Lilly Celebrates Music… with Summer Style!

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As we hit our third season of Lilly Loves the Arts, we get to a crowd favorite. Get ready to SHAKE IT, sing along, and camp out for tickets…Summer 2011 is all about MUSIC AND DANCE. For Lilly Lovers, Summer is certainly the time to get a little loose. (wait…that may be all the time, oh well!)  From outdoor music festivals to fireworks exploding over crashing waves, Summer music makes us smile- just like wearing our Lilly does. We have all been thinking about the sound track for summer 11…might there be a little summer lovin’?…some beatles playing in the background?…how about a reggae festival? The theme is TURN IT UP!  Hot Fun in the Summertime and that means we are going to let the Lilly flag fly in classic styles dripping or swimming or dancing in color print and pattern.

We kick off summer with a delivery dubbed “Walking on Sunshine,” that is devoted to all of the contemporary music of…well…recently! Summer music is laid back and relaxed but filled with surprises. Color is happy (isn’t it always?!) with bright Summer pinks, greens and blues popping off of clean whites.  Summer is the time for white to take center stage- it allows all of our Lilly’s to look fresh and Summer snappy!

Hello Ocean! Hello Beach! and Hello Blues! This is a sneak peak of our late May delivery we’re calling “Under the Boardwalk” for reasons that are obvious and reasons we might not want our mother’s to know about. Just sayin’!  Hang in there another month when we unveil our shimmyy, shelliest prints that help celebrate the amazing months spent on the coast!

Summer debuts on this Thursday and hit stores the end of this week.  Make a point to stop in and see our greatest hits from our first delivery!

Placing the Perfect Print

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Special. Unique. Dare we say…Extraordinary! As you know we design every print, every pattern, every stripe, every embroidery in our SPECIAL UNIQUE EXTRAORDINARY print studio. Most of the time, we make these print what we call ‘all over’. So it’s just a print (ummm, as if ‘just a print’ could ever describe a lilly print but that is a topic for another day!). Lately, as you may have seen, we have started making our prints even more SPECIAL UNIQUE and EXTRAORDINARY by taking bits of them out of the “all over” setting and placing them on the dress. It just makes them MORE SPECIAL UNIQUE and EXTRAORDINARY. I mean, we are always wanting to delight you. And for us, MORE is exactly as it sounds…DELIGHTFULLY MORE. Then somehow by making it less of an all over print, these become even more special. How can that be? Let’s chalk it up to the magic of the print studio.

Lilly Loves the Junior League!

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We’re very excited to welcome Susan Danish, Executive Director of The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc., into our Guest House today.  Building better communities through service is something very near and dear to Lilly’s heart and the Junior League and their members embody that ideal so partnering with the Junior League to create a custom Murfee was an easy decision.  We asked Susan to tell us a little more about the Junior League so we could share it with all of you…

Tell us a little about the Junior League

The first Junior League was founded in New York City in 1901 and today there are 292 Leagues in four countries – Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States. There are 155,000 members. Junior Leagues are organizations of women who, through their volunteer leadership and activities, work to improve their communities. Each Junior League is a volunteer led and run nonprofit organization that assesses the most pressing needs in its community and then either creates a program or partners with other organizations, businesses and / or local government to create or build programs that address those needs. Through the decades Leagues have tackled issues like domestic violence, women and alcohol, early childhood education and literacy, human trafficking, childhood obesity, the environment and more.

Junior League members have gone on to found nonprofits, sit on nonprofit boards, run nonprofits, hold appointed or elected offices. Today in the U.S., there are Junior League members in the Senate and House, and one of our most prominent members was the first women appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court, Sandra Day O’Connor. Junior Leagues are diverse organizations who welcome all women who share their passion for giving back and doing so in a meaningful way.

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Printed Perfection

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We know you love hearing the insider stories behind our prints and we love showcasing the amazing work our print designers do on a daily basis. (It’s not very Lilly-like to brag but this stuff is cooool!) Our latest delivery celebrates the fine art of block and stamp printing. And like all of our prints, these were created by hand… literally, down to the carved linoleum and wood blocks used in this technique that give these incredible prints a chic yet slightly imperfect look!

Check out the above creation of our Punch Pink Stamped print made by our beloved print designer, Rebecca! She spent all afternoon carving this layout. Can you spot the giraffes hidden in the leaves?? Flash forward from block carving, to print, to amazingly fun spring styles. Wear this art with a smile knowing so much love went into creating it for you!

And be sure to check out the Worth Blue Pressed print by Jeff and the Painter’s Block and Multi Rollin prints by Stacey.

Let them Eat Cake! [print]

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This week’s spotlight Spring print is absolutely delicious! We asked Paige, who designed the print, exactly what (besides the obvious!) inspired her.  She had a great story to tell so we thought we’d let her tell you herself!…

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Signs of Spring!

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Just in time! What is just popping its pretty yellow head up this time of year? Daffodils!  There is no flower that screams Spring like daffies. So happy!  Is it any wonder we were inspired to honor the daffodil in our spring collection?  Absolutely not- it was a no-brainer!

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Hot to Trot

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Hot to Trot is a print that will go the distance this season. It’s post time for our horse race season celebration and what better way to tip your hat to Lilly than by gracing the grandstands in this thorough-ly fabulous print?!?

This print was created by designer Stacey Novelli. Surely she had visions of thoroughbreds running the steeplechase or a colt bolting out of the chute at the starting bell but she admitted that she maaaaay have been subliminally influenced by her two year old’s obsession with the princess-rescuing white stallions in her collection of Disney movies.  Maaaaybe….

Either way, you can bet on this print to be a winner!

Find it here in the Franco Dress or the Classic Shift.

Lilly Lace Jacquard

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We love sharing the stories behind our prints- there’s always something interesting to tell. (though they often speak for themselves!)  Today, we wanted to share something new- the story behind one of our favorite patterns – the Lilly Lace Jacquard.

Lilly always trimmed her shifts in lace and it is sooooo iconic. Of course we wanted to take that iconic lace and put it on… everything!  So we used it as a pattern to weave right into the fabric- even our bright, happy solids are literally, embedded in Lilly history!  Now, even when you decide to go solid, you are still making an oh-so-very Lilly statement.

Check out our Spring dresses that feature this feminine pattern in a structured jacquard (and you know we LOVE it in every color!)  Don’t forget to ZOOM IN!

Blossom Dress
Fitch Shift
Adelson Shift
Jacqueline Dress

Impressionism Lilly Pulitzer Style

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Our print feature this week focuses on Lilet. This favorite soft and feminine print is part of our Impressionism delivery and was inspired by Monet and his work’s characteristic small & visible brush strokes. If Lilly lived back then, surely they’d call her “Lilet.” [Li-lay for those of you who aren’t following along] And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that a little Lillet may have influenced this print as well. After all, what are you sipping while painting and being influenced by french impressionistic art?! After one glass, everything has a dewey glow!

Oooh… this one’s pretty…. And the details on this are to die for! Casual + pretty = this!

Name the Lilly Pulitzer Spring Prints!

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As fun as Lilly Pulitzer prints are all by themselves, the names of the prints are often just as cute and talked about.  Boy oh boy are our designers clever!  We thought we’d put you to the test this Friday and see if you knew the names of some of our favorite spring prints that celebrate fine art.  And as if that wasn’t fun enough, we’re turning it into a contest!  Here is how it will work:

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