Day in the Life of the Lilly Creative Campaign Team

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Sending our customers Lilly LOVE in the mail each season is one of our favorite things. But did you ever wonder about ALLLLLL of the steps that go into making our STUNNING catalog? Seriously, who doesn’t keep their Lilly catalog forever? Models, glam squads, photographers, video crews, & the Lilly Print Designers, are just a few of the people our Creative Campaign Team works with to produce each season’s catalog and other marketing pieces.

Lilly Pulitzer Glam Squad  Lilly Pulitzer Spring Shoot

Once our Design Team has plotted the line for the season, the Creative Campaign Team dives into the upcoming shoot’s mood and look/feel. Our latest Spring campaign gave a nod to vintage Lilly and our Palm Beach heritage. Traveling to our favorite resort, The Breakers in Palm Beach (P.S. Everyone envies them for getting to stay at the chicest resorts), the Team even styled shots with baby lions since Lilly herself loved cats. The hair & make-up inspired by Brigitte Bardot and layers of gold accessories created the perfect old school glamour vibe.

Lilly Pulitzer Inspiration Board

Lilly Pulitzer Jewelry on Set

While the team is EXTREMELY fun, they are non-stop shooting all day beginning as early as 4 AM (Hellloooo… lattes). As soon as the sun rises, everyone is ready to go for the first shot. The Creative Campaign Team has just a few days to make the style out of the Spring Collection they presented to the Lilly Design, Communications & Merchandising Teams come to life. Every shot’s theme, inspiration, props & specifics are planned out beforehand by the Team (aka swipe). The models are shown inspiration before each shot, so they know exactly what is trying to be communicated. At the same time, the Lilly Print Designers are painting artwork to layer onto the photos. This is SO unique in the fashion industry but at Lilly we’re all about PRINT, PRINT and more PRINT, so it’s only appropriate. After shooting/painting like crazies until sundown, everyone on set OF COURSE celebrates with a group dinner…. so many toasts!

Lilly Pulitzer Print Designer

The Creative Campaign Team leads the art direction of the catalog each season and uses their skills in graphic design, styling and communications to make it an “I-am-keeping-this-forever-piece.” They make an amazing finished product, even when factors out of their control come into play… yes, even resorts get a little windy or rainy at times. We’re shooting Summer 2014 shortly… so join the entire Pink Palace and cross your fingers for no rain. xx.





Lauren McKinzie

Posted on February 27th, 2014 at 10:34pm

Thank you so much for this post! I love learning more about this amazing company and it would be my dream one day to work in the creative communications department!



Posted on February 27th, 2014 at 11:41pm

So what about your writers? Certainly your amazing creative team relies on the writers to make all the pics and glam truly inspiring. Lets give them a shout out!



Posted on March 15th, 2014 at 9:38pm

When do the clothes in the late spring catalog come out on the website? I am obsessed with the airy shift in metallic dripping sands…..:)