In the Guest House with Jennifer Dittmar of the National Aquarium

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We hope you’ll be as excited as we are about our latest partnership and house guest — we have partnered with the National Aquarium in Baltimore and today, we have Jennifer Dittmar, Stranding Coordinator for the National Aquarium’s Marine Animal Rescue Program in our Guest House! (beach, animal & Lilly Lovers, rejoice!)

Through our partnership, we designed a signature Murfee scarf to celebrate the Aquarium’s 30th anniversary!  Excuse the bragging while we tell you how BEA-U-TI-FUL this Murfee is – we think you’ll love that we featured several of the Aquarium’s residents—the intelligent octopus, the colorful sea stars and the endangered sea turtle (more on them later!) —as well as a secret message hidden in the print!  (so secret we think only the print team knows!)  Of course the folks from the National Aquarium are as excited as were are… We were so thrilled to partner with Lilly Pulitzer on the creation of this print – her design celebrating these magnificent sea creatures coupled with the vibrant and playful colors captures the fun of a visit to the National Aquarium! And so many of us here love that Lilly Pulitzer’s designs are inspired by the sea, we just knew our supporters would love this design too!

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Name that Summer Print!

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Are you up for the challenge?!?  Tell us which Summer 2011 prints we have featured here and you could win!  Enter your answers here, between now and Friday, June 24th at 10am ET, and 10 entrants who have provided the correct answers will be chosen at random to win!

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Mixin’ it up with this print!

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The Worth Shift ~ The Walsh Short ~ The Original Tote ~ The Tate Skirt

What better way to celebrate music this Summer than with our Summer Mix print! Pay homage to the days when creating your Summer soundtrack included a pile of blank JVC cassette tapes, a dual cassette player, 2 record buttons and hours of Casey Kasem!  (what do kids do with their time now that they don’t have to stay at home waiting for American Top 40 and trying in vain to edit out the commercials?!)

Wear your mix tapes out… in a whole new way!

Spin the Bottle – A Playful Print for Summer!

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Admit it! You played Spin the Bottle. School was out, you were in someone’s basement, attic, closet, guest cottage or boat house. Parents were…I don’t know, doing something cocktail-y. You and your Summer friends got the brilliant idea to play…Spin the Bottle. And Jim Macumury was there and you were just p-r-a-y-i-n-g that when it was your turn, you would get to kiss him. (Eek, wait. You can tell when Janie writes the print description because she just looooves to reminisce!)

Aaaaanyway, don’t you have those memories? Ray Bans, cherry Chapstick, playing quarters or kings or whatever old game- eternally barefoot and just trying to get into a little trouble.  Sound familiar?? Well this print is for you!

Dark and Stormy – Perfect for Happy Hour!

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We all know that Lilly prints are constantly inspired by the sea…and sand…and sun. And what’s better than sitting on the beach and soaking in the rays with a fun beverage in your hand? (with those little pink drink umbrellas, of course!)  Well the print studio always gets a liiiiittle kookier during Summer line planning, (as beach vacays, fun drinks, food and friends are what they think about) so it’s no surprise that we looked to our friends at Gosling’s for some inspiration for our Summer ’11 line.

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Lilly Lovers Loving Lace

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I went straight to our Dress Man, Abraham, for the details behind the stunning Battenburg lace — seen (for the first time ever!!) in the latest Summer delivery of cocktail dresses from Lilly.  Here’s what he had to say about this gorgeous new fabrication …

Battenburg lace is lace created by woven tape that is hand stitched together into intricate patterns. Our pattern art work was hand drawn by Victoria Davis and I to create a truly Lilly Lace. Each panel is created by hand; giving each garment a truly unique, one-of-kind quality. The pattern was designed to flatter the figure and curve with the body. The new Marie-Kate style is a great figure-friendly shape and the Bowen is the ultimate strapless dress- we love it so much!

Abraham also gave us a quick Battenburg history lesson which sounded suspiciously similar to this. ;)   All you really need to know?  These dresses are truly beautiful and will cause you to looooong for lace!

