Day 2: Sites and Eats

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Our time here has been flying, with most activities centered around great meals… Dinner reservations start at 11pm over here, making our ressies in NYC seem like the geriatric special…  To prepare for the cuisine, I’ve been watching Mario Batali and our girl Gwyneth Paltrow’s program on the Food Network. An impeccable chef AND guest designer for Lilly Pulitzer…is there anything Gwynie can’t do?


My travels have provided the perfect opportunity to test drive some new styles from Lilly.  I’ve literally been living in my Sherman tunic dress, and now (proudly or embarassingly, however you want to describe it) own it in 3 different prints.  It was perfect for a jam packed day of sightseeing and earned extra credit as the sun set for cocktails. 


We spent the afternoon today touring a certain someone’s world famous Gardens… as it happens, a part of this town is owned by friends of LP, The Count and Countess de Lesseps.  Small world!  Is anyone else thinking that the Real Housewives Global would be mildly entertaining?


Where are we?

Day 1: Arrival

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Just yesterday, I was seated at my desk at Lilly HQ under fluorescent lighting in desperate need of highlights and a sun tan.  7 hours of flying time, 2 glasses of merlot and 1 ambien later, I’m seated at a cafe determining our plan of attack.  I’m traveling with my siblings, no parents on this trip… Not sure why we’ve waited until our mid-twenties to do this, but it’s fantastic (sorry mom & dad)… 

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Where In The World We’re Wearing Lilly

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We’re going GLOBAL! And by that we mean… we want to have some fun with you all. Here at LPHQ we are quite worldly and we all l-o-v-e to travel. From now on when we go somewhere fabulous we’ll be sharing it with you! But here’s the catch.. we’re not telling you where we are!! You’ll have to guess. Of course we’ll be blogging about fun, friends,food and posting pics, but you won’t find out where we’ve been until we get home. Hmmm let’s see how well traveled you all are….

Lilly Intern Update!

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Here’ s little something our marketing intern Rhianna put together:

Now that you have met all of us summer interns, we thought we’d give you a chance to get to know us some more! This week we’ll tell you a bit about the day our adventure with Lilly started as we finished the sentence, “When I first found out I would be interning for Lilly this summer I__________.”


Elizabeth Fryer: When I first found out I would be interning at Lilly this summer I WAS SO EXCITED I CRIED AND CALLED MY DAD AND MOM.


Alyssa Palladino: When I first found out I would be interning at Lilly this summer I ran around my house jumping and screaming, my roommates thought something was wrong until I told them then they were excited with me! I called my parents right away to tell them and they were really excited too, then I called my boyfriend who responded “oh, that’s cool”, not the best response, but I was still thrilled anyway!!!! Then I updated my facebook status! (haha, I had to brag to everyone else, of course!)


Hadley Deming: When I first found out I would be interning at Lilly this summer I cleaned out my wardrobe to get ready for a fun, bright, Lilly-filled summer!


Chelsey Breidenbach: When I found out I would be interning at Lilly Pulitzer, I ran to the car where my boyfriend was waiting and then jumped up and down (with joy of course).  Then I sent a text message to each and every one of my friends to let them know how awesome my internship would be before heading to a celebratory dinner!  


Jill Merrigan: When I first found out I would be interning at Lilly I went shopping for vintage Lilly. They say that Lilly lasts forever!


Rhiana Wells: When I first found out I would be interning at Lilly this summer I immediately started jumping up and down crying I was so happy! I then called my mom, who also started crying, and my friend Maggie(who was the most excited about me applying for the internship!). The next step was to send out a mass text to all of my friends, of course! That whole day I couldn’t stop smiling! When I met Lilly herself last year I told her I was hoping to intern here at HQ and she was so thrilled to hear all the details of my interview. Now I am the one that’s thrilled to be spending three months learning more about my favorite thing in the world: Lilly!


Danielle Fichter: When I first found out I would be interning at Lilly this summer I was SO EXCITED!! I had just returned from studying fashion in Florence, Italy and was anxious to get to work! I couldn’t wait to meet the merchandisers and other interns!


Lindsay Mead: When I first found out I would be interning at Lilly this summer I  was ecstatic! I was so excited, happy and speechless. I have been living and breathing Lilly for so long and have always dreamed of interning with them, turns out my dream came true.  I have been working for them indirectly at a Via Shop for the last 5 years and now to be working at corporate is unbelievable. I am able to apply all I have learned in my internship thus far, plus learn a whole lot more. I am able to see how everything is designed, made, ordered, and shipped. I love knowing who is behind the scenes and to see and meet all of the talented individuals who bring it all together. It is truly amazing and I am so fortunate to be here!


Stephanie Zlotnick: the first thing I did when I found out I was interning at Lilly was visit their website and find out about all the exciting products and events! 


Christine Kuehn: When I first found out I would be interning at Lilly this summer I… went straight to my closet to pick out my favorite Lilly outfit to wear on the first day!


Sarah DelRicci: When I first got the call from Kristen that I was offered the internship at Lilly, I was so excited! I ran around my sorority floor telling everyone, and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have this internship. After that I don’t remember exactly what I did, but it probably involved looking on the Lilly website to pick out all of the amazing clothes I knew I would be buying this summer!


Lauren Johnsen: When I first found out I would be interning at Lilly this summer I…


…became even MORE thrilled to be on spring break because I was in PALM BEACH! It was too perfect☺ I spent the week thinking about how excited I was to spend my summer working to help people enjoy the fabulous Palm Beach lifestyle regardless of their actual geographic location!


Cute Movie Alert!

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Just saw the trailer for the new movie about Julia Child…Julie & Julia. A girl starts a BLOG (how appropriate for us to be sharing) and makes Julia Child’s recipes for a year 365 days! Looks adorable.

Summer Is Here!

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The official first day of Summer!! Happy happy to everyone. Maybe now the weather can get nice up here? If you haven’t put all shoes that require socks away by now, DO IT! Replace your daily skin cream with Hawaiian Tropic and let your hair air dry. Stir up the lemonade and grab a good book. Even if you have to work tomorrow at least you have today! (Throwing out some Cape Cod love in this pic)


Rubik’s Cube Revealed!

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Because I know you have always wanted to know how to solve a Rubik’s Cube. Thank you YouTube.


More Intern Bios!

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Here is a little bit more about the rest of our summer intern class of ’09! We welcome them all to The Pink Palace! Click below to read about them!

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Kelly Ripa Turning Lemons To Lemon-aid This Summer

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Check out Kelly’s new charity collaboration with The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund and Electolux Appliances. This summer you can open a virtual lemonade stand and invite friends on Facebook and Twitter to visit for a chance to help you win some sweet loot for the kitchen and most importantly help raise money for ovarian cancer awareness and research. You can customize your stand’s color, signage, name and even choose 3 flavors to open up shop with. What a “cool” idea!!! (*pun absolutely intended.)

Brooke Shields Hits 1020 Madison Ave!

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Brooke Shields and Town&Country Mag hit our Madison Avenue Lilly Pulitzer Store by storm last Tuesday night. There were over 300 people (invite only) who squeezed in to join the fun and share in our celebration of color. Brooke was there to promote the Colorful Cause designer collection done with 8 other celeb moms with proceeds benefiting EBMRF. You can check out these celeb styles at your local Lilly store or shop online! Come on, it’s for the kids (no really, it is.)