Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2014 Collection

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Shop our Fall #Resort365 Collection

This fall we continue our yearly theme of “A Story Written in the Sun” with a trip SOUTH. That’s right, we’re breaking the fashion rules, throwing out the heavy fabrics, wool ad constricting nature of traditional fall and creating our own version. Lilly created American resort wear and broke the rules by living in Florida year-round. In fact, we have friends all over the world and no matter where we travel, our suitcase is always filled with the easy, bright styles that embody a carefree lifestyle. It’s just DELIGHTFUL. It’s just SO LILLY. The best way to prepare for a change of seasons is a new wardrobe, and this fall collection takes you through the hottest days of the year to shorter days with less sun (boo!).

What’s the saying – age is a state of mind? Well, we are applying the same theory to FALL. It’s only a name… Lilly lives every day under sunny skies. We’re not saying the F word… we stand for #RESORT365

Get right to it… Lilly Pulitzer New Arrivals

Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2014

Bonus: live the #Resort365 life by changing your mobile background to one of our custom hand-painted wallpapers:


Lilly Pulitzer Resort 365 Wallpaper

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