Featured Favorite Print – Sweet Nothings

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1. What inspired this print?
Fall is all about gardens. Since we were in our last delivery for “Lilly in Bloom,” we thought, why not throw a party in a garden?!   I love the way gardens look at night- the flowers really stand out as pops of color in the dark.   This print was meant to be an abstract garden… possibly how it might look after a glass of champagne (or three!) The marks kind of dance around and there are lovely transparencies where the colors overlap- as plants do in abundant & lush gardens.

2. How did you come up with its name?
We are all romantic and slightly mischievous in the print studio.   We love the idea of our guests being flung about the garden, dancing, laughing and whispering sweet nothings to each other.

3. What secrets are hidden?
Besides the realistic flowers in our midnight garden? :)   Well, the “Lilly,” of course!

4. What materials did you use or combine to create the artwork?
This print was created with gouache- a velvety paint commonly used for textile design.

5. What does this print say about the Lilly girl wearing it?
This print is so easy to wear; it’s pretty without being too sweet.  I think many different types of girls can wear it.  Most importantly, we hope the wearer of this print gets some sweet nothings whispered in her ear!

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