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Print Designers, Paige & Stacey were lucky enough to head to Paris for a few days a couple of weeks ago and, not surprisingly, had an amazing time. Their photos were equally amazing and we wanted to share their trip & the pictures they took with all of you!

Stacey: Paige and I had the amazing opportunity to jet set off to Paris for a couple of days to attend the fabulous fabric show Premiere Vision/Indigo in September. We saw print, pattern, color, trends and amazing fashion on every person at the show and in Paris. We squeezed in a few other fun things while we there too.

Paige: We stayed at The Melia Colbert Boutique Hotel, a lovely hotel tucked away on a side street near Notre Dame. Stacey and I were only in Paris for three days but I insisted we make a day trip out to Giverny to see Monet’s famous garden and home. I had my heart set on riding bikes from the station in Vernon to Monet’s garden. I had heard biking was part of the experience and only took 15 minutes.

Stacey: I was very hesitant at first because Paige and I are probably the WORST with directions and we were sold bikes at some weird hole in the wall pizza shop in Vernon and told to fend for ourselves. After some trepidation we hopped on our bikes. We were given a hand drawn map, in French of course, but somehow we managed to find our way without getting killed by crazy Parisian drivers, whew!

Paige: Stacey and I were blown away by the breathtaking gardens. Rows and rows of zinnias and roses in every color seemed to go on forever. The pond with the water lilies made us feel as if we had stepped into one of Monet’s paintings. We especially loved the pink house with its glossy kelly green doors (very appropriate for Lilly).

Stacey: Our favorite dinner spot was Hotel Thoumieux where we indulged in vino and fromage in candlelight, yum, yum and also got our picture taken in front of the Eiffel tower like true American tourists.

Paige: After the Premiere Vision show I took Stacey to my favorite shop in Paris, Tara Jarmon. Her Fall 12 collection was sky blue, light pink, deep cranberry, cream and black. I wanted all of it! Stacey and I had a fancy lunch at Angelina’s and bought pistachio, raspberry and vanilla macaroons.

Stacey: We walked and walked and shopped until our feet ached and poor Paige had to buy new shoes! Sigh.

Paige: Every street and boutique seemed to be prettier than the next. The Repetto shop with stacks of ballet slippers was a personal favorite. I also loved the art stores and pharmacies, even generic products seemed to come in the most beautiful packaging.

Stacey: We saw so much in so little time, what a whirlwind of loveliness! I must get back there soon. J’adore Paris!

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