When the support of friends and a little Lilly goes a long way!

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For so many of us, the month of October gets us thinking about the cooler weather, pumpkin picking and the start of football season (and yes, tailgating) but October also has many of us thinking about breast cancer and those loved ones affected by other cancers. Unfortunately cancer, no matter the form, has affected so many of us here at Lilly, as it has our customers, including one of our Charlotte customers, Kaylee.

Well last February, as we were preparing to open the doors of our Charlotte, NC store, we met some very excited Lilly Lovers from Charlotte Smarty Pants. We gave these lovely ladies a sneak peek at the store before it opened and had them join us for our Grand Opening event.  We knew this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

A few months later we got a call from Jen Plym, one of the ladies from the Smarty crew, to ask us if we’d be willing to help her out with a really important project. We were all ears. Jen explained that one of their dear friends & Smarty Pants team members, Kaylee, was about to begin chemotherapy to fight her battle with Hodgkin Lymphoma. Jen wanted to know if we could help the Smarty Moms show their support for Kaylee with a donation of our Murfee scarves. Our answer? Duh! Of course we would! Click here to find out how the Charlotte ladies used our scarves to show their love & support for Kaylee. BE WARNED: it’s a tear jerker.

Well the focus of the month got us thinking about Kaylee & we wanted to share some exciting news with you. Just last week, Kaylee was given the all clear from her doctor!! We are so excited for her. Comment below and share your congrats with Kaylee or anyone else you know who has kicked cancer’s butt!

Thanks to Brooke Brown Photography for sharing her amazing pictures with us.


Posted on October 23rd, 2012 at 5:55pm

Wonderful news, Kaylee!!!


Jen Plym

Posted on October 23rd, 2012 at 6:13pm

Charlotte Smarty Pants will be forever besties with Lilly Pulitzer! Thank you for sharing our pink & green story:-)


Stephanie Perrotta Daubar

Posted on November 30th, 2012 at 11:41pm

Oh my! Tears indeed! My best friend has been battling a rare form of brain cancer and November 21,2012. All I could think about while reading this amazing post was my sweet sweet girl Rhonda, and the battle she’s raging with both the cancer and even with the treatment. The transplant has a very small success rate with this form of cancer, but we are praying for a miracle for God to keep her with us and her 4 year old son Jackson. We have been together through celebrations and heartbreak. She has held me close (on her lap actually) and gotten me up through the most difficult times in my life; when my mom died she was there to spread her ashes and when I was diagnosed with MS she was there with her arms around me, as we cried together. I would do anything for her, but cancer makes you feel so helpless. She is the kindest person I have ever met and never has. Negative thing to say about anyone. Her voice is quiet and soft while her laugh is big and contagious! My favorite giggle of hers comes when I tease her thats she’s married to Col. Sanders:) that’s really her last name but she’d still laugh even after hearing me say it gazillion times:)
She is a hero in my eyes, asking how YOU are, while fighting so hard and scoffs at loosing her beautiful long blonde hair in the process. So far she has not lost it all but we’re told with this treatment it’s inevitable. She tells me that she doesn’t care at all but I know my dear friend and her heart, and when it’s just us two, that she feels sad and scared of the possibility. I feel very grateful that she has expert physicians and amazing medical care, staying now at the H.Lee Mofffitt Cancer Center here in Tampa Florida. I would love to give her something as beautiful as a Murfee scarf to wear. She loves all things glamorous so I just know she would LOVE these very much! I got tears and such a happy feeling seeing how happy Kaylee looks in tnis picture! she is glowing because she knows she looks pretty! So I can just picture the look on Rhonda’s beautiful face if I came in with a Murfee scarf present! Recently I came down with a bad respiratory infection so unfortunately , I have been too sick to even visit and can’t until that’s completly gone. Until then when ever she’s up to it, we’ll FaceTime, Skype and everyone one of our cell phone minutes! Your story touched my heart so much and I really appreciate you being so kind & generous to Kaylee and letting me share my story with you:) Thank you & Bless you and everyone that helped to bring such beautiful smiles and happiness to Kaylee and to so many others everyday <3 Sincerely, Stphanie Daubar