Garnet Hill + Lilly Pulitzer Dream Dorm Room Pinterest Contest

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Hi! It’s Caroline here- Lilly’s Social Media Intern for the Summer!  Three years ago (ahh seems like yesterday!) when I left to go to college at SMU, I was excited for everything- new friends, a big city, fraternities & sororities (no parents- woo!), warm weather and more.  That is everything except for the 190-square-foot “cell” that was going to be my new home.  Sure, I was in the dorm that was newly renovated and had an awesome view of the pool, but in the end, a dorm room IS a dorm room.  Having an obsession with everything pink and green and Lilly, I was determined to make sure I was going to study in style!  Sadly, I moved in pre-Garnet Hill/Lilly Pulitzer collection, so I was forced to get crafty with Lilly fabric and lots of monogram decals (my California roommate was sooo confused why I had my initials on everything- did I like think someone would steal my things??)  I can only imagine the level of Lilly love I could have taken my room to if the Garnet Hill/Lilly Pulitzer Home collection had already launched.  Lucky for you, you don’t have to imagine and you can get designing today!  Contest info below…

Visit the Garnet Hill Facebook Page for all of the details on how to create your DREAM DORM ROOM on Pinterest for a chance to win a Lilly Pulitzer/Garnet Hill room make over ($1000 value)!  Whether it’s the dorm room you wished you had slept in, or the one you want in three years, feature your ideas on a Pinterest Board and e-mail the link to by July 27. (Make sure to pin a minimum of 4 pins from including our Lilly Pulitzer® Home Collection, and 2 items from for your board to qualify.)  Also, be inspired by the Lilly Pulitzer and Garnet Hill inspiration board- it even makes ME want to live in a dorm room again.  I do have my eye on the Sisters Floral Bedding Collection in Day Lilly that goes online August 1 :)   Start dreaming in Lilly, girls!


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When will the pink flower twin bed Lilly pulitzer be back in stock?