A “Golden” Opportunity…

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Ok… So remember how I said I didn’t know of any more ways to get tickets to the Martha Show… wellllll it just so turns out I do! We’re breaking our own rules over here at LPHQ and we’re divulging the prize for the 25th Golden Ticket- A PAIR OF MARTHA TICKETS!!! ( **Insert screams of pure joy here**) There have been 20 Golden Tickets found out there in Lilly Land (a.k.a.- anywhere you can buy Lilly Pulitzer) and #25 could be yours! For a little refresher on the Golden Ticket head here, please don’t get all pink&green with envy over our lucky 20 winners thus far, we still have 30 tickets left!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( I know, a little over kill on the exclamation points, but give us a break we’re excited.)

Martha Update!

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Good Morning and Happy Monday All!

We wanted to give you a Martha update…the show is slated for March 11th and I just received word from someone at Martha that they need to know what we’ll be wearing! As you can imagine this is a VERY hard task for us Lilly girls. We have to choose our outfits this far in advance- yikes!!!

To all of you who have written me asking other ways to get tickets, sadly I have nothing for you. We were in the same boat and could only get a few tickets for people from The Pink Palace. Please by all means, show your support and tune in for the show. I will also be sure to post some behind-the-scenes and out-take pics!

Now, for everyone that is going… WHAT ARE YOU WEARING!?!?!

Fall ’09 Photo Shoot- NYC

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We’ve returned after an amazing few days in NYC shooting our new Fall product and it looks totally fabulous (obviously) ! A comfy, stylish collection that packs a few suprises, as always with Lilly clothes. There was a lot of sugar-rush induced dancing and feather fights on this shoot. What else would you expect from Lilly??

Spotted: Lilly Jeep At Fashion Week!

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Yikes! It’s been so long and we’ve been SOOO busy!! We’re currently at the Fall 2009 photo shoot but we haven’t forgotten about you all. Even though we’ve been locked inside the past couple of days we couldn’t help but notice the city is buzzing about Fashion Week!! And they’re all talking about our Lilly Jeep. Parked out front of the tents, Lilly-clad yummy male models are chauffeuring around fashion editors and bringing a smile to passers-by. Here are a few snaps for your enjoyment.

“Holey Donuts!”

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This Valentine’s Day show someone your sweet side with some Pink Velvet Strawberry Frosted Donuts! Ok, ok, so it’s a little quirky and not traditional but that’s precisely why we love them and of course because they’re so pretty. (Psst- these only have 3g of fat) Thanks guys, for making Donuts cool again ;)

We’ve Got Some Golden Tickets…

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Join us in some good old fashioned fun with our new Jubilee Golden Ticket Promotion ! There are 50 tickets in stores nationwide and you could find one at a Lilly Store near you. Just like Wonka, one of our grand prizes is a trip to headquaters, a.k.a “The Pink Palace” where all the magic happens. (Disclaimer: our wallpaper does not taste like snozzberries, so please refrain from licking if you happen to win this prize.)  

We’ve already had 3 winners! We’ll post more about them next week… For now I’ll keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you with an oldie but a goodie.

Happy Friday!

Have You Heard?

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We’re doing a stationery line, (and wrapping paper, journals, coasters, cards, party favors, etc.)!!! And… it’s sooo awesome. It’s hitting stores soon- sorry we can’t give you more details than that for now but all you need to know is that it’s already all the buzzzz around here and everywhere else people are getting a sneak peak!

Martha, Martha, Martha!

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OMG! We are sooo excited! The Martha Stewart Show is going to do another segment on Lilly Pulitzer this Spring! They loved our dog collars soooo much that they are going to have us back on the show AND….. they want Lilly Lovers in the audience too!

Stay tuned for more details on how you can get on the show!

Inspiration Of The Moment

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We are loving GREEEEEN today! And how could one not be inspired by this amazing photo forwarded to me by a friend. Golden Stingray migration off the coast of the Yucatan Penisula…breathtaking.

Domino Is Done For??

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It was a sad day indeed when we found out yesterday that the March issue of Domino Magazine will be its last. We don’t get down very often here in the Pink Palace but today we’re boo hooing over the closing of this inspiring design mag. In a NY Times interview with the editor, she explained, “We tried to create a marriage between the beautiful image magazines and the useful service magazines”. “Editorially, we did what we set out to do, and in this economy, sadly, that’s not enough.”

Sad indeed. You’ll be missed.