Warehouse Sale!!

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The thing I love about Lilly, is that we are ALWAYS in it together. We celebrate our successes together (summer is a hit!) and we sell off extra merchandise together. The warehouse is an amazing opportunity for everyone in the corporate office to bond. We pack boxes, stack boxes, hang, sort, check-out…wearing sneakers and warehouse sale t-shirts. You KNOW we are normally decked in wedges and chic dresses, but for a few days we are all just working hard, sweatin’ it out!

This year I got the GLAM job of the check-out line. NO, that does not mean I get to work the registers. They know how I am with math so Emily in accounting won’t let me even touch a scanner. I manage all of the wonderful people with full shopping bags looking for a register. It gave me a chance to chat with shoppers to find out what they love and I got tons of great feedback. My biggest take away? Well, you know I am the eternal optimist, but my biggest take away is that I am the luckiest person ever. Lilly Pulitzer is an incredibly unique brand that attracts the NICEST people. The cutest shoppers ever. Polite. Smart! I am not just saying this. I spent 8 hours a day chatting and these are all facts :)

If you have not been, get your buns to the warehouse sale TODAY or TOMORROW. Ro deserves one thousand massages and hugs for all of the hard work she has done to get the sale to run so smoothly. PAT also deserves one thousand massages for taking such good care of us. BRAD AND SCOTT, are you reading?!?!? Get Ro and Pat gift certificates for a massage immediately. I will do it for you and put it on my company card. Hee Hee. They give me a company card! Have they lost their minds?!??!?! It’s Friday and I am not working the sale tomorrow. It is my daughter Tiki’s 6th birthday and we are going to have a HUUUUUGE backyard pool party. Wish me luck, it is going to be a doozey. Sending tons of love on this gorgeous Friday. Get to the sale. Hug Ro!



Lilly At The Devon Horse Show!

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It’s that time of year again… the interns have arrived at the Pink Palace! We’ll be featuring some of their adventures throughout the summer so sit back and enjoy…

Hey!! I am Taylor Angino (THAT’S ME AND CARSON in that pic!) I am one of the summer interns here at the Lilly Pulitzer. I am assisting both the Production Development Team and the Accessories & Footwear Team. Lucky me, I also get to help out with fittings and with the Print Team when they need me. It’s a lot. It seems like everyone here does so much – I love it…am learning a ton every day.

So why am I here?  I LOVE and BELEIVE in the brand of Lilly. Throughout my life I have worn Lilly to every special occasion – whether it was giving the commencement speech at graduation or the first night of cotillion. We talk a lot about the emotional connection the brand has with you or me…all our customers, and I am the prime example.

This past week I went to the Devon Horse Show and took a couple pictures of people wearing Lilly – and needless to say there were LOTS of Lilly Lovers!! From little girls to sorority girls to women over 75 were all wearing LILLY at the Devon!! I also happened to run into the fashion man himself Carson Kressley. He was so nice and agreed to take a photo with me (he is wearing the pants that he helped designed from last summer!!) I have posted some pictures of me and some Lilly Lovers from the horse show down below. If you’re looking to brighten up your upcoming summer festivities, I am loving the Bowen Dress and Mckim Wedges for you ladies and I’m in LOVE with all the Peter Blazers and Capri Trunks for us guys!! Enjoy the pictures!!!

Friend Always,


The Ultimate Summer Faux Pas!

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Poor Janie, she learned the hard way… but she’s here to share and tell you what NOT to do this summer…

All right people. I have committed the most obvious summer faux pas…already. I am an idiot. I am acting like a teenager. Ready?


I mean…I got a really really really bad sunburn. I can’t walk, sit, sleep…wear clothes. It’s a problem J

This is how it went down. I became a spinning fanatic (that bike class at the gym). I am so healthy! It relieves the stress (yes, even happy-go-lucky me gets a bit stressed over her pink and green sometimes). Anyway, spinning. My savior. SO WHAT DO I DO? Buy a bikini…duh! A lilly print bikini of course.

I do not look QUITE like her in my bikini, but in my mind I do J

Boardwalk Bikini Ties

It was the Sunday of Labor Day and my bff Rachael comes over to the pool with her family. The kids are running around and we get in hysterics over how badly we want to roast in the sun. Just to feel the wonderful SUNSHINE. The warmth. It was a full-on-summer-moment and we lost our heads.

Just to be clear, there was NO sunscreen involved. Of course we slathered up the kids. Any child that walked within a 3 inch radius of my lawn chair I spritzed with spf 800. But me? No no no..I wanted to ‘roast’ with Rachel.


Well, needless to say, I am glowing. That night Rachel and I plus all our FUN friends went to a lobster night party together. It was SO amazing except that I looked like the main course. Not so much my face as my chest, arms and ooooooh my gooooodness… new spinning tummy. My tummy that I have been working so hard on and was so excited to SHOW in my lilly bikini, is SCARLET. I did not wear the bikini to the party but you know what I mean. I am afraid I have 3rd degree burns. Of course I have showed everyone in the office (we are very close here, no secrets) and they cringe. Poor me.

