Fresh Petals and Prints- Daisy

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In the Guest House with Kathy Magee of Operation Smile

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Our Guest House has been quiet for a while so we’re excited to liven it back up with Kathy Magee, Co-Founder and President of Operation Smile.  Some of you may know that we chose Operation Smile as our partner organization this year as we team up with Barnum’s Animals for our 3rd year of creating their special addition box. Operation Smile, who is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, has an incredibly worthwhile cause of helping people smile.  Lilly knows a thing or two about that, so we thought it was the perfect organization to partner with to brighten people’s days.  We wanted our Lilly Lovers to know more about Operation Smile so we kicked back with Kathy and asked her to fill us in…

1. Tell us a little bit about Operation Smile

Operation Smile is an international charity that works in more than 60 countries to provide free reconstructive surgery for children suffering from facial deformities such as cleft lips and cleft palates. We have mobilized more than 5,000 medical volunteers from over 80 countries to help us transform lives and heal these children’s smiles. We also are committed to training local doctors so that we can create self-sufficiency in developing countries. By building local medical capacity, we are able to dramatically increase access to safe surgery for vulnerable populations worldwide.

2. What prompted you and your husband, Dr. Bill Magee, to found Operation Smile?

Almost 30 years ago, Bill and I volunteered for a surgical mission to the Philippines. There, we encountered hundreds of children suffering from facial deformities. However, our team was only equipped to help a small number of those children. We vowed that we would be back to help those children we had to leave behind. It was this experience that drove us to establish Operation Smile.

Every three minutes, a child somewhere in the world is born with a cleft. One in 10 of those children will die before their first birthday. They often can’t eat, drink or speak properly. Our volunteers, donors and supporters are determined to help us make a difference for these children and heal their smiles.

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Fresh Petals and Prints – Hydrangea

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1/ Powderpuff Embroidery 2/Mini Mariposa  3/ Mariposa Placed  4/ Mariposa print

We think every girls goes ga-ga for hydrangeas, so the fact that we adore them shouldn’t come as a surprise. They bloom in beautiful colors, they make the most amazing hedgerow (it just screams “Welcome to my Cottage by the Sea“) and the fact that they are such a popular wedding flower means seeing them = love — so what’s NOT to love??  If you’re thirsty for some Hydrangea facts, read on!

  • There are over 20 species of hydrangeas, but only 5 grow in the United States. (booo… we want all 20!!)
  • The most popular are the mophead hydrangeas and used mostly in home gardens. They produce pink, blue and white blossoms.
  • Annabelle hydrangeas resemble the mopheads, but only produce white flowers. They are a popular plant to use as a hedge because of how easy they are to trim. (but really, we think we like the pink, purple & blue!)
  • Oakleafs are native to the U.S. and grow white cone shape blossoms.
  • Paniculata hydrangeas are the largest, growing between 8 and 10 feet tall as well as wide-a pretty way to create backyard privacy!
  • Lastly, Lacecap hydrangeas grow more in woodland areas and have a center blossom resembling the baby’s breath flower, with a typical hydrangea blossom outlining the edges. Read More

Let the Prints Do the Talking!

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Pink Twinkle
There are so many cute – slash – fun – slash – LILLY names of our favorite flower of the season- the Lily! When we were looking through the White Flower Farms catalog (an absolute GO–TO in the spring to ogle over blooms to buy) an adorable lily name caught our eye… the Pink Twinkle.  And it was, of course, a PINK lily! Put that pink lily in a print and *instantly” – it adds a twinkle to your eye! PERFECT on a Spring in Bloom Lilly dress.

Day Lilly
At this point we have made it very clear that we love pretty…in excess. OK. So we’ve established that.  Well the Stella de Oro, the star of this print, embodies what Spring 2012 is all about- pretty, pretty, pretty! (see- we’re totally excessive) We love the pink & yellow combo with just a touch of green- it’s a reminder of the green we see starting to peek out here on the East Coast!

Spring Fever Toile
You know so many of our secrets so we will let you in on yet another…we love to hide things in our toiles. In fact, we are becoming experts at it. There is something so devilish about Spring Fever…a stolen kiss, a long lunch that turns into a boozy afternoon (please don’t tell Brad & Scott), playing hooky! This pretty toile says Spring, and look closely, it illustrates all of the things we want to do when the weather turns warm!

