There’s Nothing Sweeter!

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We have a thing for candy… and it just so happens, we have a thing for diamonds too (duh!)  So our print designer Jeff, created this jacquard print that combines BOTH!   A trick of the eye – those with a sweet tooth might see the candy and those who are sweet on a man in their life might see the diamond ring.  Either way, we want it!

See it in the Evie Dress (a customer FAVE!) and the Vanessa Dress.

Add Tassels for Drama!

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We are absolutely ob-sessed with tassels. Perhaps you noticed?  They’re so chic and so sophisticated and absolutely perfect for our Fall drama theme. Enter: Macrame Me. Gorgeous colors that go great with your oh-no-I-refuse-to-let-go-of-summer-tan and take you right into fall.

Plus, the theater is just dripping with tassels and it conjures up images of a backstage dressing room filled with a velvet chaise complete with tassels, a dark lamp, and a long-legged theater actress calling everyone “dahling.” One image we never imagined? A trimmings store on our trip to Florence completely dedicated to tassels. OMG- you would’ve thought we died and gone to heaven!!  (Janie almost needed resuscitation!)

Oh what, you can’t get enough tassels either? (we thought maybe) Take a peek at Behind the Rope and The Velvet Rope. That should do it!

Great Picks for a Great Mix!

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Stripes with prints? Florals with dots? You dare not but we dare you.  After all, it’s all the rage this season! That’s right, we double dog dare you to double down with a little Break a Leg and Showtime Dot. You can certainly pull off a little polka with a kick.

We took the guess work out of it for you with both the Adelie wrap dress and Kelsi Dress.  Throw it on and get your thrills!

You definitely don’t want your shoes to outshine your outfit.  So keep them simple (but still totalllly awesome) with our Navy Resort Chic Wedge Patent Ostrich.  They are the perfect compliment to your print- mixed ensemble.

Is it a bit theatrical? Perhaps. But we think our Lilly Lovers like to put on a good show.

Worthy of a Standing O

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A hint of the poppies from The Wizard of Oz deserves a Standing Ovation. And when we give a standing o, it’s our little way of demanding an encore.  So that’s why you’ll find poppies scattered about on various styles like the Adalie Wrap Dress, the Evie Dress *swoon*, the Lexi Crew, the Mandy v-neck, and the Ciara tunic.

That’s quite an encore — but we raised the stakes and introduced Standing Ovation in Bright Navy too because really, why should pink always have all the fun?!

Falling for Drama

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This fall, we continue our love of everything arts with a focus on DRAMA. The drama of a good entrance is what you will be celebrating with our yummy Fall prints and patterns. Get your ticket, stand behind the velvet rope, grab some popcorn and get ready for lights, camera, Lilly!

We start off with our best act on July 25th… which is to pretend that Summer isn’t coming to an end.  We SET THE STAGE for Fall while extending Summer…  every last glorious second of summer… knowing that *le sigh*, you’ll be wearing a sweater over these outfits later.  But this delivery was built for that!  Colors are navy popped with kelly green & pink tomato and of course, sprinkled with florals. The prints and patterns start you on the yellow — scratch that — Pink [lip-glossed] road to Lilly land!

On August 25th THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE LILLY! One of our all time favorite classics, The Wizard of Oz, is the perfect theme for our big performance. Lions, monkeys, and Scottie dogs- love! (we’re not letting the scary, green witch into this performance)  Colors are extremely rich and lush with the glitz of gold that every performance demands. It is absolutely acceptable to play the part of the drama queen when you are decked out in these ladylike dresses. Look for a secret surprise in every print- critters and ruby slippers are hidden everywhere!

Well folks, show’s over.. now it’s time to party! September 25th is a CAST OF CHARACTERS. Every color, every print, every pattern, every chic style says, “please wear me & hold a cocktail in your hand.” Oh wait – not in the pick up line at school. (though in these prints everything you do feels like a party!)  These colors are easy to wear, fun, and flawlessly stylish.  There’s no place like Lilly for your performance and after-party!

Chambrace Yourself for Fall!

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As we round out Summer with the blues, our fresh, cotton Chambray is the perfect lightweight choice to take you into Fall.   It’s simple yet not so simple (a lot like us Lilly girls!) – we’ve used extra fine yarn to keep it light and weaved in white cotton slub for added texture & interest. And because we’re always aaaalll about details, we couldn’t keep things plain – so we made them pretty with ruffles,  embroidery and flower appliques!  Feminine. Fresh. Fun.