OK, so here’s the deal. Please wear sunscreen. Please learn your lesson from me. Please use two coats on your nose. Please remember to do your HANDS (they show aging first!). Just slather your entire lovely lilly body in SPF. For me.

Besides my red skin clashing with my lilly pink, life is very very good. SO happy summer is here. Feeling extra content and happy. Hope you are all loving the summer season.

Sending tons of love.

xx, Janie

Memorial Day Weekend Fun!

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Janie is back to share her plans for Memorial Day Weekend….busy, busy- we’ll be sure to ask her for pics to share next week!


I am on the train. Right now. Blogging to you. I aaaadore my job but the thought of a long weekend has me c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y giddy right now.

I have the events, the outfits, the cookouts, the gardening…the make-the-most-of-every-second weekend planned.

Tonight? Lobster night at our golf club. So excited. Going with my very good friend Wendy who makes me laugh until I can’t breathe – love her! The problem with lobster…stinky. Clothes need to be wash and wear! I am planning on the long petula with a wedge. Having cocktails on the grass requires a wedge, I love our new Lilly wedge because it is…you guessed it…the highest one we make :)

Lilly Wedge

Tomorrow? Tennis clinic at 7:30am. Will I make it? Not promising anything BUT it is a new cardio clinic where they blast Beyonce as the girls and I run around in our whites. Sounds pretty fun right!?!

Tomorrow night – cookout. Bathing suit and cover-up. New skinny mckims. I am brining this new delish orzo salad I learned how to make at a cooking class called ‘cooking with herbs’. Lots of basil and parsley – v v v good for you. No mayo. Semi-healthy I promise. won’t believe it. Another lobster night (different place) followed by some crazy band! Yay! Kick the shoes off!!! I am thinking the Blossom dress?

Blossom Dress Printed

Monday…the Devon Horse Show. What a treat! My girleees love the spinning strawberry carni ride and I like the cute horse show shopping. Oh – there are horses too. I know, v important to watch :) promise I will pause from the shopping, pink lemonade and yummy naughty food to watch the horses :) I think I’ll wear my carson patch shift. Kinda have to right? When in Rome!

Worth Shift Grandstand Patch

Isn’t it just HEAVEN that Tuesday seems so delightffully far away! Hurry train. I need to get home and get this weekend started!!! Have fun everyone – summer is Lilly time and summer starts NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!! xx, Janie

Wrapping Up With In The Pink…

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Wrapping up an amazing week of Lilly loving in Massachusetts our journey is coming to an end…

FINALLY – we would have been exhausted at this point if it hadn’t been so much fun! – the next morning, we arrived in Mashpee!  The in the pinkstore in Mashpee is located in Mashpee Commons, where it seems to me you can get just about anything, including your Lilly of course!  And thankfully, in case you are wondering, this is THE Cape location that is open year-round to get your Lilly fix!


Now, the only in the pink store that we missed on this trip was in Hingham…but this is  a store that YOU won’t want to miss!  Located in the Derby St. Shoppes, you can pop in this store any time of the year & get a GREAT selection of Lilly items – be sure to check it out for yourself!  Even pop in on your way to the ferry if you need to stock up on some Lilly essentials…like a murfee scarf perhaps?


Thank you all for sharing in my fun trip as I toured the amazing and truly unique in the pink locations. If you are looking for a very Lilly-fied escape, I think you can see what my recommendation is J Our perpetual muse Jackie would definitely approve!  So don your best Shift Dress and hit (ALL) the fabulous in the pink stores this summer!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a quick recap of the trip from our Visual Director Jose!

 Happy Summer!


Travelling With In The Pink Continued…

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Hi everyone it’s Jen back again to share more on my amazing trip in In the Pink Lilly Land! …

Bright and early the morning after we toured the Newbury Street store, we were off to Nantucket, which of course necessitated a ferry ride! (How fun!!) Now, I did make us work a bit on the ferry (groan!), but the good news is that we were planning some really fun events for this coming summer (so you will be glad that we worked, even when the view from the ferry was so spectacular)!  Discovering Nantucket and the in the pink store there has been one of the best parts of my job – I think every Lilly store should be so bright & sunny (and of course just steps away from a beautiful harbor!).  Alicia, the Store Manager is a year-round Nantucket Islander & has really showed me the ropes!  The best part is that she makes me think of what Lilly herself must have been like when she was Alicia’s age – need I say more to make you want to meet her?!


The next morning we were on one of those super tiny Cape Airflights – and I’ve learned that you have to pray for NO FOG, or you’re stuck (but at least your “stuck” somewhere so beautiful)!  But thankfully we had a glorious day for weather, and we were the only 4 people on the plane – so we kind of convinced ourselves that it was a private arrangement LOL!  Rebecca from in the pink is a bit of dare devil so she sat by the pilot (wow!), while Jose, Jess & I held hands in the back because we were a bit scared!  But within 20 minutes we were stepping out on wonderful Martha’s Vineyard! 

