Touchy Feely Prints

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Who would think that such a funny looking creature could look so darn cute in print?! Lilly does tend to have that effect on critters. Well we absolutely LOVE the the 8 legged friends that made their debut in our latest Resort collection.  Did you know that octupuses (yes, octopuses, not octopi, BTW!) are one of the most intelligent of all invertebrates? And won’t you look smart in our Touchy Feely prints?!  The Taytay Dress in Resort White Hands Off is a fan fave shift this season.

And we added a little fun to our Main Line jeans with some embroidered cephalopods (thank you, Wikipedia!)  And there was no way we’d leave these suction-cupped cuties out of our swimwear line! So be sure to check out our mini-Touchy Feely print in our string bikini, bandeau bikini, tankini, 1 piece and men’s trunks!

And don’t miss our Sloane Maxi Dress and Westerly Dress. More than 8 ways to wear our touchy feely friends!

Lilly Pulitzer Sorority Prints FAQ

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♪ ♫ It’s the most wonderful time of the year. ♪ ♫ Oh yes, the holidays are over but the past two years that we’ve asked YOU which sorority prints should be added to our collection, have been SO MUCH FUN!!!  I’m not sure there’s much that can rival the spirit and pride a sorority girl has for her letters AND sisters.  Well we’ve managed to wedge ourselves right in the middle of all that energy and we can’t help but grin from ear to ear and get excited WITH you ladies!  With all the excitement has come some questions so we thought it might be helpful to pull together answers to some of the frequently asked questions we’re receiving.  Here they are!

1. When is the entry period?
January 9, 2012 10amET – January 15, 2012 11:59pm ET for round 1
January 16, 2012 10amET – January 22, 2012 11:59pm ET for round 2

2. If I contacted Lilly Pulitzer prior to the start of this contest, will my “vote” count?
No. All e-mails, phone calls, posts to Facebook or other communications about prints for your sorority will NOT be included in the vote count for this round of the contest.

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Embracing Tangerine Tango – Pantone’s 2012 Color of the Year

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Every year, Pantone, the internationally known authority on all things color, has recently announced that 2012′s color of the year is… drum roll please…TANGERINE ORANGE!  Oh boy did we relish in last year’s color choice of Honeysuckle Pink because duh- it was PINK, but leave it to Lilly to know EXACTLY what color is going to be fabulous and embrace it like no one else can.

Just you wait…it is going to be eeeeverywhere. Oh wait, it already IS here at Lilly!  For our first delivery of the new year, coral (the Lilly interpretation of the color of the year) reigns supreme.  Coral is incredibly chic AND flatters your complexion all year round. It’s just one of those colors that makes you look incredible and brightens you right up.

We just loooove what Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®, says about this year’s color:  “Reminiscent of the radiant shadings of a sunset, Tangerine Tango marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy.”

How can you not like the sound of that?! And really, how can you not want some of this?!

Reef Me Up

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Listen up, students. Who paid attention during art history class? Pop “Who Am I?” quiz, for you… Famous artist from the turn of the 20th century. Loved color. French. Little known fact – also a print maker. Anyone? Anyone?

OK, you all must have been s–l–e–e–p–i–n–g. Well lucky for you, we got the cliff notes. Paige, the print designer behind “Reef Me Up”, was highly influenced by the French modernist master MATISSE(!), for this beautiful, chic Lilly Pulitzer Resort fish–y print. No BA in Art History required!

Shop “Reef Me Up!”

Bling My Chimes

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We admittedly have a jewelry addiction. It seems to follow a love of chocolate and an uncontrollable desire to buy excessive amounts of shoes. Listen, it is what it is. DO NOT let anyone tell you there is anything wrong with buying accessories with abandon. Bling makes the world-go-round… especially during the holidays!

Stacey, the designer of this bejeweled beauty, has hidden every cocktail ring you can imagine in this print so it’s just dripping in jewely-decadence. That old saying “Take one piece of jewelry off before you leave the house”… yeah, we aren’t buying it. Oh and we DARE you to try and find the Lilly in this print. That Stacey- she’s a sneaky one!

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Scorpion Bowl- A Print to be Enjoyed with Friends!

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Ummm, is this print genius or WHAT?! You have to admit it… you have been to Benihana and LOVED IT! Wasn’t there that time you went and got this BIG Buddha drink and everyone got a straw and then you fell off your chair laughing so hard? [Oh wait, that was Janie]  Either way, there is nothing better than sharing, whether it’s a cocktail or a big bowl of ice cream, this is meant to be enjoyed with FRIENDS!

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We always love to show off our amazing print design team and how they bring our inspirations to life.  Scorpion Bowl was designed by Paige Smith so she’s the star of our latest “Making of a Print” video.  We took some behind the scenes pictures of the making of this video so we had footage from before Paige became a star – you know, so we could remind her where she started when she hits it big time ;)

Watch the video now!

Let’s Go Bananas!

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The over-sized banana leaves in this print are an obvious nod to a  fan-yourself & dab-your-forehead jungle theme, but being subtle & sneaky is always a wee bit more fun.  Which is why the print team snuck a suggestion into the print. (though in these colors & these styles, we think that’ll just happen!) And what’s Janie’s favorite part about this print??  That it’s available in Men’s swim trunks. Oh she’s funny like that…  ;)

Skip On It

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Skip On It, by our Print Designer Stacey, is the quintessential “Jungle Glam” print.  It’s got everything we loooove about getting hot & steamy in the jungle – exotic flowers (can’t you almost smell the sweet air?!?), palm fronds and some hidden critters, of course. (not the poisonous kind!) We popped our jungle palms with some black making this a chic print that says “glamour, here I come!” (and though a jungle theme clearly called for some slithery snakes it was decided that jungle frogs were the way to go. But don’t worry, we found a way to sneak in some jungle snakes!) ;)

Shop Skip On It for women’s, minnies & accessories!

Late Night Toile

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 Have you ever heard the saying that nothing good happens after midnight?? Well Lilly Lovers know that’s not always the case ;) Lily has proven that myth wrong… (as I am sure you have as well but don’t worry, your secret is safe with us!)

This print was designed by Jeff Mattia & he was devilish enough to hide all the members of the print team doing fun party stuff, as well as Lilly herself. And… all the décor in the print is inspired by things from Lilly’s own home! (Jeff took good mental photos during his last dinner there) Isn’t that fun?! Any guess which party girl is Janie??

Shop this print and find all the surprises for yourself!

Luscious Leopard from Lilly

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Is it any surprise that Lilly does leopard in color? Of course not!  Thrill of the Chaise is available in 3 different colors – Skye Blue, Palm Beach Camel & Cameo White.  And whether you want to go head-to-toe leopard or just dip your toe in the leopard print craze, we have a piece for you!

 Sadie Dress
Christy Shirtdress
Cissy Skirt
Vivi Top
Duffy Shirt
Cassie Dress
Cassie Top
Adalie Wrap Dress
Lexi Crew

Let the tots in on the trend!
Miley Yoke Shirtdress
Bella Skirt

Murfee Scarf Crinkle – in-store only