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Welcome to the Guest House! Lilly Girls, meet Katherine Lande. Katherine knows ALL things Palm Beach and just launched a SUPER CHIC new website called The Deux Luxe. Plus, she’s the Fashion Editor at Palm Beach Illustrated. First things first, Katherine, tell us what you love most about Palm Beach.

Hi Lilly Girls! One of the things I love and appreciate most about Palm Beach is the history. This tiny island has so many wonderful tales and storied pasts. From Henry Flagler building the iconic Breakers Hotel and Flagler Museum, to the rumored creation of the bloody mary at Taboo, and of course, Lilly and her infamous juice stand. And that’s just to name a few!

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What kind of content can Lilly Lovers find on The Deux Luxe?

The Deux Luxe is a lifestyle website that features curated inspirations for infinite possibilities for a well lived life. At the beginning of each week we post a series of images that inspire us, and the rest of the week is how we incorporate those weekly inspirations into our everyday lives, via fashion + style, interior décor, entertaining, epicurean delights, and philanthropic involvements. In addition, we feature interviews with some of our favorite local Palm Beach tastemakers + stylesetters. We love this quote from Vogue icon, Grace Coddington, “Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Because whatever you see can inspire you.”

The Deux Luxe via Lilly Pulitzer


You’re a fashion and style EXPERT. What are the style tips you live by? 

This is such a great question! Here are a few style tips that I review with private clients or when speaking at trend presentations.

1. Know what works best for you. Your personal style, body type, and everyday life activities all play into how you should dress. This sometimes takes a bit of thought and homework, but once you know what truly works for you, it will change the way you dress and shop.

2. Purchase pieces that will help build a useful wardrobe. Start with the basics you’ll end up going to constantly, for both day, night and weekends. Once you have your everyday wardrobe necessities, you can add on from there with great color, prints and trend-on pieces.

3. Its great to stay updated on trends and what’s happening in the fashion industry, but it’s important to know how best to incorporate them into your everyday looks. A good starting part is to play with trends through accessories… it’s normally the safest way to try something new and fashion forward.

4. Don’t be afraid to take a risk. I hear way too often, “I could never wear that.” As long as its apropos (review #1)… Then go for it!

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What is your favorite piece in this year’s Resort Collection?

The Bronte Shift Dress in True Navy…I adore anything beaded or embellished. And a chic maxi dress works wonders for so many different types of events. I’m hearting the Emmett Maxi Dress in Bright Navy In the Groove and The Deanna Maxi Dress, in both True Navy Bamboo Geo Lace and Va Voom Purple Wanderlust. And I’ve been living in my Castaway Iris Bubbly Scarf, perfect for layering up in Palm Beach.

Lilly Pulitzer Resort Collection


We LOVE your guest pins on the Lilly Pulitzer Pinterest. Lilly Lovers- see all of Katherine’s Palm Beach Lifestyle & Entertaining Pins here. What’s your best entertaining advice for our followers this holiday season?

When entertaining I always try to keep things fun, easy and personal. This time of year everyone’s schedules are jam packed with many holiday events and social engagements, so I feel like personal touches make such an impact on creating a different experience for your family, friends and guests. Whether it’s a handwritten note instead of a proper invite, homemade cookies for dessert, or your own playlist mixed for the occasion, any personal touch is what people enjoy and remember the most. Happy Holidays!

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You should design a print for Ms. Lande called
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