Pink & Green In Barcelona

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Thought I’d post a pic of this great pink and green apartment building from the Gracia neighborhood in Barcelona. Just gorgeous! I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas with friends and family and that you were not stranded in an airport for the holidays! 


An Unexpected Tradition

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Barcelona, the capital of the Catalonian region of Spain, is home to some very different holiday traditions. Unexpected and quirky (something we always appreciate at LP) we stumbled across La Canco Del Tio yesterday. A log of wood decorated like a little man that children here take care of (feed and cover with blankets) leading up to Kings Day on Jan 6th. On that day they beat him with sticks and throw him into the fire, hoping that his ashes and smoke will materialize into gifts. ** That is a VERY loose interpretation of the story, my Catalan is not very good so I may have missed some things while getting the explanation… Hoping everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season thus far!!


A Colorful Casa

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 Barcelona’s most famous artist/architect Gaudi, constructed this house on the Passeig de Gracia in 1906,  commissioned by a local bourgeois family, it now sits between Escada, Hermes and Cartier- not too shabby, when can I move in??

Look How Much Fun We Had!!

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Get Those Buns To Bloomies NYC!!!!

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Neveeever before have we done such an offf the chain, awesome, event! Today in NYC at the Bloomingdale’s 59th Street Store we will be hosting this one-of-a-kind Lilly event with your chance to have a hand painted print from our print designers made for you while you wait! Shop around, buy a Jubilee dress, get a priceless Lilly Pulitzer piece of artwork. I don’t know why you aren’t grabbing your coat and ear muffs as you’re reading this…Be there. 1-9pm.

Fun With Paper

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Found this awesome Russian artist today and absolutely love her stuff.  So colorful and fun- kinda like us!! haha. This is all stuff she made out of paper: c-r-a-z-y cool! You can check out the artist, Yulia Brodskaya here.

Nice Rocks Harry Winston

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H-dubs has unleashed some fierce photographs featuring, canaries, mallards, snow leapords, owls and the such. Each animal has some blinding bling worthy of a queen. 

Finishing up your Christmas List ? Hit up Harry Wintson.

Gather Round This!!!

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Incase you haven’t heard and I don’t know how you wouldn’t know by now, but we teamed up with Steinway to offer an exclusive 50th anniversay edition of the Lilly-fied Baby Grand Piano. I am musically challenged but I wouldn’t mind having one in the living room just to show off, haha.

Driving In Style…

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Some more Lilly Jeep sightings: Our Sarasota Retail Store Girls, Santa in Philadelphia outside of The Children’s Boutique, a cute pooch at Cabana in California, Stephanie L. a loyal customer at Pink Sorbet in South Carolina, and outside of the Splash of Pink in Westport, CT.  If you spot the Jeep send us a pic so we can post them!

Jetting Off For The Holidays???

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We’d love to hear where you are traveling for the holidays! Tell us about your favorite resorts, get-a-ways, and vacas for the fam. What’s in your must have vacation wardrobe? What is your comfy plane outfit?  I’ll be Feliz Navidad-ing it in Barcelona this year and cozying up in the Clara Belle on the plane there. Where will you be?