A Day in the Life of Visual Merchandising

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Have amazing style? A creative visual eye? Business savvy? Quick thinking? LOVE shopping? Then Visual Merchandising is for you! Our Visual Merchandising Team organizes all of our ahhhhmazing products in Lilly stores to delight our customers. And as they say, you either have the eye or you don’t. The Team knows our Lilly girl the best… her wants, needs, shopping patterns and how she operates. At Lilly, there isn’t a right or wrong way, just the LILLY way.

Lilly Pulitzer Store

The Visual Merchandising Team highlights all of the special product details our Design Team has created each season. They make sure all of the wild prints, chic silhouettes, and artistry comes to life in all of our stores. They are the experts at what the entire company is encouraged to do.  It’s up to them to show the happy, carefree resort lifestyle we stand for through our store.

Lilly Pulitzer Window Display


They come up with the solutions to questions like… is it best to fold or hang a style? Which prints look best next to one another? For Lilly’s assortment of bright colors, it’s all about striking the balance visually. For instance, with our multi-colored spring print, “Elephant Ears,” the visual merchandisers grounded it on display with another color like Shorely Blue or Resort White and then popped it with a green or pink to tie the entire story together. At Lilly, the full color story has to sing!


Lilly Pulitzer Liz Shift Dresses


The Visual Merchandising Team constantly travels to each of our stores to give them lots of visual LOVE. Each Lilly store is unique, so they must adapt their ideas to fit the special personality of each location. Major job perk – not only do they get to play with clothes all day in some of the chicest & sunniest locations, they pick out the wallpapers, chandeliers, furniture and vintage prints to showcase in each store. They work closely with the Lilly Print Designers when it comes to store design and direct their artwork.

Want to be a Lilly Visual Merchandiser? Their best advice… gain experience from working in a Lilly retail store. It’s the best way to become an expert on how the Lilly girl shops and our visual standards. #LillyDreamJob

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