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Name: Beth Dunn
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  1. Matchbook Strikes Our Fancy

    Will have to check it out!

  2. Escape Artist

    Love all those patterns!

  3. It's Derby Week!

    OMG that looks so pretty! Have so much fun. I totally Derby. I can’t wait to hear all about it. I can’t wait to go to Lexington this summer, but the Derby? OMG so jealous. xoxo

  4. Rollins Alumni Weekend!

    I almost went there! So glad you are having some fun.

  5. Store Of The Week: Under The Palm Tree

    I just love a Lilly Pulitzer store! It is like heaven on earth to me. I could never pass one by without stopping in for some cheer. xoxo

  6. Janie Flys South

    I live for PB! My cousin was just at the 4Cs there. Staying in lux hotels is a total love of mine too. Enjoy! xoxo


  7. Pack Your Bags For Paradise...It's On Us!

    Oh I know exactly what dresses I will bring! I hope I win. xoxo


  8. Beep, Beep... Meet The New E-Lilly!

    OMG! I must have that. It is too cute. I’ll ask Santa.



  9. World Record Cupcake!

    MessageThat is awesome! xoxo

  10. What's In Your Getaway Tote?

    You are so chic! I’m going to tennis with my son and my bag has 2 water bottles in it. Have fun and enjoy xoxo

  11. Florida's Natural

    So true. I do love getting a little messy and your origins should remind me of that whenever I proudly sport a LP outfit. Will do! xoxo

  12. Inspiration Of The Moment

    Really fun to have chic antiques to decorate a work space. Love it!

  13. Flip Flop Frenzy!

    All my pedicures match Lilly!