Belk Fashion Forward Runway Show

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Ready, set, RUNWAY! This weekend, Belk Crabtree hosted a fabulous spring fashion show alongside the Junior League of Raleigh featuring a variety of looks including an ENTIRE section of Lilly Pulitzer! We were honored to be the final act of the show (you know that saying save the best for last…)?

Some of the top trends highlighted were bright colors, 70s/retro inspired dressing and American originals…looks like Lilly is spot on this season! From the classic shift to pretty peplums, we just loved seeing some of our favorite pieces coming down the catwalk.

Here are just some of the looks we featured:
Alessa Dress paired with Hilary Cardigan
Dusti Shirt paired with Worth Jean
Lottie Dress paired with Hilary Cardigan
Callahan Short
paired with Kade Top and Millie Jacket
Nicolette Dress
Parker Dress

Thank you to everyone at Belk and the Junior League for a wonderful show. We were thrilled to be part of an event that helps to support this important organization. After all, Lilly herself once said, “If you haven’t any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.


Sisterhood Spotlight – Kappa Delta at Miami University

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This week’s Sisterhood Spotlight comes from Miami University in Ohio. These Lilly-loving (and printed letter-loving, I might add) KDs sent us the cutest Pinterest board and we ate it right up – hence why we’re happy to feature these fun-loving ladies on our blog!  Here’s a little from the girls who are probably still recovering from their St. Patty’s Day Shenanigans…

1. School Name and Location
Miami University; Oxford, Ohio

2. Sorority & Chapter Name
Kappa Delta; Gamma Nu Chapter

3. Size of your Chapter and date/year your Chapter was founded
163 members; was established at Miami on March 1, 1958

4. Quotables
Cheer: “Kappa Delta is our pride; we’ll be KDs till we die! Green & white, rose & pearl. I’m a Kappa Delta girl! Hooray for KD, Kappa Dee…. WOOH! Hooray for KD, Kappa Dee!

“Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest since 1958.”

“Kappa Delta is a common bond among a diverse group of people where great friendships grow.” -  This describes our chapter very much since we are all extremely diverse & unique in our own ways, but share our close friendship.

5. The 3 Lilly items from the Spring Collection you’ll surely find in our closets are:
a. The Whitaker Dress
b. The Somerset Dress
c. Callahan Shorts

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Fresh Petals and Prints – Hydrangea

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1/ Powderpuff Embroidery 2/Mini Mariposa  3/ Mariposa Placed  4/ Mariposa print

We think every girls goes ga-ga for hydrangeas, so the fact that we adore them shouldn’t come as a surprise. They bloom in beautiful colors, they make the most amazing hedgerow (it just screams “Welcome to my Cottage by the Sea“) and the fact that they are such a popular wedding flower means seeing them = love — so what’s NOT to love??  If you’re thirsty for some Hydrangea facts, read on!

  • There are over 20 species of hydrangeas, but only 5 grow in the United States. (booo… we want all 20!!)
  • The most popular are the mophead hydrangeas and used mostly in home gardens. They produce pink, blue and white blossoms.
  • Annabelle hydrangeas resemble the mopheads, but only produce white flowers. They are a popular plant to use as a hedge because of how easy they are to trim. (but really, we think we like the pink, purple & blue!)
  • Oakleafs are native to the U.S. and grow white cone shape blossoms.
  • Paniculata hydrangeas are the largest, growing between 8 and 10 feet tall as well as wide-a pretty way to create backyard privacy!
  • Lastly, Lacecap hydrangeas grow more in woodland areas and have a center blossom resembling the baby’s breath flower, with a typical hydrangea blossom outlining the edges. Read More

Let the Prints Do the Talking!

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Pink Twinkle
There are so many cute – slash – fun – slash – LILLY names of our favorite flower of the season- the Lily! When we were looking through the White Flower Farms catalog (an absolute GO–TO in the spring to ogle over blooms to buy) an adorable lily name caught our eye… the Pink Twinkle.  And it was, of course, a PINK lily! Put that pink lily in a print and *instantly” – it adds a twinkle to your eye! PERFECT on a Spring in Bloom Lilly dress.

