Breaking the White Rule in Fall

Posted on September 13, 2012 in Style by | Comment

Lilly girls looove to break the rules, but when it comes to wearing white after Labor Day… well this is one rule that always leaves a few of us uneasy. So what IS the rule? Can we wear white after Labor Day? (warning: this answer may differ from your mom’s) The answer is YES!

White becomes a staple in any Lilly Lovers closet – obviously because it’s easy to pair back to any print – but it always makes us feel fresh & bright too. With that- why on earth would we pack it away?!

Well we won’t. We’ll don our (1) white denim to football games and lunch on Saturdays, we’ll pair our (3) white tops back to our bright bottoms (which we’re dying over right now) and we’ll dress it up with (2) white hot lace! (Watch out for our Marielle dress coming out in 2 weeks!)  So many ways to wear our whites – this rule was definitely made for breaking!

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