest- those are the highlights!) So we all have a not-so-little secret – it’s our constant companion, trusted adviser and dare-we-compare-it-to-oxygen Lilly agenda! We/You/Everyone loves it so much that we needed more, more, more! We’re excited to introduce you to THREE *new* styles of the Lilly agenda!!

o The Soft Cover Agenda: This is the same in size and layout as the large agenda we’ve offered in the past but it will have a flexible, plastic cover for a lighter weight version of the version you loved before – for the girl on the go!

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Lilly Loves Bloomingdale’s!

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Lilly LOVES Bloomies and our partnership is absolutely in bloom!  May is a very exciting month for Lilly at Bloomingdale’s and we kicked it off with an oh-so-cool interview with Lilly herself for the Bloomingdale’s Mother’s Day book.   Lilly talks about being a fearless colorist and what being a designer and a mother have in common.  Alongside Lilly’s interview, are some great shots of Patti Hansen and her daughters looking fabulous & relaxed in some of our favorites from the Summer collection.  The question is, could you picture Keith in Lilly??  Now that we’d like to see! ;)

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Summer Weddings Pinterest Contest

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There are sooooooo many reasons to love Summer and one of our favorites is Summer weddings.  So many of our Lilly Lovers are coastal residents either year-round or during the Summer that a lot of them choose to celebrate one of the most important days of their lives, seaside.  And for those of us who get to be in attendance at these nautical nuptials, we’re happy to raise a toast to the happy couple while we lavish in our beach-wedding-favorite sundresses and thank-goodness-they’re-appropriate-here McKims.

We decided to team up with our friends at Southern Weddings and pair the 2 things we’re loving right this minute – Summer weddings and duh, Pinterest! (follow Lilly here and follow Southern Weddings Magazine here) Sure, actually having or going to a Summer wedding beats the heck out of any online/inside activity but DREAMING about Summer weddings is absolutely a favorite hobby for both of us and doesn’t it last a lot longer than any weekend affair? You bet.  So while each of us waits for our own big day or dreams about how we’d do it differently next time, we’re content to be inspired to create a Wedding Pinterest board of any girls dreams.  And… we want YOU to do the same!  Heck, we think most of you already are!  So now you can tell your boyfriend it’s not abnormal to be creating a Lilly-inspired Summer Wedding board on Pinterest because after all, you’re just trying to win a new dress for this Summer’s wedding! ;)

Here are the rules on how to enter the Lilly Pulitzer and Southern Weddings Pinterest contest and you can view our complete contest rules here.

3 winning boards will be chosen by the Lilly Pulitzer & Southern Wedding teams and entries must be received by Friday, May 25th at 3:00pm ET.  Winners will be notified and announced by June 1, 2012.  Happy Pinning!

Love You Too Much – Happy Mother’s Day!!

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It is so nice to work for a company that values…first and foremost…family. We spend so much time talking about parties and happy times – which are spent with family and friends. (and of course, these special occasions are cause for fabulous outfits)

When I was asked to write a blog on Mother’s Day, I immediately thought of how many emails and facebook pics we get of you, our amazing customers, in your Lilly’s WITH your Moms. Or Moms with pics of their Minnies (starting them out right!). It makes me so incredibly happy and I completely relate. I thought this was the perfect time to remind ourselves how lucky we really are.

I am a Mom, which is the greatest gift AND I have an amazing Mom. I am SO EXCITED for her to read this because even though I think I tell her all the time how much I love her, I want to be positive she knows. And if you asked her, her greatest gift is that I am a good Mom (and a happy person with an amazing career and LIFE). And let’s be honest, we know she’s responsible for making me the person I am today.

My Mom is the kind of woman that will do ANYTHING for those she loves. She is incredibly straight forward and absolutely HYSTERICAL. She tells it like it is. I grew-up in Augusta, GA and my Mom would walk my brother and me to school every day. Without fail, she was there to meet us at 3:05 and walk us home. We would have a snack outside and play and then head in where we would sit in the breakfast room and watch her make dinner for us. She was just…always there – always around to take us on the next step of our journey. She was so reliable, comforting and supportive – not spoiling us with presents or things, but spoiling us with time and affection. I learned how to be a good Mom from her.

Now I have two AMAZING daughters and even though I work and can’t meet them after school, the second I get home my time is all about them. We spend HOURS cuddling. On the weekends, the three of us are stuck like glue. I know that they have a great sense of home, love and security because of the closeness we share.

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