How to transition these pieces into Fall?  Follow along…

Add a Murfee Scarf to your Essie Shirtdress to darken the look and take off the chill.

Pair the Avery Skirt with the Benton Tunic Sweater in Navy.

Wear your Dupre Top over Main Line Jeans and a Katia Wrap.

Still easy- still chic!

Favorite Prints Coming Back Around

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We are just 2 weeks away from saying goodbye to our fav, fav, fav season and welcoming Fall (which is kinda a four letter word around here).  Though introducing a new season brings NEW, fresh, fun and of course, fashionable, prints, frocks and a longer list of Lilly faves, it also means saying goodbye to prints we’ve fallen in love with over the last few months. … *pausing for head hanging & tear dabbing* …

So… we looooooove when we can bring a few of your (and our!) favorite prints back around one more time for a final encore.  Over the next few weeks, you’ll be seeing these 4 prints, plus some other favs in new styles hit and our store floors!   And what’s more fun than Whitley showing up in Daiquiri Pink Floater??  – finding Whitley in Daiquiri Pink Floater!  That’s right.  It’s a bit of a scavenger hunt when these beauties ship- we kiss them goodbye and where they land, nobody knows! (OK well.. someone knows but if there’s ever a time when you “Let Lilly Find It”, now’s probably that time!)

We’ve prepared your scavenger hunt list for you. (you can thank us later)

1. Callahan Shorts in Multi Peel & Eat, Green Bean Daisy Darlin‘, Shorely Blue Pop Goes the Floral
2. Eryn Dress in Lilly’s Pink Lilet, Hotty Pink Cherry Begonias and True Navy Wrapping Stripe
3. Essie Shirtdress in Hotty Pink Cherry Begonias
4. Cissy Skirt in Hotty Pink Cherry Begonias, Shorely Blue Paint By Numbers, Multi Minnie Zinny & Classic White Let them Eat Cake (collect them all! )
5. Flor Dress in Hotty Pink Burnout
6. Whitley Skirt in Seaweed Green Daisy Darlin’, Daiquiri Pink Floater, Hotty Pink Cherry Begonias
7. Rosemary Dress in Daisy For You Eyelet
8. Walsh Shorts in Multi Rollin, Green Bean Daisy Darlin’
9. Whitaker Dress in Lagoon Green Summer Nights
10. Eliot Shirt in  Classic White Had Me a Blast

Let hunting commence!

We’re buzzing about this print!

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The print team was in love with the honeybee and snuck them into a handful of prints this summer, including Take It Higher in Jade Green & Bright Navy. You might be saying to yourself, “What’s to celebrate about this annoying insect that interrupts my lazy afternoons sipping sweet tea on my porch?” Well funny you should ask…

The bee has a lot of symbolism & mythology surrounding it.  We love that bees, the hive specifically, symbolizes what’s great about community and how working together brings great results.  How very practical. Buuuut… we might be a teensy more drawn to the Queen Bee because she symbolizes regalness and royalty.  (and isn’t it just timely with our visit from Kate & Wills?!)  Or maybe you’re more the astute type and would appreciate that wearing bees may make you look smarter because they’re also a symbol of knowledge & intelligence.

We’re certainly not experts on bees (unless googling makes people experts!) but we just think they’re plain sweet.  We hope you do too!

Strike it Rich in Stitch

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We’re aaaalllll about embroidery in our latest Summer deliveries.  Turns out, we’re all about the birds and the bees too.  There’s just something about Summer that gets you in the mood…  But somehow we think it’s less about the little bees buzzing around on Comb and Get It or our feathered friends on Bird is the Word and more about how you feel when you slip into our Bowen or Blossom or Stephanie Shift.

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Be a Cherry Bomb[shell]!

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Ooooooobviously we wanted to do a firework print. Given. But not just run of the mill, bought-at-South-of-the-Border sparkler kind of fireworks. We wanted to go BIG…

When Janie was little, her mom, who is one billion percent more of a rule breaker than Janie (apparently it is hereditary), used to talk about cherry bombs – AKA M-80′s. When she was a kid, she & her cousins would find dead fish (they were already dead, people) that washed up on the beach, put cherry bombs inside, light them, and then sling-shot them over the tennis courts while her parents were enjoying their afternoon game. Not joking.  And cherry bombs are now…hmmm, surprisingly illegal.  Janie says there are more stories where that came from, we’re a little worried.

So go celebrate BIG this holiday weekend. You are the bomb in this print!