Dress Like The First Daughters!

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No one could stop talking about how cute Sasha and Malia, President Obama’s two daughters looked on Tuesday at the Inauguration…They also couldn’t stop talking about how sad it was that you couldn’t buy those jackets for your little loved ones. Well.. this morning on The Today Show they featured OUR Autumn Coat Bows paired with a satin sash so your Lilly Lover can look perfectly presidential herself!

Click here to see the clip from The Today Show!!!

A “Jolly” Joy Ride

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This is the CUTEST car I have ever seen!! Bright color, wicker seats, and an optional fringe top…where do we sign? It was the ultimate Mediterranean beach buggy in the late 1950′s. These babies can get up to 59 mph and a whopping 52 MPG!! 32 Jolly cars were used as taxis on the island of Catalina off the coast of Southern California in the years 1958-1962. And if you needed more of a reason to hunt one down, Aristotle Onasis had one ( yes as in Jackie O’s husband).

Candle Sleeves?

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KaarsKoker = Candle Sleeve (it’s Dutch). A fabulous, unique way to jazz your light fixtures, spice up your chandeliers and change the whole ambiance of a room. We LOVE these! And I know I went a little crazy with the pics but they are works of art in themselves! These things have been seen in restaurants, storefronts and even mixed in with wedding decor. Hailing from Seattle, WA and started in 2004; April Pride Allison the creator, plans to add more products to the line in the near future.

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A Hidden Gem…

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Did you know that underneath the Ferragamo flagship store in Florence there’s a Ferragamo Musuem? Their current exhibition is dedicated entirely to color called..”Creativity in Color” said to celebrate his footwear as “works of art that speak through their colors and mark their true identity…” Hmmm.. speaking through color..we know some people that do that too ; )

Incase you were wondering:

Entrance from Piazza Santa Trinita 5r, Florence,
tel. +39 055 3360 456/455
fax +39 055 3360 475
Tickets: euro 5

Facelift For The Whitehouse…

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Michael S. Smith was officially named for the interior redesign of the Obama’s Whitehouse in the up-coming months. He is well known among high-profile celebs and loved for his ability to warm up a room through design. Hailing from California, he’ll be using his sunny aesthetic to brighten up the Whitehouse. He’s rumored to have already started shopping and in a recent statement released that he will strive to showcase some contempory American artists per the family’s request. Maybe they’ll be needing some framed Lilly Pulitzer original prints….?

You can head to Domino to check out some of their fav Smith rooms. We love this bathroom- a man that knows how to highlight pink peonies is fine with us!

A Preppy Pooch Indeed…

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Hi all!

Incase you didn’t catch it- the Lilly Pulitzer/Mascot dog collars and leads were featured on the Martha Stewart Show on Monday Jan 12!! You can watch the clip here too! I think it’s right about 6:30 min into it. Martha loved our colorful canine accessories soo much she got one in each print for her two french bulldogs. Tres chic.

Barbie Is 50 Too!

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Looks like its quite fashionable to turn 50 this year! Barbie joins us in our celebration of the big 5-0! Word on the street is that Mattel will be joining in on fashion week in NYC this February when life-size “Barbies” will hit the catwalk in 50 designer looks…hmmmm….

A Colorful Comic

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Happy New Year! Resolve to stay young this year :) Fill your house with playpen balls or marshmallows or something…

Ring In The New Year…. In Pink!

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Hi everyone.. Enjoying the last few hours of 2008? Steaming out that gorgeous Jubilee Dress to wear tonight?? Lilly Pulitzer wishes you and yours an adventure-filled, raucous and rowdy, Happy New Year. All the best wishes of good health and happiness for 2009.

We’re so excited for the fun to come next year as we continue to party through our 50th Jubilee celebration! Hope you’ll join us :)

Cheers to all!

Send us some pics of your New Year Parties in pink! (

Champagne For New Years Eve…Obviously

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Champagne wines earn their title through strict french regulations; the grapes must be hand picked at harvest time,  the vineyards are inspected regularly and most obvious, it must hail from the Champagne region of France. I love all champagnes but not to bore you with a never-ending list here are just a few:

5 Favs for New Years Bubbly:

1.Veuve Cliquot La Grande Dame  ($185ish)

2. Krug Grand Cuvee ($130ish)

3. Bollinger Grand Annee ($135ish) * a James Bond favorite*

4. Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label ($45ish)

5. Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage ($50ish)

**Splurge a little: They say champagne tastes best when served from a magnum sized bottle ; )