From Streaking to Skinny Dippin’

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So when the print team was in Winter Park last year, they were CHALLENGED by a customer (*ahem* Chris Richards- we’re looking at you!!) to bring back the Streaker print. (dare we say anything about the fact that it took a man to challenge us to bring back one of our naughtiest prints?!) All of a sudden, the topic of…being nude (in print, thank you) …was everywhere!

Emails came pouring in…please do the streaker print!; we love the streaker print! Ok, slight exaggeration BUT…Summer makes us so happy we want to throw ON our Lilly and then RIP IT OFF so we cannonball into the  [insert body of water here] pool, lake, ocean. Toiles have become a favorite around here and secretly the print team loves them because we can hide soooo many fun things in them!

So viola- the Streaker print reinvented! Look closely, you never know what you might find!

Don’t Feed The Seagulls!

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Wear them instead!  Seagulls get such a bad rap. Perhaps they deserve it, they can be quite a nuisance at the beach, but right about now, I’d take that summer sound over the white noise here at the office!  So let’s celebrate the seagull this season with two splashy, summer prints – Flock of Seagulls (above) and Ride the Wave (below)!

Check out Flock of Seagulls in our hottest summer dress- the Marisa, as well as Delia dress with the Hotty Pink embroidery.

Ride the Wave comes in one of our Summer favorites, the Sullivan dress as well as the oh-so-cute Avery skirt with a Hotty Pink contrasting belt.

(seagulls making their mark on your dress in print is waaaaay cuter then the alternative!!)

Behind The [summer] Music [prints]

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Hi everyone! Summer has just shipped and I wanted to give you a little behind the scenes on how it all came to be. It’s a long one but preeety revealing (and funny!) Every season I start dreaming…what should the inspiration be? What colors do we want to be wearing? What do we want in the prints?!?!? What can we do that’s pretty…cheeky!?!?!?!

It was last year at this time that we started dreaming about Summer 2011. As we are celebrating Lilly Loves the Arts, Summer was planned to celebrate music and dance. Ummm, I am a huge dancer. Side note: Karen in our sweaters department just had to teach me how to Dougie. It’s a problem. Aaaaanyway… I have always loved music (right now I am listening to Pandora and have made my own Talking Heads station…awesome). I have a million and one stories about going to concerts, being obsessed with bands – I had a HUGE thing for John Taylor from Duran Duran in 6th grade. Doesn’t everyone have that ‘first concert’ story? Or the first slow dance with a boy? (Furman tennis camp. Madonna’s Crazy For You. Carter from Atlanta. Esprit dress.) So the print department wanted to get aaaalll the fun music stories from everyone in the Pink Palace so I sent the email below, COMPANY WIDE (it’s amazing sometimes that I don’t get fired) to get the real juice. And of course, it wouldn’t have been fair for me to ask for everyone’s music memories without giving my own…

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Lilly Flowers For Mom

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1. Cherry Begonias 2. Blue Eyed Girl 3. Twirlers 4. Lilly Fields Forever

Flowers are a girl’s best friend, right? Oh no, wrong; diamonds are a girl’s best friend but we girls DO love flowers.  We love giving them, we certainly love getting them, some of us even like growing them but Lilly girls- well we love wearing them, of course!  And we happen to think that Lilly flowers, the kind you *ahem* wear, make a fabulous gift for Mother’s Day.  And when I say think, I mean we actually sat down & made a list as to why we think the floral prints from our first Summer delivery make an unforgettable gift and will leave a lasting impression on Mom…

Top 5 Reasons Lilly flowers beat real flowers for Mother’s Day…

1. We’re preeety sure your mom won’t be allergic to these flowers
2. No annoying stamen stains (don’t you hate when that happens?!?)
3. Our flowers won’t wilt, drop petals all over the place & then die on you
4. No stinky flower water to toss or vase to clean afterwards
5. Your mom can enjoy our flowers for years and years to come (and think about you each and every time she wears them!)

We’re pretty convincing, right?  And forget about getting her that puppy that you she’s always wanted- go with Lilly flowers and you both win.