Calendar Girl- A Spring Favorite Print!

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In the time it takes to button, zip or snap, wearing a Lilly can turn a ho-hum day into an I-know-I’m-going-to-remember-this-forever kinda day.  Calendar Girl is a print that embodies that idea- a year full of special dates and meaningful moments- all in one adorable and collection-worthy print!  We are absolutely in love with Calendar Girl- and we’ve heard you are too!  That couldn’t make us, and the fabulous print designer Paige, who was the brainchild behind this print, any happier!

What are some of the fun things that make this print your fav?  Is it October’s witch on a broom with her tag-a-long cat Fifi? Or maybe it’s January’s resort-ready luggage stack surrounded by palm trees. I’m partial to April’s wellie wearing gal because we share our birthday month. Perhaps it’s the more hidden gems that make this print special.  Finding the Lilly sent me on a treasure hunt- not so easy to find in this one!  And I also went on a treasure hunt — all the way down to the print design studio — to find an answer to the pink calendar dates mystery.  Paige explained that each date highlighted in pink is a print designer’s birthday! How fun! They threw in some extra special days that she didn’t reveal- after all, don’t we girls have to keep some things a mystery?

We encourage you to make this print your own- and some of you have already done that!  From embroidered birthdays on your dresses to Sharpied circles on your totes, we love that you’re making 2011 a special year with Lilly!  This fav is selling fast so head in stores now to find yours!   xx

Get Printed for Valentine’s Day

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Feeling like the Queen of Hearts lately?

Wondering what a smooch [dare we say, first base] would be like from your best friend’s brother? (your secret’s safe with us!)

Are you signing off your BF texts with SWAK?

We get it. You’re in LOVE.  That’s what Valentine’s Day is all about!  We get that too. Just be sure to leave room in your heart to fall in love with Lilly’s Valentine’s prints!  xx

Pop Art Prints for Spring!

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Tomorrow, we officially kick off spring with a delivery focused on POP ART.  How fun! Are you thinking Warhol or Lichtenstein?  Well you are right on. We love the fact that when these artists were hitting the scene, so was Lilly. The bright colors, the over-the-top florals, and the op to pop explosions are the perfect way for Lilly to express herself in the early months of Spring! Today we’re featuring 3 prints with just the right pop to transition you into the warmer months (please come, warmer months- we miss you!)

Pop Goes the Floral – At Lilly Pulitzer and nowhere else, huge floating flowers are the only way to start off Spring! Grounded in navy, this print gives you the ability to wear it right now (we have instant gratification issues and no plans to work through them) and keep wearing through ’til… September!

Optical Confusion – Are you feeling a little psychedelic? Good- that’s the point! With a pop art theme, we had to have a master print that was the ultimate paisley… bringing Lilly’s 60′s vibe into 2011!

Bright Navy Floral Frenzy – Forget the winter blues with this gorgeous Spring BLUE! Navy is the ultimate transition color taking you from bundled up to bold and bright!

Be sure to pop-in to your nearest Lilly Pulitzer retailer as Spring 2011 hits the scene this week!  (and check back Friday as Spring 2011 hits the web at

Painter’s Palette

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Today we are loving the delicate freshly picked flowers hidden inside today’s feature. Smaller in scale than most of prints, this one is especially easy to wear and was designed using every color from our “Painter’s Palette”. Cover yourself in flowers and think spring!

Shop painter’s palette here.

Art Imitating Art

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January 25th marks the arrival of our AMAZING Spring collection. When Resort launched in November we shared our year long inspiration of art appreciation. As we close the book on literature we are ready to turn to fine art. Impressionism, pop art and block printing were the source for most of our print team’s designs. Design Director Janie Schoenborn was an Art History major in college and always pictured herself working for an auction house or in a gallery. She  does know what she is talking about when it comes to art. Her Rollins days were a little hazy despite all her professor did to get her to focus on slides in a dark classroom. She was more interested in the pool and Florida sunshine! But look at her now…she produces Wearable Art! Thanks Dr. Lemon!

Janie loves cartoons. “I love the idea of being a cartoon girl and Paige Smith (print designer) is forced to draw me over and over.” Lichtenstein is clearly one of her top tops. But her favorite of all time is Madame X by Sargent. When Sargent unveiled this painting in Paris it was a HUGE scandal. Read up on the history of the woman in this painting and why she was infamous for many reasons.

Look for our own (scandal free) unveiling in two weeks!