The New Print Studio Mascot

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The newest and by far the cutest member (sorry guys) of the print studio has just arrived…. read on for the details!

Lilly Land…

SSSSHHHHH. We have a secret in the print studio. I may get fired but we are all in SUCH HEAVEN that I have to spread the word. We have a puppy. She is sitting in my lap RIGHT NOW and her name is LOLLIE. She is a Japanese Chin and she weights about 3lbs. She is ABSOLUTELY the sweetest yummiest most adorable thing in the entire WORLD. Torie, one of our fabulous print designers rescued her, so she does have more of a home than just the print studio…but we like to call her ours. A mascot!

As you may know Lilly Pulitzer had a wild crew of print designers in her day. They lived in Key West and had a free-loving family studio. We want to carry on the tradition. As Lilly tells it, when the Key West studio would get chickens, they ended up in prints. When the bougainvillea exploded into hot pink flowers after a cold snap…it turned up in the print.

So as you can see EVERYTHING that goes on in our lives – and in yours (when you send us emails or pics) end up in our prints. We have a guppie print coming up called Oscar & Chloe…they were some swimming friends we had in the print studio for awhile. AND NOW LOLLIE!

What critters do you have running around to love? Please send pics and their names :)

OH, and if I get in trouble for housing the cutest critter in the world, I have a defense. She has an EXCELLENT sense of color. Her favorite shade of all? Duh…pink. It matches her belly.


New Print: Queen Of Green!

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Did you know we made a special print so you can show your friends you’re all about going green? Reduce, Re-use, Re-Lilly! Check out the new addition to the Originals Collection NOW!

Helllooo Lilly Land!

If you don’t know by now…well I am going to have to spank you. This year Lilly celebrates LILLY LOVES GREEN…and the year is flying by. I am having a complete heart attack that when I walked into our Ardmore, PA store yesterday the SUMMER product was already on the floor. I just made plans for Memorial Day… and my pool opens in 15 days. I need to get bikini ready asap! WHEW, let’s not focus on that right this second. I can put off the gym for a few more days right?

SOOOOO, I get a lot of calls and emails from friends saying “Janie I want this, love this, hate that” (rarely get the hates). My email is full of fun tid-bits from around the Lilly world. EVERYONE tells me what they think of the line…and I love it. I learn SO MUCH from what people love and don’t love. For a while ALLLLL I could hear about was the panda. Which thrilled me because it was one of my fav prints ever! The latest to clog my in-box? DEFINTELY our new ‘queen of green’ print. Especially in accessories! It is a hit and here’s why…

it’s adorable.
it helps you raise awareness for the green cause
it has lots of cute Lilly hidden messages in it

hmmmm…when a print is right it is RIGHT! the best part, it comes three ways! More to love :) So if you love it you can love it more. For clothing it has a white ground and in accessories we popped it with pink. and how can we forget the print comes blown-up and green for our reusable shopping tote!!!! SPECIAL. LOTS OF IT!

I bought out the store yesterday of Queen of Green SOOOO if it is sold out fast don’t tell me I didn’t warn you! Just send me an email :)



Store of the Week: Pink Tangerine

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We are so excited to celebrate PINK TANGERINE, a new Via Shop located right on the water in beautiful Kennebunkport, Maine!


Owners Brian and Caroline Lane have carried the Lilly line at their fabulous Green Tangerine boutique for years!  But not surprisingly, Kennebunkport’s Lilly Lovers wanted even more Lilly, prompting Brian and Caroline to open Pink Tangerine right next door!

We LOVE the charming New-England setting of the store – could the pics be any cuter???  And if you are familiar with Kennebunkport, you already know that Caroline is recognized among locals for her great taste & fashion sensibility – we are confident that Lilly is in great hands in Kennebunkport!


Not wanting to deprive local Lilly Lovers of their Lilly fix late last summer, Pink Tangerine had a soft opening last year, which was of course very well-received!  And this summer will be even better – Pink Tangerine has gotten much love and care during the winter months, and we can’t wait for you to see this beautiful store with all its finishing touches!  Congratulations Pink Tangerine & here’s to a sunny summer in Maine!


