Lilly or Louder: December Parties!

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We’re really bringing our theme of the year, Life’s A Party – Dress Like It, to life this month!  With all of the holiday cheer and celebrations in December, our Lilly family has thrown some colorful and exciting parties complete with cocktails, sparkles and of course, print.  We have gathered some of our favorite party pics from this month so you can see how Lilly really throws a party!

Palm Beach, FL / Boca Raton, FL / Greenwich, CT

Our ladies at The Domain store had a sophisticated, chic celebration (with glitter, of course!)  Domain, TX

Beautifully painted, delicious cookies at our Domain store in Texas!

Santa was THRILLED to get a call from his favorite Lilly Lovers!  He’ll be making lots of deliveries this Christmas.

Palm Beach, FL / Madison Avenue, NY / King of Prussia, PA

Sarasota, FL / Madison Avenue, NY / Ardmore, PA

Even our little Lilly Lovers are getting their party on in our Towson and Phipps stores!

Towson, MD / Phipps Plaza, GA

Domain, TX   Cookies are from the Rise & Shine Bakery in Austin, TX!

Be sure to check out our Party Plans post coming up so you too, can join in on the fun in January!

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