In the Guest House with Rachel McGinn of Gray’s Lane

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AHHH I am so excited today to be interviewing one of my best friends and a LILLY PULITZER alumnae – Rachel McGinn. Rachel worked with Lilly in our marketing department, most specifically on our gorgeous catalog. Rachel left the company a little while ago to focus on her photography career and has since launched an online magazine called Gray’s Lane. It is breathtaking, inspiring and CHIC. Last week, I played hooky on Friday afternoon and Rachel and I met at our swim club for lunch and SUN (heaven) and here’s what we chatted about…

-RACHEL! You are such an insane talent, you just blow me away. Tell me how Gray’s Lane started.

Thank you! I’ve been photographing for several years now- pulling swipes from magazines like Martha and Vogue, Town and Country and House Beautiful for inspiration. Over the last month, I started finding the greatest inspiration in my own surroundings and thought,”I’d like to share this with everyone!” I am so lucky to live on the Main Line of Philadelphia. Every time I’m dropping kids at play dates or simply running to the market, I am blown away by the beauty of the architecture and mature trees that line the neighborhoods. It’s rich in history and so many fascinating people have come from here or are living here right now. I felt like it was time to recognize that.

- Gray’s Lane is clearly focused on the charming history and style of Main Line, PA…what are some of the best things you discovered while doing this first issue?

My favorite discovery? Probably how unpretentious everyone was. Sometimes I feel like the Main Line has such a reputation of being “snooty” or exclusive. Whenever we shared what we were doing, we only received raved reviews and support. Women opened their homes and let us write about them and photograph them. It was so refreshing to see that kind of support.

-I think this magazine has such style and grace- it is truly relevant to not just those familiar with the area…but anyone who loves design. Do you see it appealing to a wider audience?

Absolutely! This is [we hope!] just the beginning. There are so many charming suburbs across this country. We are fortunate to live near such a beautiful & bustling city, but there’s always more to be discovered right in your own backyard.

- I loved seeing the great vintage Lilly dresses in the first issue. You have such a distinct point of view, having worked for Lilly and now shooting it for your first issue, what do you think is so special about the brand and why did you decide to include it?

The Main Line and Lilly go hand in hand. I have such vivid childhood memories of my mother and her friends dressed in Lilly. From Bryn Mawr to the beaches of Avalon, I grew up admiring perfectly tanned women in soft white tees and cheerful printed skirts. To me they were, and still, are such “ladies.”  Lilly represents heritage. Now that I’m a mother, I dress my own daughters in Lilly. No matter the occasion, they always feel extra pretty and special when I do.

…OK, time for us to get back to sun worshiping. Enough work for a Friday afternoon! Please, please, please everyone – take a peek at GRAY’S LANE. I know you will love it as much as I do!

xx, Janie

Alexa Procaccino

Posted on July 24th, 2012 at 9:19pm

Gray’s Lane is so BEAUTIFUL. Love the issue. It’s definitely my new obsession. Thanks, Janie!


Lisa Lettiere Logue

Posted on July 25th, 2012 at 4:21am

Great online magazine…scrolled through it again and found even more that I loved the second time around! :)



Posted on July 26th, 2012 at 11:18am

Oh! I have to see this! My daughter will be a young woman of Bryn Mawr, proudly wearing her Lillys!