Pink Tangerine

11 Western Avenue

Kennebunkport, ME

(207) 967 – 8308







Spring Safari Tell All!

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We are still spinning from an amazing evening in NYC Janie was dying to dish the details so here it goes!

Ohhh Boy!

We did it!!!! We turned NYC into a big pink print party. The museum was a buzz with celebs (Clare Danes! RUFUS from gossip girl…so many more but I am slightly bad with names!) and Lilly Lovers – I am not sure they have recovered…I sure haven’t!!!!!

I the night started walking up the steps of the Museum of Natural History. There were men and women wearing Lilly sprinkled all over, walking from across Central Park, getting dropped off in taxi’s or cars…they were everywhere!

Once I walked in I went through a ton, ton, ton of photographers with their flash bulbs popping. Amazing. All the press was there!!!!!

Next to the bar the print team – dressed to the nines I may add – was painting all different sized canvases. Insane. People were is awe! Jeff did shells, Paige and Torie worked on a large canvas together of flowers. Stacey and Reba had smaller exquisite paintings. All breathtaking and auctioned off to raise funds for the museum!

Ok, ok, ok. So exciting to re-live. Dinner! Literally 600 people dressed in their Lilly best descended the stairs to the Hall of Ocean Life. We dined on fish (hmmmm, ironic but yummy!) Under an 80 ft whale. All of the tables were aaaamazing, but mine! SO FUN. Filled with friends (love you Jules and Errett), editors (Vogue! Harper’s!) , creative directors from other fashion houses (Richard from Michael Kors!). It was a hoot!!!!

After dinner?!? The stampede continued back up the stairs to the Hall of African Animals. I saw Veronica Webb carrying the table centerpiece (a hippo topiary!) Up the stairs to bring home! We walked in and….aaaaamazing music! Everyone dancing. The black eyed peas I my fav! Special PINK LILLY’s (cocktails) that made sure everyone was a able to get down.

More dancing. More giggles. More chatting. More (many more) pink lilly’s. Was it midnight already?!?! As I descended the stairs out of the museum I had a smile ear to ear. Life is good. New york loves lilly. Lilly loves to party!


Read more about the event! Here are a few more links!!

The Huffington Post

New York Social Diary

WWD Lifestyles

Paper Mag

Daily Front Row

Getting Safari Ready!

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We’re getting all the final details in place for tonight’s big event! Janie just HAD to drop a line and check in with the Lilly-faithful…

I am headed to NYC for the Museum of Natural History’s Spring Safari…and I am so excited!!!!!! I have my gorgeous pandamonium gown with hot pink sash. I just keep thinking of how lucky I am to work for such and amazing brand. I promise to give a full report on the event, but first I have to dwell on how happy I am today!

Just out is a cute blurb on our soon to be released Queen of Green print. Have I written enough about our Originals collection!?! It is just incredible to celebrate the heritage of this brand. Anne Slowey from Elle is incredibly chic (like wrote the book on chic-ness that’s how chic she is) and it is amazing that she recognizes the power of Lilly!

So anyways, on my way into NYC I called Lilly herself to tell her all about the insane night we have planned. She is such a hoot!!!!! No one wants us to turn NYC upside down MORE than Ms. Pulitzer herself! I am calling her back over bfast (which I am sure will be late and hearty if the champagne is flowing and I have a pretty good hunch that it WILL BE) to give her every detail. I’ll blog for you! If you are flying over NYC tonight and see a pink glow – that’s us bringing the museum to life!

Tons of love! xx, Janie

Store Of The Week: The Cabana

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Another Via Shop opens their doors in paradise! Just want the excuse you need to escape to Grand Cayman! Go visit the new member of our family Cabana, Now Open!!

