Janie does Paris Design Week

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Last week, Janie (VP of Creative Communications) had the PLEASURE of traveling to Paris to attend Paris Design Week. We know…We know…best job ever. Read Janie’s stories about the chicest fashions and collections of art (okay… and shopping and food… and champagne) that inspired her:

Paris Design Week Lilly Pulitzer

DAY 1:

Tiny cobblestone street, tiny galleries filled with modern art! My favorite items were animals (think lions) printed on Lucite. We are having a lion moment in the Lilly Print Studio, so they immediately caught my eye. LOVED how fresh things looked printed on Lucite…you may see that in store design sometime soon. OH OH OH and don’t tell but it all got me thinking that I should find some real animals to shoot with our styles for Spring ’14 (I want an elephant). Stay tuned. Gallery hopping followed by excessive consumption of fois gras and champagne.


DAY 2:

Shopping. Shopping, Shopping. Heaven. Heaven. Heaven. I died in Collette – I died in Hermes. I bought a new handbag in Tara Jarmon (she’s like a French Milly). Too many shopping bags- I had to fly in my boyfriend to help me carry them. He was EXCELLENT at the job. Convinced him to take me out to dinner to celebrate purchases…I ate so much fois gras I may turn into a duck.


DAY 3:

The Pompidou Center. MY FAVORITE MUSEUM. I am a sucker for pop art, and they had a giant Lichtenstein exhibit. I was captivated for hours. It’s amazing that he did all of his art in 4-5 colors ONLY. I am feeling like Lilly needs to reinvent our pink & green – make it look new again. What do you think? Art followed by more fois gras and to mix it up…pink champagne.


DAY 4:

Have you heard of 3D printing? OMG it is out of this world…literally. Machines just bigger that a bread box can print 3D objects. It is hard to wrap your brain around, but it is the future. Had to work off fois gras so walked up the inside of the Arc de Triomphe (Did you know you can go inside! It’s SO worth it.) then across the river to the Eiffel Tower and walked up that too! To balance exercise we then had…guess…Fois Gras. YUM. So not sick of it yet. Oh, and champagne.


Before we left, my cute BF and I put a lock on the Pont de l’Archevêché. EEK, read later that bridge is for lovers and the OTHER bridge is for your ‘committed’ love…but that’s ok – I plan on keeping him.  I didn’t want to leave, but the second I got home I remembered why I love it here so much. Need a break from fois gras anyway. xxxxxxxxxxx


Posted on September 24th, 2013 at 1:23pm

I live in Paris (from Texas) and wear my Lilly every day! I do get quite the looks in the metro wearing my bright pinks and greens in a sea of black. Wish I could get LP stuff more easily here!