 The in the pink store there is also located about a stone’s throw away from what is probably one of the best waterfront views EVER – kind of made me forget that I was working! Like Nantucket, it gets a little sleepy around Edgartown in the winter, but the good news is that the in the pink team has been hard at work unloading a mountain of boxes of fresh Lilly product!!

 Thankfully the 4 of us were on hand to help!  You have to love that feeling of all of the best summer Lilly prints spilling out of the boxes – just the sight of it makes your heart skip a beat because you KNOW that summer is finally here!  Dresses hung, mannequins styled, doors open – the in the pink store in Martha’s Vineyard is READY for YOU!

Now the ferry ride back to Hyannis was a little bit choppy (blah!) – but this was worth it because we were heading toward one of my favorite spots in the whole country – the Cape!  A good insider secret is that, when in the pink was looking to open a store in Chatham, they just happened to stumble upon… a PINK HOUSE!  It obviously was meant to be, and the only way to describe this store is CHARMING!  It’s the kind of thing that you have to see in person to love as much as we do – I actually have caught a lot of people taking pictures of the store because they think it’s so adorable!


More fun to come tomorrow!



Store Of The Week: In The Pink

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Hey Lilly Land! Another amazing feature on a fabulous store! This week we are inviting Lilly Lover and Pink Palace native Jen Raines to take over the blog and share with us all about her travels! Look forward to more posts by Jen this week! Enjoy…

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Store Of The Week: Leapin’ Lizards!

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If you haven’t stopped by Leapin Lizards in Ridgewood, NJ lately, you don’t know what you’ve been missing!  Last summer, this store was taken over by Jackie Rick-Nellis, a Ridgewood local and long-time  Lilly Lover!  When it was looking as though Ridgewood might lose its only source of Lilly Pulitzer, Jackie stepped in and decided to make the store her own – we could NOT be happier that she did!  Jackie’s contagious energy & many community connections make her a fabulous person to own a Lilly Pulitzer Via Shop!  Every time we turn around she’s made another great improvement to the store or added another personal touch!

And if you haven’t seen her busy in the store, you very likely might have seen Jackie out and about in Ridgewood, supporting many local schools & other organizations that are close to her and her family.  This charitable flair is oh-so-Lilly and we are very proud to be associated with Jackie’s community efforts!  As the highlight of Jackie’s very full Spring event calendar, she is supporting a wonderful event hosted by the Oasis Foundation in Ridgewood on May 13th.  This event will be held at Wyndberies Restaurant.  For full details, please call Leapin Lizards!

Send them an email!

Find them on Facebook!

Leapin’ Lizards

250 E. Ridgewood Avenue

Ridgewood, NJ 07450

(201) 444-1300

Doing Good On Derby Day!

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Our friends at In the Pink in Massachusetts are coming together for a benefit to support mitochondrial disease this Saturday! If you’re in the area please attend! The Derby, a fabulous location and cocktails…what more could we ask? How about a Hat Contest sponsored by Lilly Pulitzer?! As promised tips on Derby hats from Janie are below! Cheers!

Saturday, May 1st 2010
4:00-8:00 p.m.
5th floor Rotunda,
The Liberty Hotel, Boston

Cocktails & Gourmet Treats

Auction, Games, Raffles, Fabulous prizes &
Ladies Hat Contest

Watch the live Kentucky Derby race in high style!

Click here to reserve your tickets now
or call 800-239-7939 to reserve by phone.


In memory of Sandra K Russell, who died from MELAS in 2008, proceeds go to support MitoAction’s mission of patient support, education, and advocacy for those suffering from mitochondrial disease

What to Wear:

Cocktail classy. (Ladies, hats encouraged!)

Janie here with some Derby Hat tips!
It used to be that it was improper for a woman to leave the house without her hat. Times have changed! We are not accustomed to wearing over-the-top fashion hats! If you are more conservative, wearing a hat IN ITSELF is a big step. Choose a hat with a brim that suits your face and frame. Make sure that you will be comfortable….you won’t loose yourself in your hat or topple over form the weight :) If you are more daring, honey this is your moment to shine. There are no rules…just go for it.
Just as much attention should be paid to your gorgeous locks, if not more so. The hat will draw attention to your hair and face, so be sure to ciof! Try not to tuck every last strand or wisp into your hat, let your hair be a part of this experience. Choose your favorite lipstick to bring out your eyes.
At Lilly Pulitzer this is our favorite tip every day, hat or no…be confident. If you adore it, wear it with pride. Confidence speaks volumes…so get out there and have fun! Wear your hat, don’t let your hat wear you!

It’s Derby Week!

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Do you Derby? The week ahead is mighty busy but Janie had to drop in. She’ll also be writing about Derby Hats later in the week so stay tuned!

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