The Cabana at Camana Bay is now open and they are thrilled to be the FIRST international Lilly Pulitzer Via Shop! 50 years ago Lilly Pulitzer created a style and brand that bears her name and embodies an easy, fun-loving attitude- a casual sort of elegance and something that is fresh and timeless for all people seeking fun in the sun! New owner Leslie Bergstrom at the Cabana wholeheartedly embraces Lilly, the gorgeous style and above all- COLOR!! Vibrant hues have become a trademark of Lilly fashion and the banner for island living and resort life. The Cabana also boasts some amazing hand picked local artwork featured at our little corner shop. Ornamental garden furniture by Karoly Szucs, shell encrusted mirrors by Heather McLaughlin, commissioned paintings by Hannah Cook, and beautiful hand-knit flowers and hats by Jeanne Brenton…just to name a few! The entire staff at Cabana are beyond excited to bring you an assortment of all things Resort Chic! They’ve got it all, bags and baubles, sandals and swimsuits, surprises and smiles.

Store Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-7pm

Come Stop By:


On the Paseo at Camana Bay

10 Market Street #131

George Town, Cayman Islands, KY1-9006

p 345.945.PINK

The Rollins Round-Up

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It took us a few days to find her, but we did! Janie has been on a whirlwind tour of Florida but she’s back for a bit and checking in with Lilly Land…


I JUST got back in town for Easter. I spent the first half of the week on a GLORIOUS spring break with my girls. Hit all the Florida hot-spots. As I mentioned last blog, it all started with a weekend at Rollins. Hmmm, sounds like a much longer explanation is needed and I promise it is PG.

I went to Rollins. Loved it more than life itself, last weekend was reunion weekend, we decided to throw a party in the Lilly Pulitzer Winter Park store to celebrate. That about sums it up!

I flew from freezing-and-not-nearly-springy enough Philly to warm-sunny-lovely-and-perfect Winter Park. If you are out of the loop, Winter Park is outside of Orlando and the cutest town ever. GREAT SHOPPING on the main drag aptly named Park Avenue.

I went down with Torie one of our very fun and talented print designers – who is also smart enough to be FROM Winter Park. Genius.

I walked into the store with paints in hand and Mary Lane, one of our most devoted and spectacular customers, was at the cash-wrap pouring pink champagne. YAY! This is just what I was hoping would happen. We set-up our studio outside the store and painted the day away. Saw tons of old friends and made lots of new ones.

Doesn’t everyone look great! I want to airbrush my chubby arm so please ignore that part J

I met a new friend Chris who CLEARLY has exceptional taste. He was wearing vintage Lilly Men’s Stuff which just slayed me. Pelican print knit polo circa 1960. For Chris and me it was LOVE at first sight! He gave us some GREAT, GREAT, GREAT and slightly insane print ideas – which we completely plan on incorporating IMMEDIATELY. Lilly in SPACE? Chris! Please take your meds J Dorothy, how do you put up with this guy?

Another old friend Caroline came by with her lovely, lovely family. I have to shout out to Vivia her 8 year old daughter who wants to be a DOLPHIN TRAINER. So cool. I painted her a dolphin and she drew me some incredible Lilly artwork. If the dolphin thing does not work out you are welcome in our print studio ANYTIME.

Here they are:

On Sunday I drove to Sarasota through the most insane FLA rainstorm ever! Made it in one piece. More to come on that…have to go now. It’s FRIDAY! Easter weekend! Have a wonderful holiday and PLEASE eat way too many chocolate bunnies. LYTM.



Rollins Alumni Weekend!

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Join Janie at the Winter Park Lilly Pulitzer Store today to celebrate Rollins Alumni Weekend!

Hi friends!!

I left for Florida last night! Yay yay yay. I had some minor issues packing there is sooo much good spring Lilly I had to BREAK my golden rule of only packing carry-on. I needed my own plane. Think I could get a Lilly jet?!?!?

I am going to be visiting lots of my favorite spots…the first being WINTER PARK. Have I blogged this a million times? I went to ROLLINS. It was l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y heaven on earth. The Spanish architecture. The insane shopping on Park Avenue. The adorable boys J. The four years FLEW by.

