Print Worth Celebrating: Amuse Bouche

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In French (language of all things chic), an “amuse bouche” is a bite–sized appetizer that teases your taste buds in anticipation of the main course; translated literally, it means “mouth entertainer.” We pulled the spots right off the cat for this feline–inspired print and we know it will keep you entertained…just wait and see what the main course will bring! SHOP THIS PRINT



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Virgo Horoscope

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It’s time to celebrate the zodiac sign- Virgo! Check out your horoscope below and click HERE to order our Virgo Murfee.


Virgo Horoscope

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Lilly Online Endless Summer Sale

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You’ve TWEETED. You’ve FACEBOOKED. You’ve LIKED. You’ve COMMENTED. We’re JUST as excited…it’s ALMOST here. How often is Lilly not full price… ummm… essentially NEVER!? It’s time to get sale savvy so you are ready to shop the #lillyonlinesale beginning at 8 AMish EST on Monday, August 19.



Free shipping? YES! Shop on phone or tablet? YES! We’ve answered ALL of your questions HERE.

OUR #1 TIP: In preparation, you might have marked your Lilly agenda, set your alarm or even taken off work, but have you thought to create your Lilly account in advance? It’s our #1 TIP and click HERE to see how.

Once you’ve successfully created your account, we will have your credit card, billing and shipping information pre-loaded for a faster and easier checkout experience. Remember- just because something is in your cart does not mean it is reserved. You must completely check-out before the product is unavailable to other shoppers, and due to high order volumes, inventory availability is not guaranteed.

Created your account? Read our Sale FAQs? Alarm Set? OKAY- you’re officially sale savy and ready for Monday!

Stirred: Sangria

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ALWAYS a favorite- Sangria is perfect for large summer soirees or fall gatherings. See how our friends at Stirrings dress up this juicy drink:


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Stirrings Red Sangria Recipe

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Print Worth Celebrating: Hearts a Flutter

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Think back to the very first moment you found true love – your heart is beating a thousand times a second and you’re so giddy with excitement you can barely breathe. The bright zig–zags in “Hearts a Flutter” emulate your heart beat when it’s all a–flutter with love. SHOP THIS PRINT


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Make the Most of Fall

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FRIENDLY REMINDER: We refuse to let SUMMER end. Tantrums are not very feminine but in this case they are not only expected but encouraged. August is…ummm..August! See how to wear some of our favorites from our Fall Collection now AND later.

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Print Worth Celebrating: I’ve Got Butterflies

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This print puts the spotlight on Lilly’s favorite critter: the carefree butterfly. This fall, we were inspired by all things romantic, and “I’ve Got Butterflies” reminds us of the butterflies you feel in your stomach when you first fall for that special someone. SHOP THIS PRINT


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