Lavish Lillys
We are blooming BIG with this one. We just…can’t…hold…back. Exuberant would be one word – LAVISH is another. Stacey drew this print from a pretty bouquet we had in the print studio and once we saw it…we knew it had to be BIG. Flowers are beautiful…and when you get TONS of them it just makes you happy – like this print!

Fresh Petals and Prints – The Lily

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1. All a Flutter 2. Powder Puff Embroidery 3. Call Me Kitty 4. Day Lilly 5. Pink Twinkle

Celebrating the Lily flower was a no-brainer during our Lilly in Bloom year – the Lily is one of Lilly’s favorite flowers! Of course our print designers love them too because they have so much to work with – there are so many varieties they could work with.  But… the Lily we all fell in love with, the one we’ve captured in the “Day Lilly” print, is the Stella de Oro. It’s beautiful, it’s delicate and it smells great but we ADORE the fact that it blooms all summer long- just like us Lilly girls! (well duh, Lilly girls bloom all year but that’s a lot to ask of flowers!)  Find out more about these stunning stems!

• Lilies come in many different colors: whites, oranges, yellows, pinks, reds and purples, but the white ones actually have the highest level of fragrance while some of the other very colorful ones do not have any scent at all- who knew?!
• If you want to prolong the life of your very pretty Lily flowers, remove the pollen stems! You can easily do this by pinching them together and pulling them out. (DO NOT do this in one of your LWDs!)

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The Making Of: Lilly Pulitzer SouthPark

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The last time we talked with Visual Director, Jose he was busy Lilly-fying The Breakers store. Now we’re catching him in the aftermath of the SouthPark store launch. We sat down with him (because he’s been standing for the last 4 weeks!!) for a quick Q & A session about our fabulous new home in Charlotte, NC. Here’s what he had to say!

1.When starting a new store design, how do you find inspiration? Where do you start? What’s your approach?

Well, it’s a team effort, that’s for sure. First I sit down with Jane Schoenborn (Design Director) and the Print Team to come up with creative and innovative store ideas. Let’s just say we are equipped with tons of coffee, sweets and for us dieters, water….LOL. We then dig into the history and culture of the city we’re moving to and pull themes, inspiration swipes and ideas together and see where we can carry out those themes inside the store. For SouthPark, we wanted to design a store that oozes Fun, Color and Lilly. When I think of Charlotte, I think southern belle, southern hospitality, pretty flowers and PINK. Oh did I mention something sparkly?! Ok glitter everything! (That’s more of the Janie infusion!) Those were the key words that popped into our heads when we started designing the store. Once we have the themes and ideas solidified we move on to what we call the “Glamification” process… it’s definitely the most fun! We take our inspiration and go crazy inside the store with paint, props, furniture.. And of course anything PINK. Our approach has always been to paint the town Pink…Kidding, not really….ok seriously, our approach is to celebrate the city’s fun, beauty and culture in a Lilly way. In Charlotte, we didn’t have to Lillify a lot since you gals are such Lilly Lovers already- we just needed to put a little bit more blush on your cheeks and add a little glitter in your step.

2. What are your 3 favorite features in the SouthPark store?

Really I can only pick three? (we knew he’d struggle with this one!) Hmm… Well let’s start with the windows! The windows are absolutely my number one! We’re constantly swimming in a fishbowl of fun at the SouthPark store. What do I mean by fishbowl? We’re surrounded by floor to ceiling storefront windows (we’re on a corner) and it’s fantastic. (probably because it allows us to enjoy all the excellent people watching!) We’re literally able to share our colorful fun with shoppers before they even enter the store.

My number 2 obsession has to be the Dogwood flowers. I LOVE Dogwood flowers! So this flower is the North Carolina state flower, and it totally inspired the front rooms of the SouthPark store. Paige and Ashley painted the walls with these flowers in pink, green and turquoise. We added a 3-D effect (no 3D glasses required) of GLITTERED dogwoods…let’s just say when you are sitting on the sofa, you will be surrounded by glitter and sparkle and no Lilly girl can resist that!

Okay I’m going to play my interior design card here for number three. My third favorite feature of the SouthPark store are the RUGS! OMG. Seriously? I love them! Not only are they gorgeous and colorful but they totally tie the store together and they remind me of Lilly’s home in Palm Beach. Lilly always knew best how to partner printed couches with printed rugs, colorful chairs and eclectic accessories. She was so daring with her color and pattern choices and yet each room always looked amazing. I like to think the SouthPark store has a lot of truly authentic “Lilly” themes within it.