This is a picture of the campus. I did not doctor it. The pool is the center piece. I promise you take classes there too. I DO have a degree :)

Sometimes when I am in my office – and it’s winter – and I am bogged down with work I dream about Rollins. To be honest, my job is so amazing I rarely have to daydream…but IF I DO…sunny Rollins is always involved.

I try to get back once a year. I have never been big on reunions…but THIS trip just happens to coincide with my hmmm. I’m not going to tell you what number. It just happens to coincide with a REUNION. I have noooo idea who will be there but can’t wait to catch-up with everyone! I am planning to be at our store from 2-6 pm on Saturday (the 27th) to paint prints and help everyone shop. Torie – one of our fabulous print designers AND Winter Park native will also be there. IT WILL BE A BLAST. Please come by if you are in the area!!!


Store Of The Week: Pink Paddock

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We are wild for our new store in Saratoga Springs NY, and wanted to share the good news with you! We are so proud to have owners Kim Burton & Steve Snyder on board!  After 5 successful years of selling Lilly in a smaller location, they have decided to relocate to a beautiful, bright, and spacious new location at 358 Broadway!  The BEST part is that the bigger store of course means MORE LILLY for Saratoga Springs!

We’re located at:

Pink Paddock

358 Broadway Ave

Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

(518) 587-4344

Curious about the name Pink Paddock???  Well, we’ll have you know that Saratoga Springs is home to the country’s oldest continually operating Thoroughbred horse racing track & site of the annual Whitney Cup event! The Whitney Cup event got Lilly-fied last year, and be on the lookout for news about “Lilly meets Whitney,” for this year’s big event!  In case you were wondering Saratoga Springs is also abound with ORIGINAL Lilly-Lovers, including many inner-circle friends & several members of Lilly’s own family!  AND, to top it all off, Saratoga was often referred to as the “Queen of Spas” among the Victorian elite – what more do we need to say?!  We can’t think of a more perfect place to have a new store!We welcome them to the family with open arms!

We wanted to share some details from  the Grand Opening of the Pink Paddock this past Saturday & it was a blast!  In case you missed it, the Pink Paddock has fun things going on all the time, so check it out!  Skidmore girls, this means you!  We want to keep our party going & know that you can help ;)

You can Fan Pink Paddock on facebook too!

Spring Safari!!!

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Janie has been dying to dish the details on the Spring Safari and now she finally can! We can’t believe we’ve managed to keep it on the DL for this long…


I NEED A DRESS. EEEEE. A black tie (aka in Lilly Land = LILLY OR LOUDER), red carpet, New York City, dinner and dancing DRESS. I am going to have you help me with the details. Please, please,  please read on and vote. As Fashion Director I should just make what I want but I want to know what you think is the cutest!!!!! It’s more fun to do it together anyways.

So big, big, big news is that Lilly is the official fashion sponsor for the American Museum of Natural History’s Spring Event. OF COURSE with all of our PROTECTIVE PRINTS for Spring we have renamed the event….drum roll please…Spring Safari!

Here’s the invite, isn’t it TDF. Soooo many celebs are going – and the who’s who of NYC. I am very excited because I have friends coming in from Chicago, and many friends from NYC alllll buying tickets. It will be a HOOT.

(All the info will be on the Lilly website VERY soon!!)

To give you an idea of the space we’re working with, the sit down dinner will be held in the Hall of African Mammals, followed by dancing and drinks in the Hall of Ocean Life. It is incredible.

So, back to me. A dress! I knew right away that I wanted to use the Pandamonium print. Also knew I wanted some kind of PINK SASH. So we have choice A: front sash or B: center pink trim. What will make me look THE MOST CHIC AND GORG. I feel like the long is so old school Lilly…designed JUST FOR ME by one of our print designers (JEFF! The grumpy one J).




I will tweet all night from the party. It’s not till April 15th but I am already in a tiz. Vote fast for the dress, we need to MAKE IT! Custom Lilly just for me. Aren’t you jealous! Next-up…hair and make-up, have to get that sorted. AND SHOES. A bag? OK, time to stop typing and get to the very important business of planning my outfit. More later.