Guest House: Lin Mac Master from the American Cancer Society

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Lilly LOVES American Cancer Society! We’re celebrating American Cancer Society’s 100th birthday with our exclusive Lilly Loves Hope print (20% of the sales price donated to ACS- SHOP HERE). We talked with Lin Mac Master, American Cancer Society Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer, about how the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G organization has led the way in saving millions of lives.

Read about Lin’s journey with the American Cancer Society below and  join us in-stores and online this Saturday, October 12 to SHOP AND SHARE THE LOVE. We’re contributing 10% of Saturday’s sales to the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer program!

Plus, check out the limited edition holiday card we created for ACS to spread joy, hope and awareness. 100% of the net proceeds from the Lilly Pulitzer holiday card will support American Cancer Society’s fight to end cancer.

Lilly Pulitzer American Cancer Society


Welcome to the Guest House! Lilly Girls,meet  Lin Mac Master, American Cancer Society Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer. Lin, meet our Lilly Girls – they can’t wait to get to know you. First things first, tell us all about the American Cancer Society and the amazing work you do.

Lin: Thank you! I’m thrilled to be visiting with you today. This year, the American Cancer Society celebrated its 100th birthday. During the last century, we’ve led the way in saving millions of lives. We are the nation’s largest funder of cancer research next to the federal government; we advocate for laws and regulations and we help cancer patients and their families with programs and resources to help them stay well, get well, find cures and fight back against cancer. We also have the largest fundraising programs that engage millions of our supporters worldwide.


October—it’s a huge month for the American Cancer Society and we’re so excited to partner with you as part of it. In your words, why do ACS and Lilly work so well together?

Lin: I joined the Society as a 10 year breast cancer survivor. Finishing this fight is both a personal and professional battle. This is not a fight the American Cancer Society can win alone; we know it will take an army to end this disease. That’s why we are so proud that Lilly Pulitzer is supporting our efforts throughout the month of October to help us provide free help and resources to the 1 in 2 newly diagnosed women who turn to us for support, invest in research to find cures, and ensure access to mammograms for women who need them. Without the help of corporate partners like Lilly, we couldn’t offer nearly the amount and level of support that we currently offer to those battling this disease.


It seems like everyone has their own special way to style a scarf – how do you plan on wearing the Murfee?

Lin: What a great question! Due to the nature of my job, I tend to wear a lot of suits to work. I plan on pairing the Murfee with my suits to bring a splash of color and fun to my outfit. I also plan on adding it to my weekend wear, especially on the golf course!


So, we sent the Lilly Print Designers to makeover a room in your Hope Lodge facility in Atlanta…and we were TOO excited about the REVEAL! Can you spill some of the details of what the Hope Lodge network does for families and who benefited from the makeover?

Lin: The Atlanta Hope Lodge facility makeover is simply amazing and truly means so much to the American Cancer Society and to our Hope Lodge guests. Our network of 31 Hope Lodge locations offers cancer patients and caregivers a free place to stay when their best hope for effective treatment may be in another city.  I personally love Lilly and so I am so excited about this makeover as the Lilly makeover allows us to create an even more home-like and cheery environment for our guests that will certainly make their temporary home even more comforting during this difficult time.


Ok. We just loved talking with you! Now, what’s a great way for our Lilly girls to get involved in their own towns?

Lin: It’s been my pleasure! Lilly fans can get involved in one of our Making Strides Against Breast Cancer events, the largest network of breast cancer awareness events in the nation that unites nearly 300 communities. We hope to see many Lilly fans join us at our walks this October (or other months in some of our warmer climates!). Find an event and register your team HERE.


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Do you have a facebook and/or wallpaper background of this pattern? It is my all-time favorite Lilly pattern. Especially because it helps cancer <3