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  1. Behind The [summer] Music [prints]

    Great blog entry! Can the boys play too? My first great concert was Bob Dylan and The Grateful Dead, Foxboro MA, 1987. I was in High School but the ages at the concert ranged from pre-teen to true hippy aged 50+. A sea of tie dye, smoke and… cross-generational good feelings I learned from my quasi-hipster Mom and her collection of vinyl albums. As a little boy I’d listen intently on the floor for hours. I can still smell the shag carpet. At the concert in ’87 I spent an hour solving the world’s problems with a college girl wearing not much more than an American flag and a top hat. It was among the last of the great 1960’s legacy tours and the accompanying peace, love and unity. Phish and their brethren carry the musical torch. Lilly supplies the flare! Hooray for Jane Schoenborn!