Day Lilly
At this point we have made it very clear that we love pretty…in excess. OK. So we’ve established that.  Well the Stella de Oro, the star of this print, embodies what Spring 2012 is all about- pretty, pretty, pretty! (see- we’re totally excessive) We love the pink & yellow combo with just a touch of green- it’s a reminder of the green we see starting to peek out here on the East Coast!

Spring Fever Toile
You know so many of our secrets so we will let you in on yet another…we love to hide things in our toiles. In fact, we are becoming experts at it. There is something so devilish about Spring Fever…a stolen kiss, a long lunch that turns into a boozy afternoon (please don’t tell Brad & Scott), playing hooky! This pretty toile says Spring, and look closely, it illustrates all of the things we want to do when the weather turns warm!

Lavish Lillys
We are blooming BIG with this one. We just…can’t…hold…back. Exuberant would be one word – LAVISH is another. Stacey drew this print from a pretty bouquet we had in the print studio and once we saw it…we knew it had to be BIG. Flowers are beautiful…and when you get TONS of them it just makes you happy – like this print!

Sisterhood Spotlight – Delta Delta Delta at University of Florida

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When the cold weather sets in, Brynn Harbert, Catalog Producer here at Lilly, daydreams about her days at University of Florida as a Tri Delt.  She thought we could use a little sunshine here at the Pink Palace so she reached out to her Delta, Delta, Delta sisters and had them send in their pics for our Sisterhood Spotlight feature.  Something about that sunny weather that brings smiles to everyone’s faces.  Yup- these girls are just what we needed for a little pick-me-up this Friday!

1. School Name and Location
University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida

2. Sorority & Chapter Name
Delta Delta Delta- Alpha Psi Chapter

3. Size of your Chapter and date/year your Chapter was founded
183 sisters & 1948

4. Quotables:
“Right now, I’m hoping for Tri Delt,
For from the first I felt, it’s here I belong.
I know that tomorrow won’t change the way I felt.
For me, it’s just Tri Delt, from now on, from now on.”

5. The 3 Lilly items from the Spring Collection you’ll surely find in our closets are:
a. The Whitaker Dress
b.The Picture Perfect Espadrille Wedges
c.The Mimosa Skirt

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Patterns and Prints, Prints and Patterns

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One word: PRETTY.  We think that best sums up our latest Spring delivery. I mean, sure, we’re biased but c’mon, this delivery has all the makings… lots of pink (here, here and here), beautiful blossoming prints (here, here and here) and patterns that pop (here, here and here).  It’s just March 1st but February, January, December — they’re all HISTORY – Spring is blooming and we’re celebrating it’s arrival with Pretty Pink Perfection!

Fresh Petals and Prints – The Lily

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1. All a Flutter 2. Powder Puff Embroidery 3. Call Me Kitty 4. Day Lilly 5. Pink Twinkle

Celebrating the Lily flower was a no-brainer during our Lilly in Bloom year – the Lily is one of Lilly’s favorite flowers! Of course our print designers love them too because they have so much to work with – there are so many varieties they could work with.  But… the Lily we all fell in love with, the one we’ve captured in the “Day Lilly” print, is the Stella de Oro. It’s beautiful, it’s delicate and it smells great but we ADORE the fact that it blooms all summer long- just like us Lilly girls! (well duh, Lilly girls bloom all year but that’s a lot to ask of flowers!)  Find out more about these stunning stems!

• Lilies come in many different colors: whites, oranges, yellows, pinks, reds and purples, but the white ones actually have the highest level of fragrance while some of the other very colorful ones do not have any scent at all- who knew?!
• If you want to prolong the life of your very pretty Lily flowers, remove the pollen stems! You can easily do this by pinching them together and pulling them out. (DO NOT do this in one of your LWDs!)

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Lilly Pulitzer Chroniclers Program

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We are very excited to launch a new research program here at Lilly called “The Lilly Pulitzer Chroniclers.”  Our customers are some of the most passionate in the fashion industry and we absolutely love hearing from you.  Our customers also happen to have A LOT going on in their lives (the ultimate social butterflies, you are!) and we truly want to understand more about what your every day looks like.  We’re hoping you’ll let us take a peek inside your life by becoming a Lilly Pulitzer Chronicler! Find out more about this program and why you should apply today!

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