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Lilly White – Anything But Plain!

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Being bold & bright is always a Lilly girl’s motto and sometimes WHITE makes that statement just as dramatically.  Pattern, pattern & more pattern is how we make our white dresses so special.  And though we know you love us for our hand-designed prints our patterns truly are just as special – each one is hand designed by our (amazing, fabulous!!) in-house print (and pattern, we suppose) designers.  That means, what you see at Lilly cannot, we repeat, cannot be found anywhere else!!

Here’s another fun fact we know about our Lilly Lovers- she doesn’t just shop with her eyes, she shops with her hands. Lilly girls love to touch the fabrics and are absolutely drawn to textures and details that even self-proclaimed fashionistas don’t notice or appreciate. (MWAH- we love you for that!!)  So in our Spring white dress collection- we bring you a WHOLE-LOTTA that to love!

So if you’re a walk-by-the-rack-with-an-outstretched-hand kinda girl or a oh-my-gaaawsh-lemme-see-that-closer girl then you really need to check out Nicolette (sassa-frass fringe!), Whitaker (mini daisy lace=sweet, one shoulder=sassy), Joan (classic eyelet with a halter twist),  Shauna (light on the lace & easy on the eyes),  Bree (For the Love of Lace, give this one a try)  Adriana (a 14 carat look),  Parker (flirty and fun with a bloom of one!),  Sally (prim and proper show stopper), Reeve (jaws to the floor fancy) Adeline (fit for a queen), and Blossom (fluttery details on a fave shape).

Let Lilly be your destination for your LWD!

Fresh Petals & Prints – Lily of the Valley

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Lily of the Valley is such a delicate, pretty flower. Such lush green leaves with the cutest snow-white flowers dangling so gracefully from their stems. It’s one of our favorites to see bloom in Spring because it signals the beginning of all the pretty flowers and colors to come!

1. Resort White Valley Girl 2. Hotty Pink Just Love 3. Hoppin’ Down the Bunny Trail (available for Minnies next month!) 4. Emerald Green A Thing Called Love

• The Lily of the Valley is a woodland plant that has white downward dropping bell shape flowers and tiny red berries. The entire plant (flower and berries), if eaten, is very poisonous so don’t be fooled by its sweet smell!

• In France, May 1st is called “Lily of the Valley Day” where you are supposed to give this flower to loved ones. The week leading up to this day, you can buy fresh cut or potted lily of the valley flowers (called muguets in French) in every florist, supermarkets, and even on the streets! This tradition began on May 1, 1561 when King Charles IX was presented with a bunch of these flowers as a token of luck and prosperity.

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A Lilly State of Mind

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Our latest favorite print (and yours!!), “Lilly State of Mind Patch”, is a print that reflects what our Lilly Lovers have always known – Lilly is not merely a brand or clothes with bold, bright prints – Lilly is a state of mind – a happy, colorful, state of mind!  And what better way to represent that state of mind AND every state in the US of Lilly, than to create a Lilly patch of each state with attention paid to their flowers, themes and mottos?!  No plane ticket, no GPS required- just some good ol’ USA pride and a love for all things Lilly!

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Fresh Petals and Prints – The Cherry Blossom

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As we celebrate our theme for Spring, Full Bloom, we thought we’d share a little bit more about the petals that inspired us to create our Spring prints.  We’re kicking off our first installment of “Fresh Petals and Prints” with the Cherry Blossom!  Would we worship the Cherry Blossom if it weren’t pink? (some are white, you know)  Well sure we would, but honestly, its pink blooms help make it a favorite around the Pink Palace.  Here are some quick facts about this historical flower that beautifies Washington DC in the Spring and graces a number of prints in our first Spring delivery!


1. Bright Navy Cherry Mine 2. Hotty Pink A Thing Called Love 3. Bright Navy Cherry Picker 4. Bright Navy Cherry Wine  5. Resort White Flowers and the Trees


• There is a National Cherry Blossom Festival that’s held in early spring, every year in DC, to commemorate the 3,000 cherry trees donated by Tokyo in 1912 (the first 2,000 trees actually had to be burned when they arrived after being shipped from Japan because they were infested with insects & disease)   There are now about 3,750 cherry trees in the tidal basin in Washington, DC.

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