Stirred: Honey Mint Lemonade Cooler

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When life gives you lemons, make a Honey Mint Lemonade Cooler. A crisp blend of bright flavors, this Stirring’s beverage is perfect for all of your September parties. 

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Honey Mint Lemonade Cooler Recipe

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Style Seen: Sarah Vickers Layered in Lilly

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Sarah Vickers (Classy Girls Wear Pearls) layered up in the Lilly Fall Collection this week. Our feminine colors and patterns make three-piece dressing extra chic. Take a cue from Sarah’s favorite layered looks and give it a try this season. Shop and pin her styles:

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White After Labor Day

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If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun! Calling all delinquents…we’re throwing the old rule out the window and here’s how we are wearing white after Labor Day:

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Fall Style Seen at the Pink Palace

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Dress code at the Pink Palace is A-L-W-A-Y-S bright no matter the season. See how our newest Fall arrivals are being worn around our headquarters (aka the Pink Palace) this week. Make sure to pin and shop your favorite looks and visit our Style Seen Pinterest Board for more ways to give your Fall wardrobe a chic reboot with Lilly.

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Inspiration from the Roaring 20s & The Great Gatsby

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Our newest fall delivery takes its inspiration from the roaring 20′s & The Great Gatsby. It was SUCH FUN…the book floated around the print department and then we got real…we rented the movie. Late afternoon the lights went out in the studio, we all got comfortable (think Beach Pants & Skipper Popovers), brought in tons of naughty snacks and…watched a film. Ahh…we have the best jobs!

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Print Worth Celebrating: Amuse Bouche

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In French (language of all things chic), an “amuse bouche” is a bite–sized appetizer that teases your taste buds in anticipation of the main course; translated literally, it means “mouth entertainer.” We pulled the spots right off the cat for this feline–inspired print and we know it will keep you entertained…just wait and see what the main course will bring! SHOP THIS PRINT



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Virgo Horoscope

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It’s time to celebrate the zodiac sign- Virgo! Check out your horoscope below and click HERE to order our Virgo Murfee.


Virgo Horoscope

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Lilly Online Endless Summer Sale

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You’ve TWEETED. You’ve FACEBOOKED. You’ve LIKED. You’ve COMMENTED. We’re JUST as excited…it’s ALMOST here. How often is Lilly not full price… ummm… essentially NEVER!? It’s time to get sale savvy so you are ready to shop the #lillyonlinesale beginning at 8 AMish EST on Monday, August 19.



Free shipping? YES! Shop on phone or tablet? YES! We’ve answered ALL of your questions HERE.

OUR #1 TIP: In preparation, you might have marked your Lilly agenda, set your alarm or even taken off work, but have you thought to create your Lilly account in advance? It’s our #1 TIP and click HERE to see how.

Once you’ve successfully created your account, we will have your credit card, billing and shipping information pre-loaded for a faster and easier checkout experience. Remember- just because something is in your cart does not mean it is reserved. You must completely check-out before the product is unavailable to other shoppers, and due to high order volumes, inventory availability is not guaranteed.

Created your account? Read our Sale FAQs? Alarm Set? OKAY- you’re officially sale savy and ready for Monday!

Stirred: Sangria

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ALWAYS a favorite- Sangria is perfect for large summer soirees or fall gatherings. See how our friends at Stirrings dress up this juicy drink:


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